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Multiple unique co-op modes in Black Ops CONFIRMED

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I was searching around google to find any news on the new co-op mode and I found a webpage that talks about the Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia saying to MTV Multiplayer that they are kicking out co-op campaign and making SEVERAL co-op modes in Black Ops and Mark Lamia says the co-op modes wont be like MW2's Sec Ops mode which I'm happy about.

So what do you guys think the other co-op modes will be?

Zombies? :D

Aliens? :mrgreen:

Or humans brainwashed from GKnova6? [brains]

I honestly cant think of any other co-op mode idea so tell me what you guys want it to be.

Here is the link for the webpage that says all the details: http://www.electricpig.co.uk/2010/06/04 ... y-zombies/

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Sorry, source doesn't seem very reliable. I know there is supposed to be some multiplayer reveal with mtv, or something like that. But i dont think mark lamia even met up with them yet.

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I just had another cool idea. What if one of the new co-op modes is just Hell Hounds? :shock:

I think that would be kind of fun to play and maybe every 5 levels or something there is a round where you have to kill different types of cooler Hell Hounds that are harder to kill. What do you guys think? :D

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