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  1. So what do you guys think of this progress? As of yet the uploader has not released any guide/tutorial for how he managed to reach above seen Step since he is continuing as i am writing this. Do you think this might be the next step after killing the Shadow Man or even further on? (I'm pretty sure though that's him on the ritual table before he turns into that huge worm thing) Also have you noticed none of the players in this Scene has any perks, might this be a requirement in order to go on? @ Xperiment 117: do you mean the parts required for the
  2. Hi I just found this: 6kjiSaYJt3k This video was recorded in Theatermode so it could be just another lightglitch like the one with the lighthouse but the owner claims to have seen it in-game. Let´s figure this out and see if someone can recreate this, maybe we´re on to some new eastereggs here :D
  3. Look in the linked text document, and search 'fire trap' Did it, found nothing... I hope i did it right: I downloaded the linked text file- opened it in editor and searched it for : fire trap, fire , trap & firetrap also tried fire-trap, nothing
  4. Not all traps are created equal: some might be missing a piece or two... Dou you think this might be related to tranzit?? It´s between the clue messages which seem fit for older maps but this quote really made me think... what if we have to build some of the things in tranzit differently?
  5. As for the laundromat-door: I wouldn´t spent too much attention on this, (well i actually can´t pay attention to it since i´m on ps3) beacause i honestly think this is some kind of glitch either for xbox or ps3. What I´m focusing on and what I´d suggest you to focus on too, are the orbs arround pylon/traffic light/mystery box. I recently did the Richthofen side of the EE, like everyone I got a glowing box-weapon like in every single game and always killed bunch of zombies with it but never recocgnized anything special, anyway... Yesterday i was logged into one of the accounts i did r
  6. Tis is the topcomment on spiderbyte´s video: cjzLvH3Cp_4 Now i got pretty excited when I saw this video... i´m not saying comittment isn´t the key cause i don´t see any of the lights yet and have just recently completet Richthofen... but this might be the next further step... bring four commitet (sry if i spell it wrong) players together in one tranzit game - two who did maxis and two who did richthofen and eventually you´ll get THIS as result and should try to interact with that glowing thing on the tower ... or just try anything, maybe even stuff we tried before and didn´t work yet. I
  7. The screen shakes in that video like something has crashed or come crashing out of the sky at 0:55. Screen shakes only because he had a shield on his back... the last zombie broke it and then the screen shaked
  8. So you saw the same blue orb like in this video, just on the pylon itself right? Gdkk7Db7A0Q I guess its the same orb spiderbyte saw when he did the video you are talking about...does anybody know if the box was also in town when ngt did this? I´m pretty sure there MUST be something you can do with those *sparking orbs* ... maybe get all weapons from the box which had those light-effects and then go around the map and search for another orb(like the one on the pylon jrrhack saw) and shooot it with those weapons or anything like that... Also im pretty sure you can recreate this by doing t
  9. Hi, i´m new to the forum but i´ve been following the posts about tranzit since boII came out and I try to figure out if theres more to the ee since... now I still think there might be something to Tranzit we didn´t find yet and wether the quote on youtube was legit or not i gotta say that i was wondering about some character´s quotes all the time and saw nobody mentioning it... I think there might be something about the town part in tranzit... all the charecters say they have kinda déja vu feeling when entering the town... I cant post the exact quotes but im sure you heard some of them already
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