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  1. On Round 115 Origins. What's the world record? I want to beat it.

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    2. DeathBringerZen


      Damn. Yeah, it's always the most ridiculous errors that cost me in my games. Still... 117 is high enough to get into the top 10 I believe. Not sure the best way to upload though. Sure you could upload it to Twitch.

    3. Dahniska


      Probably going to make a combination video like I did for TranZit, then also divide the whole thing into sections and link them from the combination video. Gonna take a while, but at least I'll have some good footage. :s

      I will always maintain that there is a luck factor that is 10% or so of your game. That luck factor is what makes all the difference.

    4. way2g00d


      Congrats man. Inside joke, which one did you use sithbas.exe or wings.exe

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