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This game sucks.

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ehhhh, i wouldnt say that.. I personally think that what ruined the game is all of the glitchers and modders that both hacked the game and got to 10th prestige and that made lobbies to boost. If that isnt there than it probably is a good game. Also I do agree that it sux on the aspect of map making cause:

-some of the maps are designed poorly

-most of them are designed like sniper maps (although they arent)

-every time i go into a map I feel like I suck, and i do.

IDK, MW2 is so-so on an overall aspect of the gameplay in my opinion. And it of course did not live up to the hype that it made in the prior months of release. Any additions feel free to reply.

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I agree this game stinks compared to world at war with all the glitchers and moders the game has come to suck plus to me it takes way to long to level there is way too much to unlock and if your on a good kill streak some one calls in a nuke

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To put it simple, it sucks.

Ok but why do you think it sucks. You have every right to your own opinion but back it up.

I of course disagree. Yes the hackers, glitchers, and modders have made it tough to enjoy the game but the patches are slowly chipping away at them.

I put this game down for a while because of that very reason. I couldn't stand it! But I did go back to it because I love the COD franchise and nobody/no game is perfect.

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Upon posting this, I just wanted to see how many people would respond, and to create activity, which it did. :)

But I don't like MW2 for purposes I'll explain later [i'm eating a sandwhich right now nom nom]

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I said it many times on the old boards but I really don't like this game. Personally as far as simple, effective war games go WaW was a million times better. It had everything you could want, history, unique weapons, gritty violence, interesting maps and zombies. MW2 was blown completely out of proportion, the weapons have no personality compared to the older games because they all look the same, the graphics look cartoony (very similar to Timesplitters), fair enough the game is set in the future but some of the attachments are completely stupid (heart beat sensor... come on) and the streaks are so over the top that the game barely involves any skill. They made it way to easy for n00bs. Not to mention the fact that the nuke is the worst streak idea ever.

All in all I played MW2 for a couple of days and really didn't enjoy it. On the other hand I'm still playing WaW to this day and it still feels as fresh as it ever did.

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