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  1. Hmm....i always thought that both the Scavenger and the Matryoshka dolls didnt have a hint on who created them so i assumed it had to be from either group, anyway i'll try to find the formula for nova 6, maybe at least some of the ingredients for it mey could have been used, but still...wish i could get my hand on one of those canisters to analize it myself.
  2. Lol guess you got me there, but still, the compound used is still a mistery, and Great Leap Forward must be a clue for something, if i have learned something is that Treyarch (as annoying as their clues can be sometimes) all they add and say about the game is because of a reason, and i still believe that Great Leap Forward is a key for something bigger. AAAnd about my definition of Wonder Weapons i simply said that to me, the real Wonder Weapons are the ones that were originally created by Group 935 or the Ascencion group, since both groups were the ones that technically created each and every Wonder Weapon that ever existed in BO1.
  3. As you all must already know, the Sliquifier is the "Wonder Weapon" of Die Rise (I really don't consider it a wonder weapon, only the ones created by Group 935 and the Ascencion Group are considered Wonder weapons to me)and it can be built by using a manniquin foot, a gas canister, a handbreak and some wires and disks. But what I don't know is what IS the liquid it fires, it must obviously contain element 115, but leaving that aside, what could be powerful enought to obliterate a horde of zombies in just seconds? It must be a chemical compound of some sort... And what other compound can obliterate anything on it's path once it has been released? Nova 6, this theory is very fragile since we all thought Nova 6 was destroyed on the end of Black ops 1 campaign, or so we thought...Remember the Minions? (the zombies that jump and have their own rounds) they look too much like the Phasing Zombies, which in turn are evolved versions of the Gas Zombies that pretty much contain Nova 6 on their bodies. What if Nova 6 experiments were continued by China? This makes some sence since Russia and China were allies at some point, perhaps Great Leap Forward is a clue, China sold to Russia their steel in exchange for Nova 6 without the rest of the world knowing. That could explain the presence of the Minions in China. Combining Nova 6 with element 115 may cause Nova 6 to become liquid since 115 is known for having many forms and effects (meteorites originally, then lighting on the Wunderwaffe, laser for the Ray Gun and so on) and giving it it's purple/pink color. Perhaps the canister is loaded with this combination because it is needed for its construction and obviously is where the "ammo" is contained. Please leave a comment, and if you could take a few pictures of the container, it might help with my theory.

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