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    Requiem Intel

    Season 1

    Audio Logs

    "Ravenov" (Location: The bottom floor of the data center.) - Maxis phones Weaver to let him know she has a contact inside Omega Group willing to provide valuable intel.


    Maxis: Are you still angry, Weaver?

    Weaver: I'm rarely angry, Sam. You should know that.

    Maxis: No. I know that you're just very good at hiding it. I have news.

    Weaver: Tell me what's going on and please, Sam... Don't lie. That would make me angry.

    Maxis: I have a contact within Omega group. He wants to meet. I've seen the intel he has first hand. He's the real deal.

    Weaver: Okay...

    Maxis: There's an Omega Operation underway at a facility about halfway between Hue City and Khe Sanh. Headed up by one of their top Scientists. Doctor William Peck. You heard that name before?

    Weaver: I know the name all too well. He may have a 'brilliant' intellect, but he's an arrogant narcissist who cares only for stoking his own ego. Above all else he's a fucking traitor to this country.

    Maxis: I know, I know. But this 'Peck' is also about to help the Soviets secure the breakthrough they need to control access to the other dimension.

    Weaver: Okay, let's assume your intel is solid and this is all true. You have to let Requiem take it from here. Where are you now?

    Maxis: This could be our only chance to catch up with the Soviets. I'm going to meet with my contact.

    Weaver: Sam. I don't want you to get yourself hurt.

    Maxis: Please don't be angry, Weaver.

    Weaver: Dammit Sam.


     "They Took Her" (Location: Up the stairs on a bench above pack-a-punch.) - Captain Ravenov -- Maxis's contact in Omega -- reveals to Weaver that Maxis has been captured.


    Ravenov: Is this a secure line?

    Weaver: Who is this?

    Ravenov: Is this a secure line?

    Weaver: As secure as they can be.

    Ravenov: You're wrong. They're listening. They always are. That's why Maxis is where she is now.

    Weaver: You're the 'contact' she told me about. Where is Samantha now?

    Ravenov: When I arrived at the meeting they were already there. Omega. They took her.

    Weaver: Did they hurt her?

    Ravenov: They will keep her alive. At least for now. They will have taken her to their facility. The one where you must go. Where you must send your people.

    Weaver: Who are you to tell me what I should do?

    Ravenov: I am Sergei Ravenov. I know you need Peck's research. I know you need to close the gap. I know you know how quickly you are falling behind.

    Ravenov: Their Aetherium research is way beyond yours. Way beyond anything you could imagine. Maxis would want you to stop them weaponizing is further. Even if it meant she sacrifices herself for the greater good.

    Weaver: If you are lying to me. If you betrayed her. If any harm comes to her... I will kill you myself. 

    Ravenov: It will not come to that. I have already told you - Omega are ahead of you. Every step of the way.


     "Meeting Of Minds" (Location: Inside Military Command just after leaving the motor pool, on the left hand side.) - The Requiem senior staff discuss sending a rescue team to Outpost 25.


    Weaver: Thank you all for coming. I can see from your faces you look worried.

    Strauss: Concerned. Not worried. There is a difference.

    Carver: *sighs*

    Weaver: We believe we have identified the purpose behind 'Outpost 25' - Omega's secret base in Vietnam.

    Grey: And what is its purpose?

    Weaver: My contacts believe they have developed the technology to enter into the Dark Aether at will.

    Strauss: How marvelous.

    Carver: No, it is not fucking marvelous. It's another indication that we are losing this war.

    Weaver: Intel suggests that they have successfully harnessed the energy of the crystals - For purposes not yet known.

    Grey: We have to send the team in. This is a chance to ... Why are you raising your eyebrows like that?

    Strauss: I think the Major is reminding you - and not very subtly - that this is a military operation. We are merely advisors. 

    Grey: Well, am I wrong? We are going in - right?

    Weaver: Doctor Grey is correct. We need to send the team to secure their research... but we also have to extract a prisoner.

    Carver: Your Russian contact? Surely he's burned - or maybe even playing us for fools. This has got wrong written all over it.

    Weaver: No. The Russian contact is not a priority. I'm talking about someone else - Agent Samantha Maxis.

    Strauss: Ah, yes. The mysterious Ms. Maxis. I thought she was 'more than capable' of taking care of herself?

