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Scepter and Sundial

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There are two parts to this step, which can be completed in either order.


1: Use the Hand of Gaia to shoot 4 symbols in quick succession at the Offering of the Attalids. Each symbol should light up after it is successfully shot. When all symbols are complete, a Gegenees will spawn, and upon killing it, it will drop a golden pole.

Place the Golden Pole in the Sundial at the Offering of the Attalids. Electric Catalysts will begin to spawn amongst the standard horde, kill one over the Sundial to cause a slot to open up. 


There will a line of electricity that leads to a specific slot on the outside of the sundial. Wait until the blue symbol is over that line, and then hold interact.


Count the number of gold spaces between the slot and the line of electricity, and use that to determine when to hold interact. If the slot is 5 gold spaces away from the electricity, wait for 5 changes of the symbol to hold interact.


Repeat this process 2 more times, and the slot will gradually go further inside and become faster.




2: There is an Ankh stuck inside a crystal at the Intersection of Treasuries. Get a Gegenees over to the area, and coerce it into a shield blast to drop the Ankh.


Before proceeding with this step, make sure you're ready for a big lockdown fight.


Place the Ankh into the hand of the Ra Perk Statue. Ra will fire a beam, protect the beam from skeletons that try to block it while fighting blightfathers and many other enemies.


If you complete the lockdown successfully, Ra's Beam will pierce the wall, and a scepter will be in the hole left by the beam.


Place the Scepter in Ra's hands, and the step is complete.

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