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  1. What about a CoDz discord? I think that would be really cool for EE hunting.
  2. That seems mostly right, except for a couple To me it's seems to read Top Row: Magic Box on side, Open, [Unknown Symbol], Large Middle Symbol, Feed, Points, Gather Bottom Row: At Same Time? Or [Unknown Symbol], [Unknown Symbol], Gap, Weapon, Magic Box on side The Large Middle Symbol seems to be 2 magic box symbols, with the bottom one flipped upside down. Both are mirrored. It seems to be that it's all one statement, and that in the Apoticon language the sentence is started and ended with the symbol for the subject. (The magic box in this case.) Trying to make sense of it, it seems to mean: open [unknown] feed points gathered [unknown] [unknown] weapon. This seems to be instructions for using the box, so perhaps we can use our knowledge to fill in the gaps left by the unknown symbols. If I was a betting man, it's say that one of the bottom left. symbols means "Random"
  3. Is it possible that Misty, Marlton, Samuel and Russman are the same ages as they were when the missiles hit Earth? What if Richtofen only reset them, rather than the whole of time, allowing years to pass by without them actually realizing?

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