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  1. No, im pretty sure if you go to the 'player channel' you can see most recent games that person has played
  2. And also, what happens if someone else finds out the whole easter egg and uploads it. They won't be first, so what are they waiting on
  3. Alright so if they won't give the community steps, then why don't they just upload a video? It would be on their channel first, am i right? And im sure NGT would give them credit
  4. Legit. Just make sure you are on MP tab so you can see it. Mine didnt show up in zombies
  5. At least it is better than Carry On..
  6. Did you have it completed when you did? Or had you not done it yet. Yes. I had already had it completed
  7. This is not a glitch, it has happened to me once before in a game but not with the EE done, just a regular game
  8. This is not a glitch. This has happened to me once before but not in a game where i did the EE
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