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  1. I just watched that vid and Spider has a good point. I've been following him since the game launched and the past week he ha been trying to get the lights to show up in town but can't, and maybe it is because he keeps doing the EE to find the next step. If people aren't watching his vids, I suggest you do, he's very informative and "comited" to the EE. Can't wait to see what he dose when he starts seeing the lights and everything.
  2. Kdark

    Ranking system?

    I'm still trying to figure this out myself, and do believe it has something to do with your K/D and games played. So just to help the thought process along and help us figure this out, My stats: Skull and knife w/ eyes 5 slashes Kills-15043 Downs-189 K/D-79 Revives-174 Deaths-126 I got my skull and knife at about 70 K/D 2 days ago and just got my 5th slash and eyes today after a 900+ kill and 1 down solo game.
  3. Richtofen says Max Ammo... I know, I just like the way Sam says it better. :)
  4. That's something I would use! Or maybe even something Sam says. "Max Ammo!" Lol
  5. What dose that mean tho? Do you have to get all of your kills for 15 round with just that one gun or just have it as one of your 2?
  6. I like the farm, mainly because my buddy runs at the dinner. If I run out of ammo I can always grab the shotgun or in higher rounds graphic what I have in the fridge. If I have to I can run in town too. As long as in by myself.
  7. I may have heard the same sound in a game of mine when I burned a monkey. I thought it was a new way of movin the box so I tried it again and did not hear the sound again. This was before I even knew about the "perma perks" So I'm not sure if I lost any.
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