    Weaver: She is. But there's another player in the mix. One who may go out of his way to bring her harm.

    Weaver: William Peck.

    Strauss: Oh, that's not good - Peck is a 'nasty piece of work'.



    "Outbreak Zones Timeline" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - CIA document detailing the appearances of dimensional breaches since Omega Group restarted the cyclotron at Projekt Endstation.


    Marked January 25, 1984


    Timeline of Dimensional Breaches


    Per request from Director of Central Intelligence, Office of Requiem has composed this listing of known dimensional breaches aka outbreak zones since the initial incident in the Morasko Nature Preserve:


    March 7, 1944: German scientists at the Projekt Endstation facility near Poznan, Poland use their experimental particle accelerator to punch a hole in the dimensional membrane, unleashing exotic energies and creatures form the dimension we now call the "Dark Aether." Breach is contained but remains open until element of the Red Army seal it on February 10, 1945. Records of the incident suppressed until 1983.


    Nov. 1, 1983: KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group arrive at Endstation site and restart the particle accelerator, exacerbating the original dimensional breach. This time the damage is global. New outbreak zones immediately begin to appear around the world, including sites in rural Venezuela, Namibia, Vietnam, and the largest known breach in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Omega is forced to withdraw from Endstation without repairing the dimensional damage.


    Nov. 5, 1983: SIGINT indicates Omega Group responds to an outbreak zone near Baku, Azerbaijan.


    Nov. 13, 1983: Requiem strike team arrives at Endstation and succeeds in destroying the facility, finally closing the original breach, but the dimensional membrane separating us from the Dark Aether remains fragile and outbreaks continue to appear.


    Nov. 22, 1983: Outbreak zone appears within NATO FOB near Hanover, West Germany.


    Dec. 8, 1984: Satellite PHOTINT reveals Omega Group construction activity near the Vietnam outbreak zone.


    Jan. 11, 1984: Outbreak zone appears at a Menendez Cartel cocaine processing site in rural Nicaragua.


    Jan. 18, 1984: Outbreak zone appears at Shan State Irregulars base in Laos. SIGINT indicates subsequent Omega Group containment operation.


    Jan. 19, 1984: Outbreak zone appears in Miami's South Beach district.


    So far, all of the above have been successfully condoned off and their existence kept secret from the outside world. Requiem continually monitors communications and satellite PHOTINT for signs of new dimensional breaches.


    "Requiem Formation Memo" (Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - Director of Central Intelligence Casey informs President Reagan about the newly created CIA Office of Requiem.


    Marked 5 Nov 1983


    MEMORANDUM FOR: The President

    FROM: William J. Casey

    SUBJECT: Formation of CIA Office of Requiem


    Following up on our emergency briefing regarding the recent spate of so-called "outbreak zones" around the world. We believe we've come up with a response that will satisfy our NATO allies' queries and ensure they have a seat at the table. My staff at Langley, with help from DoD, have created the CIA Office of Requiem specifically to contain and suppress this new threat.


    Initial attempts to quarantine affected areas and prevent a global panic still amount to stopgap measures. Our new rapid response unit is a long-term solution to the problem. Official directives will be issued and appropriate paperwork filed, but we're moving as fast as possible right now, and I want to get you up to speed on where things stand at present:


    1. Purpose: Office of Requiem will deploy clandestine strike teams to cordon off outbreak zones, prevent them from spreading, and gain vital intel on the nature of the enemy. We will also provide cover stories to local media designed to keep trespassers out without attracting unwanted scrutiny. We already have a PR operation handling the media side. My focus right now is the people at the point of contact - the strike teams, command and support.


    2. Command structure: I've tapped Associate Deputy Director [REDACTED] from the Directorate of Science and Technology to serve as Director of Requiem. Hell, he's been so instrumental in pulling this together he pretty much tapped himself for the job. Beneath the Director, four department heads will handle different aspects of the operation: field operations, weapons development, energy research, and biology. I have a short list of candidates, but it's too soon to mention names yet.


    3. Field ops: Thanks to quick work by the NATO Military Committee, Requiem strike teams will include Spec Ops personnel volunteered by the NATO member states.


    4. Classified status: Office of Requiem will officially not exist. Like other clandestine operations, it will be funded from the Department of Defense black budget. Additional funding will come from NATO, though we're still working out the details.


    I will keep you apprised of further developments as they occur.


