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  1. Whelp, Sithbas ot the Moon record.

  2. I'd like to say thanks to you guys. My BO1 disc is suffering from a little wear and tear lately (thank god for install.) I may just have to go out on the market and buy a new one. Anyway, I also have Bo1 on pc, and have been rummaging through those files, and I have found that claymores take up little ram. That may be why claymores stop the framelag. also on pc, I've been trying out the top floor strat on five.
  3. Kind of relieving, too. Me, Frenzy, Mackan, and others with 70+s on COTD somehow got away with not gspawning, stacking a steady pile near the AK.
  4. TOPIC OF CONTENTS A. What is it, and what causes it B. Maps it is present on C. Games in which I encountered the lag (How to deal with it) D. Various Wr's with framelag (videos) No intro here today, as I will get straight to the topic: framelag What is it, and what causes it? Framelag, in layman's terms is "a slowdown in frames per second." In my opinion, framelag is a progressive slowdown of the game due to one thing. And oddly enough, the cause of framelag is THE BOX. Wierd, right? Well, actually, I can explain. On maps such as Ascension, Call of the Dead, and Shangri-la (BO1 only, BO2 and WaW wierdly do not have this), you all should know that you can only kill hordes past a specific point with a wonder weapon (Nacht/Asencion- Thundergun CoTD- Ray Gun, Vr11, Scavenger, Shang- 3179JGb215.) Well, you WILL eventually run out of ammo, and will need to trade said wonder weapon out. As the rounds increase, you will need to trade said wonder weapon out quite often. (In My COTD 75 on xbox, I needed to trade approximately 35 scavengers out to complete the 4.5 hour round 74.) And eventually, the game begins to "lose" ram, and thus creates framelag. So, you are wondering how to fix it. Answer: Holding out a claymore. It's wierd, and not even I know why a claymore fixes framelag. Ultimately, the game runs out of ram, and causes a reset. Maps With Framelag Present (This section will only deal with maps on BO1) For co-op, framelag occurs on the same maps as solo, and most of these games, however, do not have resets. On solo, it occurs on the following maps: Nacht der Untoten, Ascension, Call of the Dead, and Shangri-la. My personal experiences with framelag I have encountered framelag on two seperate occasions (on solo): Ascension- round 182 solo- 135000+ kills, 100+ thunderguns traded out, 11 fps without a claymore. On this game, I needed to start holding a claymore out on round 137. Over those next 15 rounds, I needed to trade 2 thunderguns in a round, and by the mid 150s, the lag had got pretty bad, and by the instakill rounds, it got severe, leading to my reset on 182. Call of The Dead- Round 75 solo- 13512 kills- Unknown scavenger/raygun/vr11 recycles/ 1 crossbow recycle Suprisingly, framelag in this game was caused by box hits. I need a claymore out starting at, suprisingly, 72. I actually ran out of points on 75, and died trying to get them back. Various games with frame-lag: I guess I will leave you guys with some videos: Jam19951961- Nacht der Untoten round 136 (4 FPS) Mackanzombies- Call of the Dead round 83- I8A911T- Ascension Round 186- 130000 kills- WINGSOFOBLIVION- Shangri-la round 150 solo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BokkaDFzOgI
  5. Yes in theory. My 163 doing t100 was 29 minutes I believe vs 37 minutes doing normal strat.
  6. I believe there's also a vid of someone running the type 100 room too. Thats what I used to get out of "hairy" situations (ie 3 dogs spawn, I would run around, get out of the room, and spray t100 all the while.) Also, I tested the kino instakill round strat too.
  7. Yes, but just have your ray gun ready, sometimes dogs create a clusterf%ck in there. Otherwise, zombies only come from 3 ways: the box spawn, the steilhandgranates, and the dt area.
  8. Revisting this topic, I did a 166 recently (Jbird's theoretical strat) on pc, and it does work, in a way. Your only issue is (of course) dogs. My PB is still 179 on xbox.
