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  1. this week, Microsoft revealed that it is working to support cross-platform and cross-network play on Xbox One - aka PS4 vs Xbox One multiplayer. So that means in the future, you could be playing online multiplayer titles with your PC and PS4 friends on your Xbox One. 

    But, as expected, Microsoft won't be able to do this alone. 

    "Most of you probably noticed that we made an announcement saying that we're now enabling cross-network play support. So if a developer wants to cross game networks, we'll support them on our side," explained Jason Roland, Head of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group. 

    "Obviously we need support from the other supporting networks, but we're working with the first wave of titles on this and we'll start releasing titles very soon that show the ability to actually cross networks together."

    So that means Microsoft is going to need Sony's help to enable cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PS4. Will Sony be up for that? We're not sure, as it seems there's not much in it for them. 

    However, Microsoft believes that it will be very appealing for developers.

    "From a developer's perspective, this is really about increasing the player pool - making sure that you have the largest audience possible. That you're not letting your ecosystem be restricted by whether they bought it on PC, or they bought it on Xbox, or they bought it on another console.

    "We want to give [developers] the tools to make sure [they] have the largest player base possible and [they] can keep that player base engaged in [that] franchise," added Roland. 

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  2. We have been looking to add to our news system and make better use of it for sometime, we have lacked conviction in news articles for sometime and we need to better utilise the system. So as of now, we have added two members to a new group called "Media Staff" - it's not a staff position but it is a stepping stone so to speak to potentially becoming that at a later date.

    Anyway, big congratulations and thanks to @XPG Richtofen and @Tac - we are all looking forward to these articles.

    What will happen, is that when a new article is added, it will automatically post that article into the "Site News" section of the forum - we want to drive user engagement with the articles as much as possible. Any and all feedback as usual is welcome.

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  3. 21 hours ago, M16 EPIC said:

    If you want them, you could purchase them on your account. If your brother bought a sandwich, would you get a free sandwich? No. You could have the plastic wrap if you wanted it, but you couldn't eat the sandwich. He bought the maps for the game, so now you can play on them. The maps are part of the game itself. Your account is packaged in it. Your account doesn't have the rights to use the GGs because you didn't buy the DLC. You have the plastic wrap left over from your brother's sandwich, but you still haven't bought a sandwich.

    Although I understand your point, it's not exactly helpful.

    The fact remains that the PS4 and Xbox are sold as all you need is one PSN or Live account and all other accounts get access to the online service etc.That means DLC from games and games themselves, this is something programmed in by Treyarch/Activision and it makes no sense to supply the maps to non PSN users but not supply DLC gobblegum.

    Why would someone buy a map that they have access to, just for gobblegum DLC - that's like putting a new perk in the game but not being able to use as you have not bought the map that you are playing.

    It's a nonsensical piece of programming restrictions.

  4. 9 hours ago, nayrcraig said:

    I see this advise a lot but what I personally do is ensure all shots hit at lease two zombies, if not more. I nearly always use all my bullets from the pistol so I aim to maximize the value of each bullet.

    I've tried both, 4 to 6 hits each zombie, from the initial first round spawn. You'll always end up with more points with 8 hits to the legs and then knife (between 1700 and 1800 roughly) - if you get a double points from the gondola, jamming.

  5. Why buy the shotgun straight out the bat? Why not retain points and maximise the legs shot points? (8 hits to the leg and one knife)? You can knife til round 3 or 4 if you run out of ammo, less points with one hit kills.

  6. So if you are playing a solo game, you are looking to get setup early. One of the best ways to get points is to use the the tram switch on round 1 before killing any zombies.

    If you are lucky, you'll spawn a double points drop, this helps with opening the doors and keeping as many zombies alive as possible.


    Uf anyone has any other tips, please share.

  7. On 3/1/2016 at 3:29 PM, Hammer143 said:

    Hey, could I get the medals I provided the proof for on page 2 of this topic? It's only been like a year since I posted it lol

    Sure, apologies for the delay but the medals system only just came back online recently, having been offline since April 2015.

    Supplied the medals.

  8. Honestly, it started because I was sick to the back teeth of multiplayer, I was "late" to the game with zombies and really only got "heavily" involved with it towards the end of BO1. I was more heavily involved with BOII and to be honest, it's just grown from that. I needed a new game and Zombies was that game, I do tend to veer into playing Fifa, Trials, GTA, GoW, Aliens now and again but generally speaking Zombies hasn't been out of the CD drawer for near on 10 years (that's sad eh!).

    The wife is sick and tired of the zombies soundtrack when waiting in a lobby for example, they boy has just made it worse as he has started playing it on his Keyboard *bloody good at it too) and I've been heavily involved with the forum now for 2 years and it's been a great place. Met one of my mucka's @Boom here (not in person, one day though - we basically joined around the same time) and he has a lovely family and invited my daughter Lauren to get involved with his daughters Flat Stanley project (who visited the First Minister of Scotland btw). As well as all the other staff and members here, it's been very welcoming and very humble to help the site flourish (still got lots to do).

    Anyway, my love of Zombies can only be blamed on one thing - how much I hated MULTIPLAYER after years of playing it.

  9. Brains never disappeared it was just "easier" to use retain it as the reputation system.

    Topics can be given stars, which is in effect a topic reputation system. I'll have a look at adding it, I thought we had.

  10. Should have voted yes, fecking shit bags all those no voters, will happily vote yes to come out of Europe but not to vote to yes to come out the UK, shitebags the lot of them, anyway.

    BANNED for bringing the Independence referendum up and making me feel all pissed off about it again :anger48::smile48:

  11. On 2/15/2016 at 3:45 AM, RequixEclipse said:

    Also I'm missing a few not sure if it was due to the update.. 


    Hot Topic.

    Team CoDz.

    Prestige 1-5.



    I had kills 1-4 175,000+ 

    I'm not trying to be that guy! Your doing a great job Hells Warrior! Iv been here since 12/21/12 and realized that those were missing.

    Hey bud, 

    All medals that were active at the time of the medal system being deactivated in April last year were all activated again for every user on the recent update. I'm not saying you didn't have them but the medal system has been through some changes since 2012 and they may have been lost before we upgraded in 2014 to the new medal system (where everyone had to request them again) - we managed to do most of them from PHPBB forum to IPB but not all.

    Any chance you can supply me screenshots? If not, drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

  12. Just to add, training at the trap up by the weathervane is the best spot imo. Safety in 4 locations, one is the wundersphere straight to a non infested area for some rest bite before an onslaught.

    If you are looking to camp, QR room, keep the gate too mule kick closed and zombies will only come in the room from the front. Lighting bow or any upgraded bow will see you progress quickly and if shit hits the fan, open gate to mule kick and camp at the teleporter in the undercroft.

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