    William J. Casey

    Director of Central Intelligence


    "Requiem Staffing Announcement" (Location: Location: Dropped from a mimic.) - CIA document announcing the appointments of Weaver, Carver, Grey and Strauss to the Office of Requiem senior staff.


    Marked 06 November 1983


    Office of Requiem Names Department Heads


    Staffing decisions have been made and roles accepted by the candidates chosen to lead the four divisions comprising the newly established CIA Office Of Requiem. They are as follows:


    1: FIELD OPERATIONS: Special Agent Weaver is promoted to the rank of Special Operations Officer for this role. There was some internal pushback due to Weaver’s previous designation as an enemy combatant during Operation Charybdis, but that designation was rescinded. Requiem’s Director chose him specifically for this assignment and the DCI agreed. Weaver's unorthodox approach to covert ops may be exactly what's needed to take on this unprecedented threat.


    2. CONTAINMENT AND SECURITY: Major Mackenzie carver is well known to many in the Intelligence Community. A veteran of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, “Mac” has served as DoD liaison to CIA for over a decade. While his blunt talk and aggressive demeanor have sometimes impeded his career advancement, those qualities are well suited to his role at Requiem: applying data and materials from Requiem ops to develop weapons systems capable of keeping Soviet aggression in check.


    3. UNNATURAL- SCIENCES: Dr. Elizabeth Grey is a top research scientist in the fields of genetics and biology. Her papers on anaerobic organisms and speculative theses on alien biomes earned her the invitation to lead Requiem study of the other dimension and the creatures emerging from it. Her lack of military background was flagged as a concern. But she offers an outsider's perspective the Director deems vital to our success.


    4. ENERGY RESEARCH: Dr. Oskar Strauss will lead studies of new discoveries in outbreak zones to determine scientific and military applications. However, his past associations with the Nazi regime make Strauss a controversial choice. The Director points out the same was true for Wernher Von Braun who led NASA to the moon. For now, Strauss has our full support.


    "C Cipher" (Location: Inside the Colonel's safe, acquired through a side quest.) - ???. (Solved here)


    Cipher text:


    68 29 67 67 57 49 55 59 59 90 48 56 40 86 48 58 86 47 66 60 83 66 30 70 85 49 58 82 58 67 98 77 48 66 83 66 67 67 48 55 59 55 59 59 59 68 36 46 85 77 56 87 85 36 40 82 58 29 80 77 47 77 56 66 50 86 46 29 40 53 69 29 89 67 55 39 65 39 38 97 78 69 40 74 47 29 86 67 55 59 56 49 29 88 46 66 70 84 36 67 80 77 55 39 63 39 36 97 86 26 77 76 68 30 90 56 48 40 76 38 60 60 87 67 40 83 65 30 78 74 59 68 76 66 28 60 78 55 77 86 39 69 98 47 29 47 55 65 49 97 86 58 59 82 38 70 80 48 37 48 75 67 56 59 56 57 67 85 39 56 86 47 49 69 63 45 57 60 45 27 39 76 65 67 59 88 49 40 64 65 49 59 75 47 77 85 67 50 78 44 66 60 62 66 49 97 56 55 59 56 66 37 97 88 29 68 76 57 37 59 78 59 77 86 66 66 98 74 56 77 63 39 56 79 47 49 69 54 39 30 57 75 47 39 54 37 30 90 48 49 66 83 76 60 90 54 55 59 55 66 29 87 58 66 47 55 59 59 69 47 57 68 76 39 50 70 78 35 36 82 39 48 67 48 56 67 84 68 30 96 86 55 39 63 38 68 87 74 49 77 82 66 68 90 48 37 59 93 38 40 88 68 55 70 94 66 56 86 67 29 67 56 57 58 66 75 28 80 56 39 26 80 85 55 39 66 38 50 89 66 28 67 66 69 30 56 76 49 50 55 39 57 67 47 49 77 86 57 30 69 47 57 66 55 76 50 87 46 59 77 63 76 68 90 75 55 68 82 39 48 67 47 56 67 55 76 50 87 86 59 40 82 58 30 90 48 56 60 94 67 50 70 48 56 66 93 67 50 66 84 26 68 66 79 67 56 56 29 76 93 65 49 100 68 66 48 82 58 58 86 76 26 37 82 76 67 68 48 26 37 92 77 56 59 58 57 60 82 66 49 88 88 29 66 75 39 28 60 48 26 39 76 68 56 79 76 55 66 75 39 60 60 75 57 59 55 57 48 60 68 57 69 56 59 48 88 76 55 36 53 67 36 88 68 47 48 75 67 56 88 84 66 78 82 76 68 90 66 28 70 56 49 56 97 78 37 59 84 65 57 79 47 56 69 93 67 27 70 85 36 40 82 76 56 79 47 49 80 93 37 29 86 66 66 46 93 77 70 80 85 37 59 55 66 50 88 55 29 40 65 39 60 90 48 36 40 63 75 30 90 75 29 40 55 59 59 59 74 66 60 84 57 67 87 75 28 40 86 76 60 97 57 29 70 75 39 58 90 66 28 60 66 76 50 69 48 59 67 84 65 29 97 68 28 50 93 77 27 78 68 55 66 56 36 27 66 85 67 39 85 76 56 70 45 66 67 56 65 67 79 47 36 77 76 49 30 97 78 37 59 93 38 56 79 47 49 80 64 67 57 79 47 36 60 93 65 57 98 78 29 68 76 57 36 97 86 69 60 93 47 38 79 76 55 39 75 39 58 90 66 28 59 56 67 60 78 67 28 47 83 35 30 88 88 28 60 85 69 68 87 75 28 68 76 66 67 59 76 56 80 62 76 68 68 67 57 66 82 58 30 79 48 26 37 55 66 59 97 47 49 69 93 59 49 60 78 29 50





