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Everything posted by NaBrZHunter

  1. So we’re saying there’s oxygen on Mars’ moons?
  2. I wouldn't think so, considering they drove them in Ascension, no?
  3. You finally made it! Welcome, you’re already one of us - always have been, really. Welcome to CODZ!
  4. Ohhh, my bad, I thought this was a research resource! My stupid. I'll bookmark this for the weekend!
  5. Good resource! Thanks for putting this together!
  6. Brains to you, my dude! This is a concise, but solid breakdown of the distinction, and I actually needed the update, myself. It’s comforting to know that GK, Giant, DE and ZNS are OG fractures, too. I’d like to plot this out on paper at some point.
  7. Dang! From 2012! Rock on, and welcome back! We’re still kickin out here!
  8. Love this idea, man. I'll be following along.
  9. Ah, yeah, there were some BO3 clutches for sure, but Countless times I got downed because I tried to shoot a gap between a train and a rock or something on ZNS for instance, and I’d have 3/4 a body’s width to shoot, but those zombie models were hard as granite, and when they set their feet and windmilled, you couldn’t do a 180 twirl and make them adjust just enough to move and let you slip out, bloody but alive. This video actually showed a good example of that on Der Eisendrache. The only way out is to blast a hole. Also, perks: I can survive substantial rounds without perks now. Eventually, they become necessary, but for a long time they are optional. He def wouldn’t have had some of those clutch moments without the perks, which, obvious though that may be, we’re talking zombie spawn and pursuit mechanics. I’ll bet anything you’re more knowledgeable on the subject, but I’m really gonna have to get in 30+ game here and see if I can’t bust some moves. Probably just make a fool of myself, but I won’t share those clips.... ?
  10. Your head hurts from all the brains you're getting. I never read that stuff before. I am mindblown. And amused. That is a hilarious list.
  11. It’s so weird, I feel like I’m playing a different game from the rest of y’all. I train 30 runners on the right side of Classified’s Computer Room, not to mention the server room or even just the office area without breaking a sweat. In BO1 and WAW though, the zombies had insane reach sometimes, far more often than in BO4, I feel like. I’m genuinely confused as to why my experience has been so different - and don’t get me wrong, BO1 is the best Zombies of all time. WAW is ever beloved - it’s not like I’m a newcomer. I can’t remember how easy or hard BO2 was, but BO3 was the devil incarnate. For some reason, BO4 has been just all love for me. XD
  12. This is an epic thread. I must point out that the Berliner Fernsehturm’s presence in Kino is a glaring oddity you might add here.
  13. I actually disagree. This was completely impossible in BO3, which was infuriating, but I’ve had some insane close calls in BO4. If you jiggle now, the zombies move, so I’ve even gotten out of certain death scenarios several times.
  14. Whoa, there's a lot here I need to catch up on, but from the earlier posts discussing galvanism and the potential 115 has for interfering with the nervous system were fascinating. A few bullet point theories come to mind: 1. It seems to me that 115 overloads the sensory neurons of living test subjects, and when properly calibrated, can actually dull pain receptors while increasing the rate of healing, with memory loss as a side effect due in part to misfiring neurons and in part to deprivation of sensory input, because with a loss of pain comes a loss of sensory pleasure as well. Without pleasure or pain serving as mental milemarkers, nostalgia decreases, and previously programmed memories are not as easily re-minded. Bodily functions continue due to the depth of programming (45 years of walking, talking, and taking shits is harder to override than memories of loved ones and life back home). On a related note, perhaps this is why Richtofen is so sexually disordered, being a borderline necrophiliac and whatever you would call someone who is turned on by non-sexual inanimate objects like guns and tools. LOL! 2. In the case of a corpse, the 115 re-loads the central nervous system, but the neurons have already broken down and can no longer be re-synced with the occupying life force. It seems to me that neurons are that messenger between a conscious nervous system and ones' life force. This would explain why Dr. Lehman's use of gaseous 115 (presumably Nova 6) was effective in creating a controllable zombie, as the test subject was alive at the time of the dosing, and after death, reanimation followed immediately, effectively stabilizing decomposition and maintaining the neural activity. This would also explain why the APD and MPD are capable of controlling zombified beings, essentially bridging the gap between a consciousness (the controller) and the rogue nervous system (the zombie). Furthermore, this explains why controlled zombies never stop to eat their prey: it's the controller who actually selects and pursues the targets via the zombies. The controller is "rational," not animalistic and uncontrolled. Taking this crazy theory even further, it explains why killing zombies gives the controller more power. Think of the controller as a single programmer with a command line interface, but limited processing power. The controller programs the shattered neural systems to follow her will, essentially to "run her program" (kill Richtofen and his minions), and she can do so in bulk. As zombies die, that frees up processing power for her to reallocate to new zombie targets. Once the program is installed and running within the hijacked neural system, however, each zombie becomes a signal repeater which can multicast the program to more targets using electromagnetic radiation emanating from the overloaded neurons. This explains why outbreaks are local, and zombies spawn ahead of you and around you as you run. The zombies pursuing you are radio transmitters. Fuckin creepy if I say so myself. Back to work now. LMAO
  15. I think this is where most people fail to see it the same way I always have. One of the biggest things that looped me into the Aether story from all the way back in WAW was the false front it wore. The characters were slaphappy and goofy; Sam was batshit crazy and evil, but under the stairs at Der Reise, someone was weeping. Someone hung themselves in an office...only their feet were visible. A bloody teddybear haunted the facility. Richtofen was maniacal as a playable character, but when you discovered the radios, you heard an entirely different man in the recordings, and questions were raised. What happened to Richtofen? Why is he suddenly a psychopath AKA "The Butcher?" What happened to Sam? She didn't deserve this. Why did Nikolai seem sad and lonely somehow? Dempsey never got to go home again; Takeo was fighting for honor, waging a lonely war, serving his beloved emperor, who would never see or appreciate him. It was that subtlety of story that grabbed me and keeps me around. I feel like it wasn't entirely lost in BO4, but again we haven't had much chance to see more of it be developed. Though I would point to a quote by Nikolai about always getting abandoned, "it is old tradition," he says. It brings to mind, as things often do, his fate in the original Der Riese trailer. Really sad... I was so so saddened by the first look at The Giant, and by the time Dempsey died, I think I still hadn't accepted the multiverse. But I'm with you - there are a hundred million of these characters. Why should I care? The multiverse robbed BO3 of its impact.
