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  1. I want 4 player split screen for zombies, it sounds bad, but with TVs becoming 70+ inches, i doubt that's not too much of a problem to add.
  2. I'm looking forward for Tranzit the most, but I'm considering doing the campaign JUST to see if there could be a new map/mode if I beat it. Anyone gonna try that out? If you will, post here if anything happens if campaign is beaten :D
  3. Great job man, I didn't notice any of those in the trailer, maybe because I was focusing more on FPS Russia Hope you find more of those, and good luck!
  4. I preordered Black Ops II w/o the hardened edition, and i pretty much get all of those bonuses as well, Amazon has some killer options. btw, dont forget about the free 2 day shipping and the .99 off the original cost.
  5. Honestly, that would be beast. I like how they are bringing back old games, or atleast old game styles. I hope they go on with those :lol:
  6. Uhh, I don't like where this is headed.... if this leads to "Youtuber wars", please move this to the "Not Zombies related or whatever" topic :lol:
  7. Thanks for welcoming me! This forum is going really well so far for me! As for your point, I can definitely see where you are coming from. They probably will make minor/major tweaks to the map, or possibly not even use that layout, but who said that it had to start at those two houses?? Maybe it could be somewhere else in that large panned out map :shock: . Also, in the first Black Ops, it didn't have more than that one street those main two houses were on, but this one is now seriously a nukeTOWN. It looks grand from what the video shows, so there very well could be a zombie map on this .
  8. LAN zombies? That wasn't in Black Ops. Does that mean you can have 4 players offline? Yes. :shock: EDIT: I just came up with an idea: Could we get multiple consoles and play 4Z4 Grief on LAN connection?? I darn hope so :D
  9. Gottsmillk

    Bus Driver

    Maybe if you shoot the bus driver, that it just gets destroyed? That means that you cannot use the bus anymore, and you just screwed yourself over. Then again, he doesn't really get "pissed". Honestly, I don't know what else to think of this; I guess we'll just find out on release night :twisted: :twisted:
  10. Doubt that phone has to do anything, but if it WAS something, it is either to unlock a song (Like in Five), or something to do with an easter egg (Pressing Square or X to use it?).
  11. Yeah, I agree, sucks that its only available for Hardened and Collector's editions, I wasn't able to get my hands on one of those :?
  12. Hi, this is my first post on this neat forum, and I've noticed how large scale this Nuketown map has expanded in this recent Nuketown 2025 video: XBTVkIxSx5o But pausing at 0:06, you can see the wholeness of this new revised map. Can Nuketown Zombies possibly be this map, but with the fences/borders cut out, the whole Nuketown "city" becoming available for use, and tweaked around with zombie spawns, pack-a-punch rooms, teleporters, barricades, etc.? Is this map large enough to be a Tranzit map on its own, or would it just be a large Survival map? This really sparked my interest, and I would like to hear your responses. Thanks for hearing me out. :D
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