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  1. A GIANT ROBOT UNICORN TO DESTROY THE STATUE OF LIBERTY AND ZOMBIES HAVE SCUBA OUTFITS AND SWIM THEIR WAY TO NEW YORK CITY AND YOU HAVE TO PROTECT THE PRESIDENT? And honestly, some of that isn't bad, as long as they could fit it into the plot rationally. Cause like I was saying, if were gunna start doing stuff that has nothing to do with the real plot like MOTD, who the hell cares. Not that I didn't like MOTD again, but still.
  2. I completely agree, like I'm not gunna say there isn't the possibility of me really liking the map, but at the same time this isn't the kind of thing I wanted or expected as the next Zombie map. I mean I didn't expect Die Rise of MOTD either, and I really like those maps, but this one I feel like there wasn't any fan consideration as to where we wanted it to go, it's just where they felt like taking it. And yes, a bunch of you said they had been talking about an underground thing for a while and so have I but there were a ton of other things that they could have done in terms of that. Personal
  3. I love how you mention Call of the Dead and the original four, and just totally forget the cast. It's so cool how they just faded away.
  4. Deep Springs and Dulce Base, I think you have something there. The ungerground facilities in the southwest. Good idea for a map, both really. I keep hearing that people are looking for them to make an underground facility map and both of those would be intense if done properly. Hell, you could even do both if you put teleporters in and made them connect. And considering the vastness of those alleged facilities it would be like TranZit underground. Very well researched. Although that Bus Driver says a lot of stuff. Certainly there's no way they can do something for every one of those places, so
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