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  1. I'm beginning to suffer from the T-Virus...

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    2. Ragdo11706


      Well I'm only 29, so I like to believe I'm still Young. I'll always be a kid at heart I guess. That does sound like a rather wonderful idea. Only one problem, I don't want a basketball team.

      But in all seriousness thanx, after close to 2 months & 20+ pages of notes later. My ideas are beginning to run thin....

      But this (Cod Zombies) is the only game I play so I won't be going far.

    3. DrVonstool


      Always have variety, senpai. The best things in life may turn out to be the things you most hate. LIKE ME! I used to despise anime and hentai. (What a fuck, I was) Soon after discovering the rage directed at that genre of art, I also discovered a beauty! I soon fell in love with anime and hentai and now I spend every night touching myself. It's not something I'm proud, it's something I enjoy. It's my way of escaping the T-Virus. See, the T-Virus is more than just "create convoluted steps that lead nowhere", it's a sign that you need a break from the game. It's a signal from your brain that you need to move on to something new. I recommend you keep playing your CoDZ until DOOM comes out. Then give that sexy bitch a run through the Demon-infestation and see if you wouldn't like one over the other!

    4. Ragdo11706


      I will definitely check out DOOM. I be thought about Fallout but I don't know much about it. I tried Bioshock but it just wasn't for me. I will say I didn't enjoy the Mass Effect series, as well as the Uncharted series.

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