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    SoE Easter Egg

    So what do you guys think of this progress? As of yet the uploader has not released any guide/tutorial for how he managed to reach above seen Step since he is continuing as i am writing this. Do you think this might be the next step after killing the Shadow Man or even further on? (I'm pretty sure though that's him on the ritual table before he turns into that huge worm thing) Also have you noticed none of the players in this Scene has any perks, might this be a requirement in order to go on? @ Xperiment 117: do you mean the parts required for the WW or have you noticed other Margwa-parts lying around after killing the Shadow Man?
  2. Look in the linked text document, and search 'fire trap' Did it, found nothing... I hope i did it right: I downloaded the linked text file- opened it in editor and searched it for : fire trap, fire , trap & firetrap also tried fire-trap, nothing
  3. Not all traps are created equal: some might be missing a piece or two... Dou you think this might be related to tranzit?? It´s between the clue messages which seem fit for older maps but this quote really made me think... what if we have to build some of the things in tranzit differently?
  4. rbb93

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    The screen shakes in that video like something has crashed or come crashing out of the sky at 0:55. Screen shakes only because he had a shield on his back... the last zombie broke it and then the screen shaked

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