    I'm having reservations, second thoughts, something in my gut.
    Something doesn't feel right. I've worked with the CIA for a long time, you longer.
    When I requested transfer to Requiem, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into.
    I knew this dog and pony show the smoke and mirrors, but something feels different.
    Sorry, this is coming via an encrypted message, but I'm just not sure who I can trust these days.
    I keep noticing discrepancies, minor deviations from our stated mission.
    Sure, there's nuances to any black op, we both know that all too well.
    But I cant shake the feeling that there's a hidden agenda at play.
    And what about our director? What's his goal? Come to think of it.
    Do you know his name? Ever remember seeing it on a dossier or overheard in conversation? I couldn't tell you.
    I got close to him once or who I think was him, not sure.
    And you know what I heard? I heard him speaking Russian!
    So I ask you... What the hell is going on here?!



    Radio Transmissions

    "Omega's Advantage" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver tells the team that Omega is pulling ahead in the Aetherium Arms Race.


    Weaver: Team - I can't overstate just how important this mission is. We're at risk of falling so far behind, we may never catch up.

    Weaver: My contacts in the field have provided intel that suggest Omega are not only advancing their Aetherium applications, but they have in fact harnessed the power to move in and out of the other dimension at will.

    Weaver: Hmmm... The other dimension? Well, it's got a name that you may have already heard. I'm not exactly sure who first coined the term, but we've taken to calling it the Dark Aether.

    Weaver: The name is probably no more ominous than the reality. Omega's next move will doubtless be to try to weaponize it.

    Weaver: I'm sure I don't have to tell you how bad that would be...


    "This Is Personal" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver stresses to the team that they need to rescue Maxis.


    Weaver: You already know what the mission parameters are. You know what needs to be done. Even if we can't apprehend Peck, we must recover what remains of his intel. But there's more than that.

    Weaver: You are already someone who knows when to read between the lines.

    Weaver: You are someone who knows there are other battles to be won - Battles to avoid a bigger war.

    Weaver: This is personal for me. You need to make every effort to extract Samantha Maxis.

    Weaver: I'm trusting you.


    "Peck" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Weaver has a few choice words about the despicable Doctor Peck.


    Weaver: William Peck... This... 'fucker'... is a traitor. He deserves to be brought to justice.

    Weaver: If you want to know what you're dealing with, I think it would be entirely appropriate to call him a malignant narcissist. 

    Weaver: However smart he may be - or thinks he is - The only thing he cares about is himself.

    Weaver: Strange as it sounds - We could really use him right now.


    "Between Us" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Carver reminds the team to seize Omega's weapon research.


    Carver: Outpost 25. Just look at this place. This hilltop used to be a U.S. Army Fire Support Base called "Ripcord." Nothing left of it now -- this construction's all new.