  9. Revisting this topic, I did a 166 recently (Jbird's theoretical strat) on pc, and it does work, in a way. Your only issue is (of course) dogs. My PB is still 179 on xbox.
  10. Coincidence? I think not. One of the record holders (127 tie, xbox guy) couldn't do a full 127 w/o an error.
  11. Preface: Past 70 on Origins when staffs run out of ammo, you have to use robot feet. This is how my 100+ (to 116 back in November I think) ended. I grouped them up at the tank path, and threw a semtex (spawn cancel). Then I ran toward generator 4 (where the robot was.) The foot comes down, BAM Xbox crash. Not freeze, complete crash. I was like, WTF!
  12. MackanZombies 83 COTD WR.. tf. also has 5 no power wr''s

  13. Yes, that is the basic idea. However, some people (like sithbas on his recent 163 game) used the biodome pads to 'glitch' him out. Not sure why though.
  14. Moon: High Rounds Co-op Hello people of CoDz, Awful Lawton here once again with a guide to Moon 2-player high rounds. This will largely be based off my 83 game I did recently with my co-op partner on PC (he is also on xbox). we combined for 9 total downs this game, showing how easy this is. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. Easter Egg or not? B. Rounds 1-10 C. Low Rounds (to 20) D. Rounds 20-40 E. Endgame strategy F. Sleeper break or play the whole thing? ​A. Easter Egg or Not? So, you want to do a moon high round game. You may be questioning, "should I do the easter egg?'' My answer is, yes. Although you can choose not to if you want a high round challenge. For the sake of this guide, you will do the easter Egg. B. Rounds 1-10 After the buzzer rings in No Man's Land, head on to the teleporter immediately ONLY if it is speed cola. Refer to Tom K's video on a 190 second 2p PaP if jug spawns on you both. When you reach the recieving bay, stay there the round. At the beginning of round 2, go through Tunnel 6 (for Pi to come down), buy the MPL, and watch both windows. For rounds 3 and 4, continue to kill zombies if you want to buy the bowie when you get into the labs. For rounds 5 to 9, you will want to do the following: Acquire the Hacker Return to Area 51 for Jug/Speed Cola Reach the Biodome (to use the bowie until the end of 9). C. Rounds up to 20 Begin to do the easter egg. Meanwhile, both of you want this setup (without the 8 perks given.) the "Safety Player" should have: Jug Stamin-up Speed QR Krauses Ray Gun (20-40) Gersches/qeds The wavegunner should have: Same Perks as Safety, but instead you want double tap. Wave gun (obviously) Ray gunAlso, Gersches/qeds the Hacker For now, camp in tunnel 11, where the mid-round strategy begins. D. Rounds 20 to 40 By now, the easter egg should be done. Also, trap the astronaut in the one tunnel you won't need. For this strategy, you will camp near the stairs (close to semtex and stamin-up). Both players will be constantly shooting ray guns, and when needed, gersches will be thrown to hack drops into Max Ammos. The picture below will allow you to visualize where you both need to stand: (The 2nd zombie to the right is standing right in front of where you both need to stand.) E. Endgame Strat Starting on 40, head up to the recieving bay. you will now run the co-op version of the recieving bay strategy. The "safety" player will run the loop by the Quick Revive Machine. the Wave gunner will run the other side. If you have trouble visualizing this, refer to the Co-op record of round 100 by 5and5 and Iraqemup for the train. Reviving is rather simple here, too. Just thorw a gersch and use your kraus (if you are the safety player.) Also note that we had to recycle the wave gun on 77 in our game. If that is the case, have one of you cancel the respawns elsewhere, and head to the biodome, while the other recycles the wavegun. F. Sleeper breaks or not? On our game to 83, we played all 15 hours straight. However, you can do a "sleeper break", or holding one zombie at a window. There is a youtube video detailing how to do this. If you attempt this, good luck, and have fun! (: Awful Lawton
  15. Double tap door, Verruckt. Without it, the 2 trap strats wouldn't be possible.
  16. Probably my moon 83 co-op with 9 combined downs (me 3-safety, him-6 wavegunner) We played for 15 hours on that game and were gspawned.
