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    Punched Cards

    Pernell's obsession


    Pernell: (sigh) There must be a way... there's got to be a way. The voices in my head, well, it's been years now. They won't leave me alone. The only way to temper them is... is liquid courage. Heh. (sips) At night it's worse, it's lonely here. So quiet in the middle of the desert. I-I hear them seeping through the dry cracks of dead dirt. (sips) They want me to find a way through. The gateway. I found a schematic in Doctor Richtofen's journal. He made a plan, a backup plan to build a device, a uh-uh, fast-lane. We tried to build it but... we didn't have the necessary components, they... well they just don't exist! (glass falls) (sigh) The last several months I've had this reoccurring dream. In it, I'm able to merge with the Aether... the spirits. They say it's the only way. I need to investigate this further.


    'Pernell Test Number One'


    Hale: This is Doctor Hale, conducting Pernell test number one. The date is August 3rd, 1967. The Director has secured himself inside the APD, and we are ready to begin the transfer. When I flip the switch, an electrical current will be pulled from the Elemental Shard and will flood the APD. Are you ready Director?

    Pernell: Yes, Doctor Hale.

    Hale: Cornelius, are you sure about this?

    Pernell: More than anything.

    Hale: Commencing test.

    (A whirring sound can be heard followed by Pernell screaming)

    Hale: Director? Director?! Ending test!

    (Dr. Hale walks over the A.P.D. and opens the chamber)

    (Pernell chuckles)

    Hale: Director? What... are you alright?

    Pernell: (chuckles) Better than alright, my dear. Run it again. (chuckles)


    Unauthorized experiments


    McCain: This is Peter McCain, Deputy Director at Camp Edward. February 4th, 1968, personal log. Last week, Officer Weiss spoke with me about an incident he witnessed. On January 26th, at 0300, Weiss witnessed an unauthorized access of the APD. Weiss claimed it was being used by Doctor Hale and Director Pernell. He believes these experiments have been running for some time now, which lines up with the numerous complaints I've received about Pernell's... erratic behavior. One week later on February 2nd, I witnessed first-hand what Weiss reported. I don't know what the purpose of this experiment is... it's certainly not authorized by either Broken Arrow or the Defense Department. Now I can't say I'm surprised Doctor Hale is so willingly assisting the Director, her affection for him is well known around the base. I also can't say I'm surprised Pernell would take advantage of her affection. My old friend has changed in recent years. I suspect his exposure to Element 115 is the reason for his new-found confidence. I've decided to inform Brigadier General Sawyer. The Department of Defense will decide his fate.




    McCain: What? What happened? Where am I? Cornelius?

    Pernell: Four years ago I asked you to swear an oath. An oath to the company. Company over country. At that time you pledged loyalty. I guess we have different definitions of the word "loyal".

    McCain: This... this is one of our solitary cells... How... How did I get here?

    Pernell: Put some knockout juice in your tea. Ya passed out like a baby. Had my men throw you down here. You see, they're still loyal to me. Especially once I informed the staff that you've been experiencing delusions due to 115 exposure. You're a threat to yourself and all those around you.

    McCain: No! No, no no no, that's not true, you know that's not true!

    Pernell: And to think, after all I've done for you... I carried the guilt of your death for years. I carried it for so long I was determined to find a way to bring you back. I find a way, bring you back from the great beyond, and this is how you repay me!

    McCain: Cornelius, you're not well. You need help. You're suffering from aggressive 115 exposure. You're not seeing clearly.

    Pernell: Oh on the contrary, I see clearer now than I ever have! I walked through the land of the blind with one eye open! And what do you do? You go and file a report with the Department of Defense that Director Cornelius Pernell is unstable! And a threat to national security! Can't have you interfering with my plans, Peter...

    McCain: Well you can't stop it Pernell. Sawyer will come, he'll bring his men, he'll see what you've become.

    Pernell: Of course he will, but it won't matter. By then it'll be too late...


    Shard Test Number 54


    Hale: This is Doctor Hale, conducting elemental shard test number 54. The date is March 15th, 1968. Initiating test... now.

    (whirring sound)

    (A door is opened)

    Hale: What is going on?

    (Soldiers are heard running towards Doctor Hale)

    (Sawyer is heard climbing the stairs)

    Sawyer: Where is Director Pernell?

    Hale: He's... inside the A.P.D.

    Sawyer: Doctor Hale, I need you to step away from the control panel. Private?

    Private: Yes, Sir!

    Hale: No, wait. You can't stop the test we're right in the middle!

    Sawyer: Doctor, Director Pernell has betrayed his country and is considered an enemy of the state. He's coming with us, right now. Private, you may proceed.

    Hale: Wait, no!

    (A power cut occurs)

    Sawyer: What the hell?

    Hale: The whole facility just lost power!

    Pernell: (With a demonic voice) What... What have you done to me?

    Sawyer: Everybody stand back

    Private: What the hell is that thing?

    Hale: Director Pernell? Cornelius?

    Pernell: Director Pernell is no more and all of you are unwelcome.

    Private: Sir, we have a containment breach. Nova 6 gas is leaking throughout the facility.

    Sawyer: Everybody move! Get the hell out of here!

    Pernell: The gas is the least of your concerns.

    Sawyer: Open fire!

    (Gun fires can be heard)

    Sawyer: Private, get on the radio, we need reinforcement! We need to get the hell out of here!

    Pernell: None of you are leaving.

    (Electricity can be heard)

    Pernell: And my ascension may now begin.


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