    Carver: Our intel reports said it was walled off. Impenetrable. Omega's very own Fort Knox. Not hard to see why.

    Carver: I'll make this clear: we're behind. Requiem's made progress, but it pales next to what Omega's accomplished.

    Carver: Teleportation? A new kind of super-battery? And that assault rifle? Won't be long until the Reds have it in mass production.

    Carver: If we could recover that rifle tech, or their research on weaponization, it would be a very good day for Requiem.

    Carver: Hell. Maybe I could pass it along to the DoD, give them something to cheer about. But we'll keep that one between us, won't we?


    "W.A.N.D." (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Carver discusses one of his contributions to the war effort.


    Carver: Now, all this sour talk doesn't mean Requiem hasn't had some wins. You're equipped with one right now: the W-A-N-Ds: Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Device.

    Carver: Cool toy, right? Little pet project of mine. One of my men brought me the concept, and once I saw the schematics I realized the tactical edge they'd provide in the field.

    Carver: Allocated one of our science teams to develop the tech. Dr. Strauss initially objected, because of course that grouchy old German did, but he eventually came around.

    Carver: Sure, the names might be a little splashy, but you've got to let the eggheads have a little fun during R&D.


    "The Stick" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - The team's mission to Vietnam stirs up old memories in Carver.


    Carver: I won't lie. It's a strange feeling, sending you to 'Nam. Feels like yesterday I was being flown out. Man, that first week...

    Carver: It was hot. Wet. No matter what you did, you couldn't get rid of "the stick". You'd try washing it off and it'd just make it worse -- and don't get me started on the damn lizards in the showers.

    Carver: Hard years. I lost men. Family. Brothers. Then there was Apache Snow. But that's a story for another time.

    Carver: Let's just say when we came back "the stick" stuck with us. I spent years trying to clean it off.


    "Blacksmiths and Architects" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Strauss sees the potential of Omega's work... and he's certain he can improve upon it.


    Strauss: Here you are. Outpost 25. The progress they have made at this facility... we may as well be the N-A-C-A watching the Sputnik launch.

    Strauss: I would be lying if I said their Aetherium-based power source hadn't caught my eye. It is interesting work... albeit crude and unrefined. They approach the process like a blacksmith when what it needs is an architect.

    Strauss: Recover that research, and I will refine their work in weeks, ending this Aetherium energy "space-race" before it's barely begun.


    "Not Unlike Oxygen" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Strauss muses on Aetherium's properties and its importance to the Dark Aether's denizens.


    Strauss: Aetherium has proven to be fascinating in both its gaseous and solid, crystalline states. It appears the infected and Dark Aether creatures require it for their very survival, not unlike oxygen in our own reality.

    Strauss: We've observed that the farther you are from a breach, the less exposure you risk. If Aetherium is their "oxygen," this explains why they are restricted to these "outbreak zones."

    Strauss: But I suppose this is all rather boring to you. I may as well be attempting discourse with a slab of meat - A bovine with a submachine gun.

    Strauss: You would do well to remember how Aetherium has benefitted you in the field. Major Carver's W-A-N-Ds. The experimental explosives you clear pathways with. Two examples of things that would not exist if not for my work. You're welcome.


    "A Storied Career" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Strauss recounts his harrowing path from WWII German atomic scientist to head of Requiem's Energy Research Division.


    Strauss: The goal of my work has always been to create the tools necessary for humanity's improvement - not its destruction.

    Strauss: Ja. I know what you're thinking, but I was very young when the Uranverein whisked me from university to Endstation. I was promised the opportunity to explore a new frontier of atomic research.

    Strauss: When I realized that meant weapons research, I requested reassignment. Little did I know my transfer would be to a much more insidious project, led by Dr. Friedrich Steiner.

    Strauss: After a year I literally could no longer stomach it. I defected as part of Operation Paperclip.

    Strauss: It has been something of a storied career since then, but, given Aetherium's potential, I am still hopeful Requiem will make the right decision on where to focus its efforts.


    "The Thick Of It" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Grey ponders the unthinkable: what if Omega has learned to control dimensional portals?


    Grey: Well... we're in the thick of it now, aren't we?

    Grey: So far, these breaches have been random, and we've had to scramble to react to their sudden appearance. But if Omega has the tech to control when and where these portals open...

