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  1. Always finish round 6 under 5 minutes and the wrench is never available. I always play solo though..Do you have to run with others to do this?
  2. I want us to get our Primis outfits with Primis swords and staves. Of course you need Primis character quotes almost as if the Primis characters take over and perhaps have they're own story unfolding in their own dimension that we are not aware of that they could talk about. Even have slightly different accents and just a whole nother different story from ancient times. So basically we start off as the O4, then transform into the Primis4...Tell me that wouldnt be sick!
  3. This map should be the biggest in BO3 with all the other sectioned maps in revelations, the house, the church , the beacons, the outside area, and hopefully other areas we are not yet aware of. In Blundell we Trust
  4. Ah, so thats what Nikolai is shooting while running towards the electric trap. I was wondering what the blue charged beam was and it makes sense now
  5. There's gameplay footage available on youtube. Not English but this is sick check it out
  6. Quick theory, If Dempsey is in the rocket and there are several other rockets that have already launched perhaps the other test subjects have already been launched elsewhere, thats all I got =P
  7. Agreed.. Either this guy is mistaken or a troll
  8. There was a live stream last night from Noah and once the giant worm appeared in the middle of the map they turned into the creatures and whipped some floating orbs which seemed to obtain the orbs. Not sure how far they got form that point as it was really late so I passed out =P
  9. This is something to look into. Just to make sure it's not just audio but actually another step needed to complete the EE. Can anyone else try this and post results? I would if I could.

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