  16. Never apologize for ifs and maybes. That's the stuff of theories. This analysis rocks. I have one comment for now - we've seen Richtofen die once before...
  17. Brains to you for giving the map some credit..... ? JK, brains to you for sharing this strat, and congrats on the win! I discovered the Aethereal perk yesterday...that freaking thing is unreal, even just with the Bowie knife. Honestly, if I ever hop on pubs, that'll probably be my go-to in order to counter the uncertainty of pubs players' reliability.
  18. I know what you’re talking about - I can’t say I remember it happening that often, though. Definitely a grabby lunge, though, and getting windmilled sucked. Honestly, stabbing in WAW-BO2 was pretty bad. BO2 and WAW were the worst, but BO4 has pretty much accomplished the greatest stabbing animation to date. It’s perfection. Moon, though...yes, please. Any day of the week. XD My favorite map to date. Not sure if the Chronicles release has even surpassed it for me yet, though it’s truly a thing of beauty.
  19. Way to go, @Lenne. This thread feels like the old days. Hot topic, yeeooow! It's crazy, I don't think ANYONE in this thread agrees except maybe @83457 and @ZombiesAteMyPizza!. LOL! I figured maybe someone would take my stance, already, but I didn't see anyone do that - so here goes! As far as story, WAW -> BO1 was nearly flawless, with the exception of some graphical issues. Gameplay was great, especially in BO1. BO2, gameplay hit the skids (geez, knifing alone is a perfect example - knifing a zombie felt like trying to stab a moving metal pillar covered in oil), but the story had excellent potential. Buried, however, was a shitshow for story crashing the potential of the previous two maps facefirst into the earth; yet ironically, it is considered the best Victis map. It's as if story and gameplay couldn't coexist after BO1. Then came Origins. I had to delete my initial description. As great of a map as it was for gameplay, and as awesome as its atmosphere was, it sent the story spiraling in a direction so uncalled-for as to be mindboggling. Don't get me started about Mob of the Dead. Black Ops 3 was about repairing damage both literally and narratively. If Origins had never happened, Black Ops 3 need never have happened at all. It was a shim to prop up a Leaning Tower of Babel. Black Ops 4 - hear me out, fellow old timers - is an overdue return to form. Ignore the Chaos story. As far as casual gameplay (I can't speak much for high rounds), Classified and Alpha Omega are some of the most accessible maps of all time. As far as story, the writing, acting, and insertion of plot points has been stellar. So where should it end? It shouldn't. Not yet. But it should have looked like: World at War Black Ops 1 Tranzit Die Rise Something other than Buried, have mercy Classified Alpha Omega The Fall of the Siberia Facility Coming 2020: MIA (the Broken Arrow hunt for Peter McCain's remains, set in Manchuria @Tac) The Flesh (Uhuh) Takeo's Revenge What other storylines has Treyarch dropped like a hot potato? YEEEEOW! Thank you for coming to my Tedd Talk.
  20. As someone who has never really played more than a few hours of any MW title, I am excited to say that this one looks extremely captivating. who knows? Might even kickstart me into finishing MW! At any rate, the MP and campaign look KILLER. I am hyped for a deep, challenging campaign.
  21. Bestow brains in vast quantity! Behold the great work! The more you and the rest of our team discuss the old and new elements of the story, the more I am reassured of its continuity. Honestly, the staves were a brilliant addition to the storyline, and a long time coming. I don’t beleive I can ever be satisfied with any explanation of the bows, because they are just so very arbitrary, and in truth, derivative (of the staves) when you know anyone in the community would have been thrilled to get the staves in DE, and that their presence at the castle would make so much sense. But alas... At any rate, discussions as of late are sparking ideas left and right. One I’d like to see discussed is the Division 9 dragon experiments. As much as I disliked having dragons in the game, such a concept is as classic as Jurassic Park. Someone should throw together an explanation of that process. Maybe I will...lol
  22. Interesting suggestions. Brains to you for thinking deep into this one. I didn’t like how they felt they had to make Dempsey and McCain know each other, but the dark implications you draw out of it are profound. Especially the affair suggestion. As dirty of an idea as that is, it’s just painfully believable for these two guys. I can see that. It has the kind of realistic vibe that Sam and Maxis’ relationship had back in Der Riese, or the feelings that surround the knowledge that somewhere inside of OG Richtofen, a good person had been buried beneath a madness he couldn’t control. This subtlety of storytelling is what keeps bringing me back to this story.
  23. Wow, that is a profound observation and gives story depth to one of the greatest Treyarch trolling moments in history. LMAO! Great breakdown, though. I think we’ll have more to discuss in this area before too long.
  24. More custom dudes - always a plus! Do you build or just play? I'm excited to finally be officially working on my first gaming PC, so when I get on Steam, I'll hit you up!

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