    Grey: No. I shouldn't even entertain that thought. Maybe it's just down to the region's dimensional fragility and they haven't actually developed the tech to open them willy-nilly. Least not yet.

    Grey: Now, as for this whole conscripted labor thing? Forcing people across the threshold to collect crystals and date? That's not okay.

    Grey: Hopefully my device will help us solve that problem, at least in terms of research gathering. More on that later.


    "Transformative Properties" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Grey wonders why Aetherium affects people differently, and why the infected take on different forms.


    Grey: What I'm still really keen to understand is the transformative properties of Aetherium. We saw what happened to those poor sods at Endstation.

    Grey: Some of the infected remain mostly humanoid, while others resemble more powerful, 'evolved' creatures. What made their transformations different?

    Grey: Take that infected Omega Soldier, the one who helped us with the particle accelerator. Why did he turn... into that? That's one of the things I'd like to answer. Maybe not here, maybe not today, but -- it's on the list!


    "Genetic Secrets" (Location: On a table near Speed Cola.) - Grey discusses the possible benefits to be gleaned from the Dark Aether.


    Grey: We've seen the element's impact on humans and the environment: the infected transformations, the blossoming crystals. Now what I'm really eager to learn is, can we harness and control the effects?

    Grey: Keep the benefits and discard all the crap that hurts us? We saw what happened when Boyer genetically modified bacteria -- we got insulin. Changed the world.

    Grey: So what if we alter bacteria from the infected? What genetic secret do you unlock? Super-strength? Pain resistance? Immortality?

    Grey: Okay no, actually I do not like the sound of that at all. I know I'm essentially working for the military now, but I'd really rather focus on how all this helps the world. Helps people. That's what I want. I hope you feel the same.





    "RAI K-84 Blueprint" (Location: On the wall in the weapons lab.) - The weapon blueprint for Kuhlklay's prized invention. Its design was partially inspired by recovered schematics for the Generator Khaosa Zavoyski-45, a proposed weapon from WWII that never made it beyond concept. It is unclear why Peck was so uninterested in Kuhlklay's prototype, but it will be invaluable to Requiem's weapons research..


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-04 05-52-27.png


    "Weapon Trial Folder" (Location: Dropped after acquiring Kuhlklay's eye.) - Kuhlklay's weapon trial folder, detailing testing and development of his experimental prototype. Will be helpful for Requiem's own weapons research..


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-04 05-54-26.png


    "Kuhlklay's Diary" (Location: In a storage locker opened with Kuhlklay's key.) - Recovered from a storage locker, the journal offers deeper insights into Omega's research -- and Kuhlklay's disdain for his immediate supervisor.


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-04 05-55-20.png


    "RAI K-84 Prototype" (Location: Acquired through the RAI quest.) - The Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhlklay-84 (RAI K-84) was developed by Dr. Dimitri Kuhlklay and first manufactured in 1984. The experimental prototype fires fully automatic energy-bolts, but also comes equipped with a ballistic Vortex grenade launcher. When detonated, the grenade creates a temporal distortion field, slowing time for anyone caught inside. Acquired by Requiem agents for analysis.


    Call of Duty®_ Black Ops Cold War 2021-02-04 14-02-27.png


    Season 2

    Audio Logs

    "Focal Point" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area, look up at the data center where it is floating in the air. Shoot it down to activate it.) - Requiem Berlin Station Chief Meyer warns Weaver about a developing situation in the divided German capital.


    Meyer: This is Heinrich Meyer, station chief, Berlin -- Office of Requiem. Weaver, we have a developing situation over here.

    Meyer: Reliable HUMINT places Dr. Aleksandra Valentina of KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group here in West Berlin.

    Meyer: She was observed scouting several locations in the city. Objective unknown.

    Meyer: This is very distressing, to say the least. Dr. Valentina is directly involved with Omega's interdimensional research. If she is here expecting, or intending for something to happen...

    Meyer: Weaver, we have been very fortunate so far that most of Omega's operations have been in remote, rural areas.

    Meyer: Berlin, on the other hand, is the focal point of the Cold War. The world is always watching us. If they were to launch an op here...

    Meyer: I have a team trying to intercept her communications. I will alert you should they succeed.



     "RE: Funding Allocation 1" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - Carver sends Weaver a memo regarding increased funding to Energy Research and Unnatural Sciences.


