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  1. This is just my interpretation of it. If it is cryptic, he could be saying we've already got the EE and are not happy with it. If not, he's saying having the EE explained would ruin the discovery.
  2. I can completely relate, the amount of matchmaking lobbies where I have tried to get people to use their mics so we can even try to survive till a high round is not funny. If you looking for an extra teammate, I would be more than happy to join you, Steam is CynicalPilot.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Already checked out teammate finder, no dice :(
  4. Confusing, but I think what you are saying is the tower of babel had too many obvious steps and was a bit simplistic in comparison to previous maps. I agree, but I am starting to think that this Easter Egg is simply choosing your side and maybe they did it this way to make it easy enough for players to go back to Green Run and reset to either Maxis/Ricktofen to experience both sides of the eventual DLC story.
  5. Anyone ever given a thought as to why the group start in the boarded up bus depot, but there are zombies already hanging out there? Maybe they were teleported to that location?
  6. Thanks for the clip, but it seems to be set to private? :?
  7. My name is CynicalPilot! I accidentally overlooked my introduction because, like many others I have been obsessing over the Tranzit EE and wanted to give my input one night while reading through some threads, but hey, better late then never! I play on PC which doesn't seem to be a popular choice around here, but sure hit me up if you're looking for a reliable teammate. Anyway that seems to be everything, nice place you got here!
  8. If they are glitches for something thats not there/was at some point. Wouldn't Treyarch have removed or patched it by this time? A lot of the theories on wether the Easter Egg is completed/glitched/dlc continued/unfinished seem to be relying heavily on assumptions that individual postings have made. I am all for coming up with a theory, but the only way for this community to actually come up with a viable solution is for the details that are actually know to be true separated from opinion. I only say this because I am wondering where the idea came from that this map could switch from day to night? I don't know much about the COD engine, but I don't think day/night switching is possible without a whole set of new textures, furthermore the fog will still remain due to the pop in effect on consoles, which would make the whole map worse in my opinion.
  9. Well, the story will continue through new Easter Eggs in the DLC maps that follow this. Although I am starting to think that if the entire Green Run EE has actually been found (like many threads are now suggesting), the choice you made supporting either Ricktofen or Dr. Maxis will influence what EE is available to you in the new maps. That would explain why the current EE saves and resets when you do the other sides(characters) tasks.
  10. Considering you seem to be the only one capable of actually testing out these theories right now, I'd say it will do just fine One suggestion, perhaps resetting everyones EE to Ricktofen's and then starting Maxis fresh to ensure all the quotes are loaded properly?
  11. I can find the source if you like, but I am pretty sure Treyarch employees have confirmed over twitter that there is more to the Easter Egg after the Tower of Babel achievement, they wouldn't say that if people couldn't access it yet. That was also one of the reasons NGT said they were continuing... Other than the current part of the EE creating more questions than it answers, I don't believe orbs and beams create a suitable ending, surely something more impressive must actually change/happen. Being said, you're right about the guy who confirmed the Nav cards working, a friend who got d/c, at a point no one else has reached. Bit fishy.
  12. Hey guys, I've been following this EE for quite a while, but have only completed one side due to the quotes about 'commitment'. It feels to me the community is really on to something here and I think this theory needs to be tested more before you completely discount it. After all with all the references to times and clocks, why couldn't the map represent a clock of sorts. In this video below, they also have a good theory which could be related to what we are discussing here, but one thing that actually caught my eye was something unrelated. See when he is showing the aerial wire going from the card reader table to the side of the pylon, I never noticed that there are 4 wires that join to become that aerial. Call it too obvious, but that could link to the four street lamps beaming/not beaming light to the pylon. 3T6Gdg2Oxjk
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