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Focusing Stone - Anti-115?


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Ok, so recently I was wondering around in the code for Shangri La's easter eggs (I already know the easter eggs for Shangri La, so I am not gaining anything) and found a few interesting lines of code.

declare_sidequest_icon( "sq", "anti115", "zom_hud_icon_meteor" );

Quick Explanation, initiate icon in inventory with the variable name anti115. Use the image resource zom_hud_icon_meteor.

level notify("temple_sidequest_achieved");
self add_sidequest_icon("sq", "anti115");
for(i = 0; i {
if(!self HasPerk(level._sq_perk_array[i]))
self playsound( "evt_sq_bag_gain_perks" );
self maps\_zombiemode_perks::give_perk(level._sq_perk_array[i]);
self._retain_perks = true;

Quick Explanation - Give 7 perks, set to permanent, and give achievement

anti115 = GetEnt("sq_anti_115", "targetname");
anti115 Show();

anti115 = GetEnt("sq_anti_115", "targetname");
anti115 thread spin_115();
anti115 PlayLoopSound( "zmb_meteor_loop" );
trigger = Spawn( "trigger_radius_use", anti115.origin, 0, 32, 72 );
trigger SetCursorHint( "HINT_NOICON" );

Quick Explanation - Spawn the rock, make it spin, make a looping sound to signify the rock's location.

if( IsPlayer(who) && !IsDefined(who._has_anti115))
who._has_anti115 = true;
who PlaySound( "zmb_meteor_activate" );

Quick Explanation - if a player has the rock, play a meteor sound.

These are only a few. Are the Treyarch coders just naming it what they want? Or are we seeing another leak like when the Shrink Ray was found in the game coding?

EDIT: Could he be using this to save somebody, or perhaps save the Illuminati?


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