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  1. It turns out that you can get deranked for leaving games. i was leaving games in mob of the dead solo because i kept getting nukes or the key spawned in the wrong location. about 10 games of doing this i looked back and had a knife when i had shotties. never went down in those games but the game decided to fuck me over. Yeah you can, was trying to get Cashback on Tranzit a while back and wasn't downing myself as I'd just got my Knife rank back, started about 3-5 games and bought QR then ended, and got deranked, got my rank back after a game, but it is possible.
  2. Yeah I guess, I know I could just go back and play the old maps, and I do that often tbh, but it's that human nature of wanting to keep up (play on the newest map) and this maps probably one of the harder ones to work out things for yourself. But whatever, assuming the last DLC will be something crazy and hopefully brilliant, I would love the next one to be a bit more nostalgic.
  3. It's one of those things though, that once you do it a few times it becomes easier and easier until it becomes 2nd nature. And then you don't even consider it difficult anymore. The first time playing MOTD, trying to get the plane built seemed really difficult as everything was new, now not so much. One game I played we got all the gas cans, hit the box for new guns, and went and pap'd mid-round 30. At least you don't need your team to coordinate to use the pap and really if in a lobby of all randoms you could 'in theory' do everything yourself (usually a teammate would grab a part i'm assuming). Remember Shang? Yeah good luck paping when someone doesn't have a mic, it's not going to happen. Yeah, I'm not saying it's impossible to work out yourself, but I don't look stuff up anymore, I think that makes the map more enjoyable. I've only played MOTD twice so I never built the plane, got 3-4 parts I think, built the shield found the key easily enough, and got myself an AcidGat. I guess once I know how to do everything I'll probably realise it's fine. Treyarch seem to have got it right, as most on this thread seem to be in favour of this map. But there's always going to be people who don't like it. I agree with Chopper saying there should be a map more like the original zombie maps, I feel the closest on BO2 is Nuketown, but there's no wonderweapon so high rounds aren't exactly easy. And yeah I agree about Shang, Moon as well, even worse when they want to stay in NML for ages. Tranzit PAP still annoys me on solo as my turbine always seems to break before I get there even if I haven't used it at all. I haven't played MOTD co-op, so didn't know you could PAP without cooperation. Always a good thing. On a lighter note, I'm enjoying grief on cell block, a bit challenging without Jugg, but still fun nonetheless.
  4. Do you not feel like it's annoying that you have to spend much more time now to do things that used to be simple? I'll still play zombies it's just annoying how you are forced to do other things to achieve things that used be simple (PaP)
  5. I agree with Eternal. I think it's ridiculous people can say that "Treyarch are only making the game better" That's an opinion, yet people throw it about as if it's a fact. In reality they are just adding more stuff. I've played zombies since Nacht and I can remember upon the release of Verruckt how exciting all the new additions were. Not just the perks and traps, but the characters, putting life into zombies. Also there was a slight 'challenge' in co-op, meeting up with the two people on the other side. That was a good addition, I'm surprised they've never had split spawns since. I was never too good at Verruckt, but I enjoyed playing it. Shi No Numa and Der Riese came along, and I enjoyed them too, and everyone has always said how good Der Riese is, whereas I always felt Shi No Numa was better, until recently, I would always play co-op and enjoyed camping in a hut with four players. Black Ops zombies was obviously a little bit different, but they didn't change much. I thought both Kino and Five were great maps, especially the addition of the Pentagon Thief on Five. They were still simple, but challenging nonetheless. I ignored Ascension's release, I have no clue why, but did get Call of the Dead almost straight away. This map was brilliant, I'm still not entirely sure why I thought it was so great, but it put my attention back on zombies. There were no massive differences between these maps, maybe the addition of a new perk, but nothing massive. I bought all the maps on Black Ops in the end, and enjoyed every one of them. But Black Ops 2 was very different for me. I played Tranzit and thought it was great at first. But then after finding out about the Denizens, the lava that covered every possible pathway ever, and the perk Tombstone, that I felt just didn't fit with zombies for some reason, I didn't really like the map. It was massive, and there was no REAL wonder weapon. Which brings me onto the Jet Gun. Absolutely ridiculous that this is the best weapon for high rounds. Even more so that they patched the 'glitch' making it pretty much impossible to reach the rounds possible on Black Ops 1. I liked Die Rise, but again, I felt the 'Wonder Weapon' didn't quite fit with the black ops 1 WWs. It's obviously brilliant, even after a patch, but it doesn't feel right imo, and is the patch has messed up high round players strategies. Mob of the Dead. I only just got this yesterday, despite having the season pass. I just didn't feel hyped at all, even though the trailers looked great. I've played it twice, reached round 20, but even that makes me feel like this map is different. Maybe I preferred it when I wasn't any good at zombies because it was challenging. I know there is the addition of these sidequests to make it a challenge. But I feel they shouldn't force you to have to do so much stuff just to pack-a-punch. Purgatory is also a bit strange, I don't want to have to use it for so many different things. Maybe because I haven't explored enough this map could be better then I first thought. Anyway, I can respect that people enjoy the sidequests, or completing easter eggs, or anything similar, but I enjoyed the simplicity of earlier maps, where you weren't forced to do complicated things, but had the option to. The first time you play a map should be one of the best times you play it, but MOTD didn't feel fresh and interesting enough for me. I'm sure my opinion will change when I play it more, but for now, I agree with Eternal that the additions to zombies are making it lose its touch a bit for some players.
  6. I feel it's almost certain they will return in the last DLC
  7. The insta kill runs out. This is when the persistent perk is received. This is when the sound and the green flash are, and the quote. I think he just said the same thing I did... lol Switched the words around. Basically, I'm just saying it's exactly the same as the situation that would occur if you got persistent insta kill. You just happened to buy ammo at the same time. A complete coincidence. Maybe you can prove me wrong if you show the clip in first person or something and there is no insta kill or another powerup. But I doubt your clip is still in your theater.
  8. lycozz


    I never talk to the randoms but most of them still have random box fever, and take a trample steam part down there and die with it somewhere obscure. Since it's possible to take 3 parts at once to the trample steam room by yourself I'd be alright with doing it myself, but they make it hard for you sometimes :| Also annoys me when people quit when someone else gets the Sliq
  9. The insta kill runs out. This is when the persistent perk is received. This is when the sound and the green flash are, and the quote.
  10. What explains the sound and the little quote I got from Misty after I bought the ammo then? I just don't know how that would be related to getting the Red Insta kill. Yeah that's showing that you got a persistent upgrade... you can definitely hear a power-up running out, which surely means that's what the upgrade was for? It could be an ammo based one but the quote is just generic for any upgrade, not a specific one.
  11. In all honesty, I would've liked to have just stuck with the AN94. Haha maybe, the upgraded AK here at 5:23 (Reznov's Revenge) doesn't appear to have much ammo, although that's probably not full ammo. One of the best things about the AN was its ammo count. Still think AK-47 will be class on zombies though :)
  12. Yeah you can definitely hear the powerup running out. If it was insta-kill, then persistent insta is received from not killing any zombies through the duration of insta-kill, it lets you kill zombies just from touching them in your next insta, with a small red skull beneath the normal insta skull to show you have it.
  13. The Speed Cola machine was also noticeable, didn't see any other perks other than these two.
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