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  1. Robertos0511

    We Want Your Suggestions!

    Many thanks!
  2. Robertos0511

    We Want Your Suggestions!

    What about a CoDz discord? I think that would be really cool for EE hunting.
  3. Robertos0511

    Can we trust the Keepers?

    So wait, does Vril-Ya refer to the species as a whole (Keeper faction and Apothicon "overlord" faction) or just a single faction? Because human sacrifice seems to be something that is required by the species as a whole; the Keepers seem to have left a lot of technology that requires human sacrifices (M.P.D., Vril Rod, etc). While the "overlord" faction needed the human sacrifices to be able to cross dimension. It seems that the species as a whole uses human sacrifices as a source of power. (Some food for thought, the Keepers are obviously interested in preserving the dimensions, but do they just seek to prevent threats coming from their dimension? Or will they protect us from threats from any dimension?) However, I think it's a bit of a jump to assume that the Warden was sacrificing to the Vril-Ya; while it would wrap everything up nicely, there's nothing in game that points to the Vril-Ya's presence in that map. So far, there's 3 potential options for the evil force present in the map: 1. The Keepers. This seems unlikely, due to the fact that there appears to be no threat to the dimensions. 2. The "overlord" faction. I initially thought this was most likely (obviously it couldn't be stated as fact because there's no concrete evidence in MotD), but then surely if the "overlord" faction had been present, the Keepers would have followed, because of the "Overlords" presence in the MotD dimension. So I now theorise that it's most likely that the evil force was the third potential option: An evil force that is completely separate from both factions of the Vril-Ya. Obviously we have little information on this force, but the lack of Keepers on MotD seems to tell us one thing - that this evil force resides within our own dimension.
  4. Robertos0511

    Can we trust the Keepers?

    It's clear that the Keepers are a different faction of the same species as the "overlords" from SoE, but I'm still very suspicious of the Keepers at this point. In the last step of the Easter Egg Richtofen does state that the keeper has been corrupted, but I'm not convinced that the Keeper's intentions are actually "good" for humanity. The Keepers seem to have created the MPD in the first place. The Keepers seem to be the cause all of the issues in the storyline, and are all of a sudden trying to fix them? And are we meant to buy that they are simply "guardians of the dimensions", trying to protect us from the evils in other dimensions? I think it's much more likely that in Shadows of Evil, their goals happened to line up with ours. In Der Eisendrache I'm fairly certain we only see the corrupted Keeper, which would mean that the Keepers didn't actually help us, we just utilised some of their technology. If you remember back to origins, there was zombies with the Keeper logo that specifically tried to stop the O4 from completing their task by destroying the generators.
  5. Robertos0511

    Can we trust the Keepers?

    Ever since moon, we've been aware of an external, sinister force that has been influencing the timeline. There's been many theories as to what this force is, with some speculating that we're dealing with aliens, an advanced civilisation that live underground, or even satan himself. In Shadows of Evil, we were introduced to the Apothicon, a species of interdimensional beings, but they were fended off with the help of the keepers, a mysterious group who seem to be working to keep the dimensions intact. However, the Keepers appear to be members of the Apothicon species, and some new evidence in Der Eisendrache raises some questions about the motives of the Keepers. Der Eisendrache has allowed us to establish something very important; the Keepers appear to be responsible for the creation of the M.P.D. This is suggested, if not outright confirmed, by the M.P.D. looking structure present in Der Eisendrache surrounded by Keeper statues, and the Vril Rod shaped slot present on the tomb in the next room. (For those of you who don't know, the Vril rod was used to open the M.P.D. in moon. The research into the Keepers being conducted by group 935 also heavily suggests a link between the Keepers and the M.P.D. Considering that the Keepers appear to have been responsible for the device which gave rise to the zombies, it's time to start asking questions about the motives of the Keepers. Yes, they saved Earth from the Apothicon, but the zombies storyline is ridden with betrayal. Can we call the Keepers our allies? Only time will tell....
  6. Robertos0511

    Sword Counter Theory

    Have you got any pics of the pods? Can you go into theatre mode and show us? It's possible that, if what you describe is true and isn't a glitch, that it is merely a reward for getting the counter to zero as opposed to the next step in an easter egg.
  7. Robertos0511

    Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    That seems mostly right, except for a couple To me it's seems to read Top Row: Magic Box on side, Open, [Unknown Symbol], Large Middle Symbol, Feed, Points, Gather Bottom Row: At Same Time? Or [Unknown Symbol], [Unknown Symbol], Gap, Weapon, Magic Box on side The Large Middle Symbol seems to be 2 magic box symbols, with the bottom one flipped upside down. Both are mirrored. It seems to be that it's all one statement, and that in the Apoticon language the sentence is started and ended with the symbol for the subject. (The magic box in this case.) Trying to make sense of it, it seems to mean: open [unknown] feed points gathered [unknown] [unknown] weapon. This seems to be instructions for using the box, so perhaps we can use our knowledge to fill in the gaps left by the unknown symbols. If I was a betting man, it's say that one of the bottom left. symbols means "Random"
  8. Oh. Well I feel stupid.
  9. What makes you sure that Jessica Rose will appear in this map?
  10. Robertos0511

