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Posts posted by Ragdo11706

  1. Hey guys Im Ragdo11 706 aka Josh, Nice to finally be in the forums, Ive been following for quite sometime now!! From what I have realized in this is that the Now Die Sign is pointing Directly at the sun!!! So that would make that area or the Tunnel which the Sun is directly Over, 12:00 or 0:00, Now as far as I can tell know one In the game can have Maxxis' side done, I've tried a few different Ways (2, 3, 4 players) & none seemed to work on any of the street lamps that someone in the game had Maxxis' side complete. Another thing I was thinking is that the only way to actually be able to get these to work is after completeing Maxxis' side (killing the Avogadro, you put the /4 Turbines at these specific locations. Thats the only time you ever get the street lights w/ the beams shooting out, Now Ive taken someones picture they made on here (forget who) but assuming the Town is the center of the Clock, & both Streetlights = Big Hand/Little Hand I would try something like this, (would also explain why the Town has no Hands on the Clock) 5:09 = 5 (Bus Depot) :09 (Diner) 00sec (shortcut if necessary) Im not sure as to the other time 7:49 I would imagine the one at the Cornfield (the image they released first along time ago) would be the little hand & the one right after that but before power would represent the Large hand. Now another way the map could work Is that the Tunnel represents the 12:00/0:00 because the tunnel has the significance of the sign Day X/ 2 ME, & to go back in time to get to Night the Tunnel is the Top of the Clock, Its also rounded Ill try & post the images saved the way the map Is while we are traversing it (in a counter-clockwise rotation as well as its a figure 8 if you look at it) & the way I think these 2 would look!!! Sorry for writing a book, & nice to meet you all.

    Well since im new here I dunno how to post an Image but if someone could help me Ill show you or email you the image, Basically take our large map or the one in Bus Depot & rotate it 180 where the Bus Depot is on the Bottom Left thats how the map is while traversing it, theory/idea is thats how its supposed to be or rotate that 90 counter-clockwise & the tunnel will be on top making that 12:00/0:00

    Sorry I hope that Makes sense!!!

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