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Posts posted by Hells Warrrior

  1. First and foremost - Sorry.


    We have experienced an issue with emails since we started using Cloudflare to handle static content, I was on late last night and basically I deleted a record that I shouldn't have. As soon as I clicked the X to delete I shouted out within myself (as it was 12:30am) "ya numpty" - which translates "what are you doing you complete and utter moron" - what have we learned? Not to do things when your eyes are being held open by match sticks.


    So hands up, it was my fault but it also gave me time to investigate other issues such as emails not being received and registration issues being experienced by some. I still have to investigate these further but we are looking at them being resolved now. Again sorry and apologies for the prolonged downtime, unfortunately work to precedence this morning and I've only just been able to get online and check / resolve.

  2. I was a little surprised and bewildered at that to be honest, we literally received a minutes notice before it was tweeted. I would have thought out of common decency that we would have been offered first refusal and time to raise the funds to purchase the domain.


    That wasn't the case and we had to deal with the cards we had been handed, however, we have the domain and full control of the domain and it's safe and that's what counts.

  3. 3 hours ago, Lenne said:

    Grats, @NaBrZHunter, with your excellent and friendly behaviour you certainly have earned the fresh new color.


    From the start you always participated in a great way and as far as I could tell you and I were always on the same site. So that is a plus. ;) 


    @Hells Warrrior, why do I always miss the good stuff? ;_;


    Cause yer a part timer and a PS4 player :tounge_wink:

  4. You may have seen the post from Carbonfibah that he was selling the domain name callofdutyzombies.com - we had no idea of his intentions or much notice of the sale taken place. We have managed to put the funds together and we have purchased the domain name.


    callofdutyzombies.com is now officially owned by callofdutyzombies.com and the staff, please do not worry about the site disappearing or such like as it will not happen and we are going from strength to strength.


    Thanks to Dan and all the hardwork he did in the early days, the site has just gone from strength to strength, yes we experience challenges with the popularity of Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch but as a site we have a strong base to continue growing and win back people who have maybe moved to other outlets for the quicker/shorter interaction.

  5. 3 hours ago, anonymous said:

    Wow, thats great. Congrats @NaBrZHunter for being staff member now and congrats staff members for getting @NaBrZhunter as colleague, he's a good one. If there is anyone on this site who knows not only the storyline, but also the technical stuff of the story, it is him. So he was undercover already a member for a while? Btw, the Zombie librabry: It looks great. The biggest project on this site since Im a member. But when I open a file, I get an error. I don't know if it are just my devices or if it just isn't done yet. The titles look very promising, and once it works its gonna be the biggest CoDZ info including thing on the whole globe!

    Fixed it was a permissions issue.

  6. Today it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to a new member of the team, he has worked hard and it hasn't gone without notice and he has also been working with us behind the scenes for some weeks now as well.


    So without further ado, please welcome @NaBrZHunter to the staff team.


    Why NaBrZHunter, well he deserves it and 2 he brings a skillset that we are looking forward and we are utilising for moving the site forward. NaBrZHunter will become responsible for YouTube, he will be bring you the newest videos, guides tutorials and theory videos via Der Bunker - which is his own channel. However, I personally see no reason as to why we cannot promote share his videos on the CoDz channel if he is Ok with that (just my thoughts) but you can understand it's a good set of skills being brought to the team.


    We haven't made NaBrZHunter green just yet, I need to do this later but please give a huge congratulations to NaBrZHunter.



  7. The rumour mills are rife of a new Xbox potentially releasing in 2016, the slim version of the current model with a 2TB hard drive, more news is expected on this at E3 according to Polygon on top of that a new Xbox is potentially happening in 2017 with a higher GPU and running at a massive 6 teraflops - which wipes the floor with the current Xbox One at 1.3 teraflops and PS4 at 1.8 teraflops or the PS4 Neo at 4.1ish teraflops.


    The sources are also saying that Microsoft at looking at a deal with Oculus for the new consoles as well, in line with Microsofts plans to bring combine XBox/Windows ecosystem under "Project Helix" - when we know more we'll let you know

    View full news

  8. Welcome to the site, always nice to have new members - have a look around and if you have any questions just ask. 


    You'll also notice that you have been awarded an introduction medal automatically, if you want/need anymore have a look at the medal request topic in site news.

  9. We recently updated the site and style to the site and we are aware of issues with styling on some browsers, more noticeable on Edge, PS browser and Safari, Chrome and Firefox are both fine. We are looking into this particular issue and will update as soon as possible.


    Sorry for the inconvienence but if you swap to a decent browser (if possible) it will display as intended - not a solutution but an alternative way to view the site without styling issues at the moment.

  10. It's not the worst map, that's still Buried by a long shot (even though I like Buried).


    ZNS didn't grab me when I first played it a month ago and I only played it a couple of times but in all honestly, the feedback I have heard from Xbox players over the last couple of days (friends) is that they felt the same when it launched but playing it gave them a different perspective. I never got on last night but I'm looking forward to having a few games on it.



  11. To be honest @InfestLithium I played it a couple of times with @jaysta5792 on the PS4 but I wasn't feeling the love, I'm looking to get to play on the One to see how it plays and with more players I'm accustomed to playing with but I understand why you say that and I agree. It does have many varying aspects to it and it does make it a challenging map but I'm not entirely certain on how its plays, how easy it plays and as a result the difficulty level.


    SoE is more difficult that some give it credit for, it's a fairly large map with some tight spots on it.

    The Giant, well we all know and love The Giant/Der Riese

    Der Eisendrache has become Buried of BOIII, it's far too easy to get high rounds on it and it's not exactly challenging in all fairness. I credit myself and being better than average but only just and I credit my boy as being about the same as me now and at 12 is getting 40+ on DE easily and he can set himself up very early. The only real challenge is the EE and even then when you are prepared correctly, it's not the "challenging".


    Best definition of a good map, in all honesty I'm still a massive fan of MoTD, I think that map epitomises a near perfect map, closely followed by Origins.

  12. Eurogamer spotted a listing of the game on the 360, saying "COD Black Ops - Now Plays on Xbox One" inidicating an imminent release on the One. Looks we can all revisit those maps, stream directly from the One and gets some EE's done of classic maps such as moon.


    As far as we are aware, it is not officially released as BC yet, however, we understand it will be available in a few hours and if it's not available today, it's due imminently.

    View full news

  13. Apologies for the downtime yesterday, we experienced a hardware node failure and this caused the error seen yesterday. We had to do a recovery on SQL as it failed to restart.

    All should be good now, thanks for the patience and understanding.

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