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  1. I don't know if anyone else does it or if it's very common, but once i get one good weapon (preferably ray gun), Juggernog, Speed Cola and Stamin Up, i usually empty one of my weapons, then grab the MP5 on the dinner and start running in circles around the lava (of course i got the zombie shield) i've made it to round 30 even if the rest of my team mates were downed in other stations, its kinda boring but at least you stay alive like that.
  2. If I remeber, someone posted how Die Rise would look like before it came out, something about T.E.D.D. driving a train and it would take us to 3 zones, we all believed the lie because it was well built, so i wouldnt get my hopes up since we all got to play Die Rise already and of course, its nothing at all like that supposed leak.
  3. Just give me an assault rifle, a bullet and point me at the zombies, and the enemy team.
  4. I wouldn't say it's a mine cart wheel, since the opening for the rail is too thin, and of course, the stones are not a real clue for anything since we can see rocks in each and every map because they may come from the buildings themselves.
  5. I did, but not sure what it has to do with my post.
  6. Galil...worked well with me on the Cold War and in Zombies, not to mention that pack-a-punched it had good accuracy and almost as much ammo as a LMG, so good old Galil still is number one for me. Then the An-94 since sometimes its perfect the fact that if i run out of ammo i can just go back and buy more rather than having a gun that i can't refill, but still lacks of firepower but makes it up for it's bullets speed. The MTAR may be good at multiplayer but in zombies it can be a problem when trying to get headshots, plus it runs ot of ammo fairly quickly and pack-a-punched it doesnt have as much as ammon as one would think.
  7. Actually im just going to point out something about the models of the zombies. Some of them look like they are using straight jackets/medical pacients coats (can't really say which they are, since they seem to have straps on their backs and they are obviously white) when i first saw them i felt like if they belonged to Verruckt, but of course it must already have been destroyed after so many years. Anyway, my theory is that they must have come from either an asylum since these could be the first people that listened to Richtofen and ended up turning into zombies, my other theory is that after the general outbreak, the citizens of Town tried to contain the infection by trying to create a cure for the zombie infection (I have heard so many times about trying to find a cure for zombies....very few are actually successful) and sending zombies to hospitals but that might have created the same results of Verruckt: outbreak and total infection. Don't know if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, so I'll leave the rest of the speculation to you guys.
  8. Hmm....i always thought that both the Scavenger and the Matryoshka dolls didnt have a hint on who created them so i assumed it had to be from either group, anyway i'll try to find the formula for nova 6, maybe at least some of the ingredients for it mey could have been used, but still...wish i could get my hand on one of those canisters to analize it myself.
  9. Sure thing, but i have been reading posts and threads from this site for a while, i think i can get the hang of it, i just hope i can fit on this place.
  10. Lol guess you got me there, but still, the compound used is still a mistery, and Great Leap Forward must be a clue for something, if i have learned something is that Treyarch (as annoying as their clues can be sometimes) all they add and say about the game is because of a reason, and i still believe that Great Leap Forward is a key for something bigger. AAAnd about my definition of Wonder Weapons i simply said that to me, the real Wonder Weapons are the ones that were originally created by Group 935 or the Ascencion group, since both groups were the ones that technically created each and every Wonder Weapon that ever existed in BO1.
  11. As you all must already know, the Sliquifier is the "Wonder Weapon" of Die Rise (I really don't consider it a wonder weapon, only the ones created by Group 935 and the Ascencion Group are considered Wonder weapons to me)and it can be built by using a manniquin foot, a gas canister, a handbreak and some wires and disks. But what I don't know is what IS the liquid it fires, it must obviously contain element 115, but leaving that aside, what could be powerful enought to obliterate a horde of zombies in just seconds? It must be a chemical compound of some sort... And what other compound can obliterate anything on it's path once it has been released? Nova 6, this theory is very fragile since we all thought Nova 6 was destroyed on the end of Black ops 1 campaign, or so we thought...Remember the Minions? (the zombies that jump and have their own rounds) they look too much like the Phasing Zombies, which in turn are evolved versions of the Gas Zombies that pretty much contain Nova 6 on their bodies. What if Nova 6 experiments were continued by China? This makes some sence since Russia and China were allies at some point, perhaps Great Leap Forward is a clue, China sold to Russia their steel in exchange for Nova 6 without the rest of the world knowing. That could explain the presence of the Minions in China. Combining Nova 6 with element 115 may cause Nova 6 to become liquid since 115 is known for having many forms and effects (meteorites originally, then lighting on the Wunderwaffe, laser for the Ray Gun and so on) and giving it it's purple/pink color. Perhaps the canister is loaded with this combination because it is needed for its construction and obviously is where the "ammo" is contained. Please leave a comment, and if you could take a few pictures of the container, it might help with my theory.
  12. Heh, thanks guys I'll be posting more data as soon as i can, I'm always analyzing the surroundings of every map. I hope i can fit on this site.
  13. I am Ds_Hunter001 (same name on my ps3 account) i just joined the forums but i have been slaying zombies since 2010, when i discovered Black Ops 1, I learned the moves and the guns, i know all of the story of zombies, every character i know, even the ones that are only mentioned, and i know every Easter Egg there is. With me there is only one rule: NO GLITCHES OR CHEATING OF ANY KIND!. If i'm on Verruckt and i hear the other guy trying to get out of the map, I leave, if i see anyone flying on Ascencion, bang, no more game. When i play i want to feel the fear when im running out of ammo and im about to be surrounded by the undead not just shoot at a horde of zombies running aimlessly to try to catch someone that is out of the map. Add me if you want on the PSnetwork, I may take one or two months before i log in, but when I'm online...get ready because I'm going to make a slaughter....
  14. On the world map once you select the Bus Station and "Tranzit" is highlighted, you can read "...discover the truths of what lies ahead" but we dont actually find any truth, in fact this sole sentence creates mysteries rathers than truths, even when we complete both sides of the Tower of Babble, we dont get any important information, we only do the tasks given by either Maxis or Richtofen, but we still don't get why we did them or why was it so important for both sides. I read in another post that the Nav cards may be the clue, because we can use the Green Run card on Die Rise but not the other way around. Then why DID we built the Nav table? I believe Green Run has more secrets than just the lights from the laundromat in town....maybe eventually we will have to return to Green Run with another Nav card from another map...maybe unlock a new part of the map, or give us access to something that we might be missing.
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