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  1. Yup, it has to be just right. ;)
  2. yea thats what I was hoping for in the long run. and maybe an electric chair by the docks where the plane part is supposed to be to get back to the bridge Yeah that'd be really cool. I probably should have read more then the OP before posting :P
  3. I had this ruin a game on Moon once... grr.... Anyways, yeah, I think that most things to DO have been discovered, might be a few little informational things not yet found but, who knows. -Sacred
  4. NML on the GG then teleport Cell Block where it become survival ;)
  5. 5. Call of the Dead - I really hate putting this one on this list, but george is annoying... I do like the map though. 4. Veruckt - Too small/hard, too raw. At least there are perks. 3. "Five" - So many things annoy me about this map, mainly the spawns and the thief. Teleports too. 2. Nacht Der Untoten - Way too plain, I understand it's the test run map, but it's still annoyingly small. 1. Shangri-La - I pretty much rage quit this map a long time ago, and have refused to play it since. I was all setup PHD, Staminup, Jugg, and Speed(my goto perks) a ray gun and a Galil... running through the tunnels all is well, hop into a geyser to get to the upper level and am met at the top with a Napalm zombie immediately exploding and killing me.......... makes me mad just talking about it :V Also, good thread. I like to see what people say :)
  6. Yeah I was totally drunk when I "saw" that. I did see and confirm it in theater a zombie with two sets of eyes, one was on the back of his head, just glowing... weird, possible glitch.
  7. Well when I play solo, I always hit the laundry room for the clothes on round 1 or 2 (big thanks to perfectlemonade for the suggestion. Nothing better than racking up 10k points on round 1!), but I've never had Brutus spawn from activating it. The earliest I've seen Brutus was round 4, and I assumed it was because I had started the steps for getting the Hell's Retriever. Does this happen in both Solo and Co Op? Or is it just on Co Op? Well, judging from what you said, it seems that this is co-op only. I've had it happen in Solo, if it was Co-op only I probably wouldn't know about it :P
  8. well yea, i didnt mean like it was just a pointless filler. fillers usually shine a light on to sum unanswered question or are a flashback to show how things began (not sayin this explains where zombies came from) MoTD was informational Aye. I don't think it was tying up loose ends like you're saying. I do think MotD is though, or rather, giving us more info on what lies in the Aether. -Sacred
  9. Completely agree with this. All maps have some purpose imo. Not only that, but I liked Die Rise WAAAAY better then Green Run/Tranzit.
  10. ^ It's a glitch involving the shield for me. Often the shield will break but the protection on the back remains. Grabbing a new shield, again, for me fixes it.
  11. Campaign has been very, very relevant to Zombies in many ways - especially Black Ops. There are various allusions within the Campaign that may link some kind of characteristic, such as the Nova 6 in correlation to the Crawlers in Kino der Toten. It has even branched into Multiplayer (Launch = Ascension, Nuketown = Nuketown Zombies). It's not very prevalent in Black Ops II as much, but it still lies within Zombies a bit. I noticed the multiplayer maps and the Nova6 stuff. Just was under the impression zombies was in its own little world :P
  12. Interesting, but wouldn't this make a lot of Campaign stuff relevant to zombies and vice versa?
  13. Treyarc supposedly removed the command line from BO2. I can't confirm because I don't play BO2 on PC.", but I've heard it a few times and would explain this.
  14. I could've SWORN I saw a yellow-eye'd zombie the other day... I'll try to find it.
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