    Issues with new system

    The main issue is that a single zombie can kill you when you have Jug as you run past it while you're trying to do end of round stuff like buying perks or guns. I've no issue with increased difficulty (I actually think it's a good thing because now camping is a much more viable strategy when compared to training than in previous games, due to the increased swipe speed as well as other factors, such as the various PaP weapon upgrades), but I don't like having cheap deaths in between rounds because somehow a single zombie has managed to develop propeller like arms and can get 5+ hits on me in about 3 seconds. My main suggestion to Treyarch would be to either remove or reduce the slowing effect that zombies have when hitting a player, or make it only apply when receiving damage from more than one zombie. But I'd like to see the rate that the zombies hit at kept the same for the added challenge and to encourage camping as an alternate strategy. (Just a note, I don't want to see training being replaced by camping, I mainly want to be able to choose between training and camping when I want a high round game instead of being stuck with training being the only high round strat (except for buried of course, but then camping was too overpowered in that map) like we have in the previous few games)
  11. Robertos0511

    My Thoughts on Black Ops III & the Zombies Storyline

    Ok I gotcha, the terminology when discussing parallel universes and alternate timelines can get a bit confusing haha. The existence of the plane in both SoE and The Giant is confusing to say the least. Is it possible that Icarus was the means of transport used by Tank, Nikolai and Takeo to get to The Giant? After the ritual is complete in SoE we see the plane fly overhead, and there's barely audible voice, which most have assumed is the MotD crew. My theory is that it was actually Tank, Nikolai and Takeo on the plane, hopping over to the timeline where The Giant occurs on the plane. If you look at the timings of each map this is highly possible, as the last time Tank Nikolai and Takeo would have seen Richtofen would be before Shadows of Evil, which takes place roughly 3 years before the Giant. In The Giant, Tank states that he hasn't seen Richtofen in 2 years, which I'll acknowledge isn't a perfect match, but I think it's close enough to hold ground. My only issue with the theory that SoE and The Giant are different realms is the fact that Tank, Nikolai and Takeo are able to travel between them without the realm hopping device. However, it makes complete sense that Origins must be a separate timeline from The Giant. I'm of the belief that Origins exists in it's own timeline, and that it essentially ceased to exist once the O4 left it in the same way the Nacht to Buried timeline now no longer exists as the O4 have now moved to a timeline where Samantha didn't alter the events during WW1 and the timeline is exactly the same as the original timeline, right up until the intervention of the new Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen, at The Giant, where we veer off into another path. As far as the Realm hopping device is concerned, I believe Richtofen has a plan for it which will come into use later on. I actually haven't gotten round to giving Nightmares a shot, I'll need to make sure I do something though, it sounds interesting.
  12. Robertos0511

    My Thoughts on Black Ops III & the Zombies Storyline

    I'm not sure I've understood this correctly. While obviously the majority of these are parallel universes, is it not the case that 4 and 5 are the same universe as 1, but just an alternate timeline which stemmed from interference in the timeline from the future? (i.e. after the buried easter egg Maxis opens the gateway to Agartha, and then for whatever reason he sends Samantha through to Origins to change the timeline, resulting in the zombies appearing during WW1 at the dig site and the O4 meeting at an earlier point in the timeline.) Also curious as to why you decided to put SoE and possibly MotD in the same universe as Origins. Is it not more likely that they occur in the same existence as The Giant? (I mainly say this because we know that Richtofen travels from SoE to The Giant). The other thing I was wondering about is that are we sure that universes 6-9 aren't all the same place with a different name? Or perhaps not all of them are the same, but it could be possible that we are only looking at 2 universes or so, but they are known by multiple names.
  13. Robertos0511

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Does anyone know what the light behind one of the subway carriages that looks like a closed rift portal does? I think it spawns after you do the ritual, maybe it has something to do with upgrading the wonder weapon?
  14. Robertos0511

    SOE - Do we like the wall running? And what about water?

    The wall running felt a lot like a gimmick. It was too punishing when it went wrong, and with a combination of zombies, lag and uncoordinated teammates it has been a cheap end to many runs that had potential. That meant that it just wasn't helpful towards surviving, and served very little purpose. Bringing it back in a map without a giant death hole beneath it might make it work, although I can't see why it would be preferable to running normally. I'm still to be convinced by it so no, I wouldn't like to see it return. As cool as an underwater map sounds... I don't think I'd like it. If there's a limit to how long you can spend underwater, it's an instant no from me. Even if they don't have that, I'm still doubtful. I just feel that the mechanics of zombies trying to hit you underwater would likely make the water unviable mid round, and that would probably just reduce the water to a mere gimmick much like the wall running. Sorry, but it's another no from me.
  15. Robertos0511

    Another well done map

    Wow, that map makes SoE feel really small. Nice find though.

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