    Marked July 6, 1984



    FROM: Carver
    SUBJECT: Funding Allocation


    Weaver, I'll cut right to it: I'm concerned. Have you had a chance to review the Director's latest directive on funding allocation? Because if you read between the lines it looks to me like priorities are shifting, and not in the right direction. I'm reaching out to you about this first, just in case I'm overreacting -- but also because it's me and you who could end up getting screwed here.


    We both signed on with Requiem for the same reason: to shut down these outbreaks and use whatever we find to stay ahead of the Soviets. And, yes, Strauss and Grey have contributed some valuable things to our weapons development. But now, just when my people in C-S are chomping at the bit to build more Aetherium-powered ordnance, the Director wants to funnel more of our budget to the lab-coats than to those on the front line. Check the numbers if you don't believe me.


    Look, we've taken on a hell of a challenge with Operation Threshold. That is one massive outbreak zone to explore and pacify. We both want to give your strike team a fighting chance. Can you have a word with the Director about this? I know the other departments have their place in this fight, but they are supposed to be supporting us, not the other way around. At least that's how I see it.

     "RE: Funding Allocation 2" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - Strauss sends a memo to Grey regarding their increased funding.


    Marked July 7, 1984



    FROM: Dr. Strauss
    SUBJECT: Funding Allocation


    My dear Dr. Grey, we don't speak often enough, but I have always sensed we have more in common with each other than with the men of war we work with. So I hope you share my pleasant surprise that the Director's latest funding allocation appears to place increased value on our work. This could not come at a better time as Operation Threshold presents us with our greatest opportunities yet to advance our respective scientific disciplines.


    Nevertheless, I would like to urge caution as we move forward. And by that I mean caution in our interactions with our fellow department heads Weaver and Carver. As the Americans are fond of saying, "this is not my first rodeo." I have seen how military men react when they perceive that they are being short-changed. Now more than ever you and I need to present a united front and make good use of this increased funding while at the same time not alienating other departments. Promise them the moon if you must, but let them see us as partners rather than competitors.


    You should know that I have already spoken about this with the Director himself. Rest assured we have his full support. While I am certain Weaver, or especially Carver, will attempt to redress this shift in priorities, I am confident the Director will stay the course. He is well aware that with enough time and resources we can unravel all the mysteries of the Dark Aether from what we are encountering in the Ural Mountains.

     "Berlin COMINT" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - ???


    Marked May 10, 1984


    MEMORANDUM FOR: Grigori Weaver

    FROM: Station Chief, Berlin
    SUBJECT: Omega Group COMINT


    Sir, I am writing to alert you that we recently intercepted communications between Dr. Aleksandra Valentina of the KGB's Omega Group and a suspected operative here in West Berlin. We have done our best to track her movements and activities since she arrived in East Berlin last week. While we are still trying to determine the precise purpose of her visit, the contents of this intercept support our suspicion that Omega is setting up a major operation here in the US-Occupied Sector of the city.


    Transcript of intercept (translated from German)


    VALENTINA: "Need update on site."


    UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Readings confirm membrane permeable. Has date been determined?"


    VALENTINA: "That is not up to me. Just keep your people read to mobilize."


    UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Acknowledged. However, some starting to question if this is even possible."


    VALENTINA: "Eliminate the doubters. No margin for error. Ground must be prepared."


    UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Understood. Will make example of them."


    VALENTINA: "Good. But do so quietly. Do not lose element of surprise."


    We are currently working to identify Valentina's contact, but cannot match with any known Omega or KGB asset. I will keep you advised of our progress.


    Heinrich Meyer

    Berlin Station Chief


    Radio Transmissions

     "Nose To Nose" (Location: In the Data Center, top floor.) - Berlin Station Chief Meyer is increasingly nervous about a certain visitor to his city.


    Meyer: Weaver, this is Meyer -- Berlin Station Chief. Urgent question: did you get the memorandum I submitted on Saturday? If so, why is there still no response?

    Meyer: Forgive me, but I do not think anyone at Langley grasps the seriousness of the situation. Dr. Valentina is here. In Berlin.

    Meyer: This city is divided. East and West are nose to nose here. If she does something... drastic, the consequences could go global -- in the worst possible way.

    Meyer: Just... please advise how best to proceed. Personally, I'd like a Requiem strike team en route here right now, but I leave that decision to you.



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