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Rumored lunar lander

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Alright guys,I made this thread to state my opinion,I'm pretty sure there is a fourth lunar lander.For starters,we get to the spawn room via a lander,but were do we come from?Also,treyarch spawned us on a lander for a reason.On all the other maps we just spawn in a room,but on ascension we arrive with the lunar lander from a mysterious spot,which I think is the fourth spot/lander.Maybe the mystery man egg has something to do with it?Also,I'm just wondering your guys thoughts on the possibility of the fourth lander.

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i know the search button isn't working and stuff, and no one else is prob, on to answer you... but you might want to just take this off before you get flamed on dude. lol, look on the forums for fourth lander related things. its been no-clipped i think and people have looked everywhere, there's no fourth lander, sorry to burst your bubble.(:

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I don't think that there is a fifth lander station. The easter egg requires four people, and that would give an unfair advantage. The reason it is an unfair advantage is that if you let only certain people go to another location where zombies can't get them as easily, those lobbies of three or less don't get that opportunity.

PS: I call it the fifth lander station because there is the:

-Starting lander

-Stamin-Up lander

-PHD Flopper lander

-Speed Cola lander

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.On all the other maps we just spawn in a room,but on ascension we arrive with the lunar lander .

Well, in kino we are teleported...

On another note, several people have no-clipped and looked through the programming and have not found a 4 lunar lander.

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Sorry about double posting but i can't edit post on my iphone app, if a mod see this, can you merge my posts and delete this sentence?

Seriously.. I think you people should stop wasting your time trying to find something where there is obviously nothing and move on with your life... I mean, don't you have anything better to do?

Imo, mods should delete all the copy pasta threads to save bandwith.

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I think our 4 heroes are already in ascension before we play them maybe they ran out of ammo and had only their pistols, so they took the lander and flew to the first room and thats were we join :)

I don't think theres a 5th lander.

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