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  1. Thanks everyone this helped a lot and feel much more confidence about playing it on release.
  2. It seems rather complicated. Start in afterlife Find power switches? Upgrade traps? Buildables? Converting weapons? what?
  3. I did that.... You can't make those into 5x5. If we have to we would need 2.3 keywords. here is an example _ A D F G X A a b c d e D f g h j/i k F l m n o p G q r s t u X v w x y z So looking at this we can see that the letter pair AA=a AD=b AF=c and so on this is what I'm talking about. So with your key word "portal" the encryption would look like this, XG GD FF AF GF GF DD GF GG XX FF FF FG FG FD FG FG FD GG FF FD GF AA FG XF DX FX DX GF XF GG FF FA -- -- AF. Now with this 5x5 Polybius square it would be, NBNSDONNTGXWTLRSYJNJSOXNNXNRLEOXUS which is just random letters but don't count any words out yet, unless we have undeniable proof that we know the key word. XG= y You did t wrong 6x6: XG=0
  4. Error 115 Error 115Error 115vvError 115Error 115Error 115vError 115Error 115vvError 115Error 115Error 115vError 115Error 115Error 115vError 115Error 115vvError 115Error 115Error 115Error 115Error 115vError 115
  5. THIS IS WRONG BUT THIS IS WHAT I DID AND HOW I DID IT http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADFGVX_cipher
  6. I tried this. IT IS WRONG. I most likely did it wrong. I'll try a different way tomorrow.
  7. Bmu 676 wt6 bqb k6c k6c kwb cc8 zzh ye6 7wb 3 Using this: http://www.asecuritysite.com/security/challenges/dx
  8. That is a definite possibility. I can't wait also, WE MUST FIND OUT.
  9. IT'S THE REAL TOWER OF BABEL! Just look at the shape of the building as it is depicted below.
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