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  1. Salutations reader! As I would hope, many of you have managed to discover and view The Giant's introduction scene, identifying the presence of twice as many Richtofens as we were prepared for. However, one must note the ease with which the Origins crew converses with this altogether strange and different Richtofen, of the warnings of impending doom they thrust upon him. They've obviously gained some form of knowledge as to the results of his nefarious experimentation, yet from who? None of the Origins crew was ever in possession of the information they so readily give in the intro during the c
  2. As you may know, perks are a constant ever-updating facet of the Zombies experience, handy beverages that enhance the abilities of a player via numerous, perhaps magical effects within these seemingly rather mundane soft drinks. However, their creation, nor the explanation of how they achieve these effects has as of yet, not been explained in entirety within the storyline. Not one for merely slapping on the lazy story writing excuse of "it's magic", I'd love to entertain an explanation tied down with real life science, along with the sci-fi genre's pseudo-science, however misguided or a self-
  3. Under the subsection of shrieker zombies, it should be noted that they are not truly zombies at all. In fact, I believe the proper term for them is Djinn, which you may know as genies. In numerous religions, Djinn are malevolent (sometimes depicted as benevolent) spirits of the sand, hence their attitude towards the player, as well as their garb, not to mention the method in which they spawn, rising as sand from the ground. It could be speculated that due to either 115 exposure, or the present Anouncer's control of the undead, they too seek to attack the player. It is quite possible that the c
  4. I'm still waiting on that "Science of Perks" post, dude!

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      The Meh

      (Two months later... still waiting...)

  5. Congratulations Boom and Slade

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      Thank you Skuld, I appreciate the kudos!

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      Muchas gracias, amigo Skuld!

  6. You find some horrifying images researching the real life inspirations for Zombies, that being said, I advise you to never search the explosive balloon effect, lest you wish to be haunted by ghoulish images.

  7. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Origins map, I wouldn't put the Maxis represented within the game being dissected as the true Maxis, especially given the end cutscene following its Easter Egg, therefore I'd not count it as his corpereal form since the cutscene shows it isn't a true story after all. Not to mention, I don't doubt he's a character within the story, and my reference to him as an author is due to his manipulations of said story, hence the capitalization, I mean Author as akin to a manipulator, a being like the Editor in the Sisters Grimm series, or an entity removed from th
  8. Entry 1 Countless times I had dreamed of achieving my own enlightenment, meeting eyes with my own maker. So I toiled, constantly, without rest or woe as soon as I had graduated. Germany unfortunately had hit hard times; there were no calls for bright young minds, no room for creativity. Every man, woman, and child, felt the weight, the burden of, a war lost. Financial debt consumed our government, and soon led to my own, and many others, left with poverty. But I continued on, trying to exploit something, anything, that would let me see my maker, and yet avoid the cold kiss of Death
  9. The whir of helicopter rotors eases as we touch down to the forest based garbage facility. Before I can get bearings, a grotesque scent assaults my nostrils, mounds of trash envelop my vision, the occasional plastic bag violently forced away from our landing zone, as our vehicle's blades create a whirlwind of refuse around us. Not too eager to consent to the foul odors, I pull up my mask, blocking off the evil smell, directing the other members of the squad to do the same, lest it distract them from competent mission conduct. Trudging forward through the mounds of rusted cars, broken toys, the
  10. Actually Electric, it's entirely possible that Maxis, in the "true reality" is still nothing other than an electronic recording, a Hal 9000 for his "Family". It would explain why, in an effort to perhaps bond with her "Father", Samantha gives herself a German accent in the original maps. And if you backtrack to the plan of creating unquestioning soldiers, who would be more easily impressionable than children? Imagine a community wherein Maxis' plan is realized by collecting the orphaned children of an apocalypse into a society of his own making, free to indoctrinate them with all matter of lie
  11. Ah, I edited out older forum references already, and left the reference to Joe, for to my knowledge he has indeed joined the CodZ forum. Upon learning his current name here, I will make sure to alter it to the correct form, and the title is left as a call to the inspiring document. If it should cause further confusion, I will remove the entirety of the reference.
  12. Salutations my peers! Within this article you shall find a collection of facts regarding the supposed science-fiction hive mentality of our insectoid trespassers, as introduced in Extinction. A common misconception of these alien creatures would be the application of the term "Hive Mind" to their social functions. This implies a collective conscience, where all members share the memories and experience of another organism of their swarm. In fact, the actual term for the foreign Extinction race's organizational ability, would be Eusociality. The most common participants in such an animal societ
  13. There is a growing certainty within me that our Maxis is more than a mere man, and maybe not even by spirit standards either. A common Literary ploy that re-occurs in many a book I read: Omnipresent 3rd Person Voices are normally Authors. And the fact that The Zombies team strives so much to keep Maxis from becoming physical in ANY way at all in our story points towards that. You see to be an author you cannot be a character. No exceptions. Even if an author made a character named after himself, who looks, speaks, and thinks like himself, he is not the Author. It's not only due to
  14. Fire and brimstone. The words repeating constantly throughout his skull, rebounding amongst the twisted corridors of his mind. It had become all he knew when the world had ended. But that wasn't true. I knew of other things. Of Flesh, torn asunder, by people he once knew; the people now mockeries of life, their decaying meat revealing bloodied grins, hungering for my own skin. I ran for so long. But you can only run so far, until you realize there isn't anywhere left. Today I made my newest home in the crumbling corpse of what was once a great skyscraper, now a perfect haven from the hordes o
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