  17. Definitely agree with everything here, being a guy with 50+s on both games myself. I actually had an idea for grief: bringing back the red perk bottles/ammos from shang/moon, to spice everything up.
  18. Sorry for 2x post, both games played on local to remove risk of DC's overnight. The 71 was 14.75 hours, the 74 was about 18.
  19. 74 solo (m2), 71 solo (no m2) NOTE: After 50, it becomes a cycle of EMP-Recycle Raygun-PAP-EMP-Recycle both-repeat
  20. Haha thanks man and enjoy your time on the forum. For me I've played for about 3-4 years (since I was 13 or so, I'm now 16)
  21. It could be that, as pacman does have the level 255 glitch. What I'll assume is that bo2's complete overhaul made it so that in order for someone to glitch that high, they ended up creating an 'instakill' situation, with the game not registering the code for the health. Sorry if that was WAY inaccurate, I know about bits and whatnot, but not THAT much.
  22. No, although "jiby" on YT supposedly found them, on round 255 (through glitches, of course.)
  23. Definitely agreed,when I first hit 208 (On SNN WaW), I was freaking out, thinking "wow, this is awesome!" The one thing I hate about the instakill bug is the constant need for 420 impeller ammo on der riese, otherwise you wouldn't really need to hit the box during these rounds.
  24. They're awesome, I can tell you that. Also, I need to get the shang EE done (already have a group of 3 friends). Your guide will definitely help us.
  25. INSTA-KILL ROUNDS: A Fool's Guide Hello people of CoDz, Awful Lawton here. Today, I will discuss another facet of zombies: The Instakill bug. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. What are instakill rounds? B. The Confirmed List (Black ops 1 Only) C. Strategies D. Closing A. What Are Insta-kill rounds? As many people know, the zombie count and health go up every round. But what happens when you reach round 163? Well, that question's answer is simple. When you reach 163 (or 208 on WaW), the Zombies become 'instakill zombies.' (In layman's terms, the zombies' health is 150 hp, just like round one.) As one can imagine, these rounds are NOT a cheat or mod, it is just a natural occurence. These rounds are (from personal experience) fun to play, since you can watch zombies just die at anything you throw at them and also watching your points go up. Also, they occur every TWO rounds from 163 to 185, and then have a pattern of 2 normal rounds to 2 instakill rounds back-to-back. This guide will pertain to what rounds the zombies' health is 150 hp, and general strategies. B: Confirmed List of Insta-Kill rounds On Black Ops 1, this is the confirmed list of insta-kill rounds: 163, 165, 167, 169, 171, 173, 175, 177, 179, 181, 183, 185, 188, 189, 191, 194, 196, 197, 199, 202, 204, 205, 207, 210 C: General Strategies (WaW and BO) As one can imagine, there are various strategies for the insta-kill rounds. The map-by-map strategies are below. For Nacht der Untoten on WaW, just spray the zombies with the flamethrower. On Verruckt, no general strategies have been used. On Shi No Numa, chuck a grenade in the swamp near the flogger. If it is instakill, use a tommy or box gun. For Kino der Toten, PaP the AK74u and camp near the back window, shooting zombies coming from BOTH directions For Five, Use the group-up strategy on the top floor and spray them with the MPL. For Ascension, either run PaP with an M72 law, or camp spawn with Mnesia. For Moon, the WR holders both camped outside with an FU2. For BO1 Shi No Numa, TheeFrenzy would camp the zipline, and drop down when zombies surrounded him. On Der Riese, camp the Double Tap Ledge/ Tommy Room to rack up kills. D. CLOSING In general, the insta-kill rounds are something everyone should experience. But, it takes 50 hours+ to reach these rounds on BO. And, more often then not, people recieve script errors/reset messages when they get this far. Personally, I have done instakill round games on WaW SNN, Der Riese BO, and Ascension. Happy Zombie Playing! ~ Awful Lawton
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