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Hit Your Marks

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Navigate to the Amphitheater with a Redeemed Hand of a God. If in co-op, all players must be there with Redeemed Hands.



The players will have to kill zombies corresponding to the color of their Gauntlet.  A circle will appear of each Gauntlet's color directing the player with that Gauntlet where to go. 


If the player is forced inside the acting area itself, they will have to kill zombies corresponding to their gauntlet's color. Depending on the distance or the number of zombies, either a charge shot or a single shot of the Gauntlet will need to be used.


After 5 rounds, there will be intermissions and the characters will give a success quote. Complete 3 iterations of those 5 rounds for a total of 15, and the step is complete.


If you fail at any time, you have to completely reset the step and do all 15 over again.

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