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  1. As much as I love the Wunderwaffe so much and being my favorite WW, give me a Ray Gun Mark II or III and I'm good lol. Thats probably going to happen on the third DLC map though.
  2. Going by quotes Richtofen puts emphasis on turning on the beacon to contact Maxis and then Maxis confirms he knows where they are when the Fly Trap is completed, thus I guess completing the overall goal for this map by establishing the beacon. Quotes, radios, detail, and context of everyone's perception is all we have to go for here. I kind of wanted to go on a goose chase but I guess it's already over. Kind of lack luster but I am sure they will make up for it in the next sequel to The Giant.
  3. Agartha isn't our dimension lol its the Vril-ya's home world. By the way does anybody remember in Call of the Dead in the starting area in the water near the iceberg there is a strange design. To me that resembles an actual Vril-ya person. but anyways, I agree shooter Samantha did go back in time, and I believe her dying on moon might have her goto agartha. If you guys remember when playing Tranzit the first diary entry has Maxis saying Samantha disappeared. To where? Origins? Probably, but how the hell did she go back in the time? The Casimir effect is known to cause time travel into the pas
  4. Shooter, I am very interested in reading that thread in your bio about 115+ Casimir Effect = Vril Energy, but the page is down This is vital for me Lol
  5. I love it man, freaking genius. I think She does know though of moon, because she states "The loop must closed" "I see all that has been, all that will be" Shes remembers the "doctors" work that threatens the world. She doesn't mention moon because its irrelevant at the time I believe. I think shes American simply because she wanted to be, because by this time She is extremely intelligent
  6. People have also said the disturbing voice is her teddy bear. I mean its plausible its her, when I first heard the demonic announcer on origins it sounded nothing like a girl and the laugh from quick revive disappearing sounded nowhere near a girl, besides why would she impede their progress and take away perks and move the box if it lowered their chances of freeing her? She insists she is not safe there, and claimed "something far more terrible" lurks in the aether. Aether being the spiritual world between life and death and Takeo's hypothesis of "demons possesing the lives of fallen warriors
  7. Interesting, so no quotes were ever found with her talking to the disturbing voice?
  8. I agree! but I feel like they wouldn't make up something that big, or it would of been taken down already. Could it be possible that they were ripped from the PC version of origins and it could be exclusively present on the xbox version? Thanks
  9. The disturbing voice talks to her man, on the COD Wiki Samantha Maxis page on trivia it states " In Origins, after collecting zombie blood there is a chance at later rounds for the player to hear Samantha talking with a disturbing voice explaining the history of what she knows." Now I would doubt this but the fact that my brother stated he heard her talk about nuclear bombs made me really question its authenticity, I know hes not crazy
  10. I mean, there are reports that Samantha talks to a disturbing voice in high rounds on zombie blood about the history she knows. I have tried many times while on high rounds such as 63, 79, 52 (Easy as hell with Kagutsuchi's Blood) but ended up dying in dumb ways (tiresome, get mobbed upstairs from the crazy place, IT GETS CRAZY LOL) I have figured the once easter egg fanatic zombie fanbase would of been found this and uploaded it, but I am wrong. I hope at least you guys arn't noobs... can somebody shed some light or even upload the quotes? Its ruining my life and haunting me not knowing what
  11. But none of these are when she talks to the demonic voice... Im disappointed in you guys
  12. Welcome to the forums Tasers :)

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