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Everything posted by GRILL

  1. UOTM voting is now open! Head on over to Site News.

  2. If you can't find "New Content", check my thread in Site News : "New Content is in a New Location"

  3. "New Content" is still here, see my thread in Site News - or click here: http://tiny.cc/NewContent

  4. Congrats to Kill_All_Monkeys, our new UOTM.  Happy Halloween!

  5. Allons-y!!!!

    1. Spider3000



      You stole the name The Doctor, so i had to call myself this :P

  6. What was the last thing Glenn said to Rick? "Good luck, dumbass" Mirrors the first time they met, where Glenn said something similar to Rick after he crawled under the tank. This is definite foreshadowing to Glenn crawling under the dumpster, and surviving. Plus all the reasons you guys already said :P
  7. User of the Month thread is live, folks! Head on over to site news and nominate

  8. LFG paid off!  Thanks @Boom for the final push!

  9. xbox one controller drift D:

    1. GRILL


      yeah I just wound up buying a new one.  Oh well.

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      My 360 controller did that sporadically, 360 is fine but cost here is absurd for a one controller.

  10. Congrats to @NaBrZHunter, our new UOTM!

  11. Yes, copyrights and the like can be tricky. Especially with youtube's growing sanctions against their own content creators. I remember when YouTube used to be about "you" - being creative, expressing yourself, having full reign to show your art. Now, it's all about the "tube" portion - how many likes and subs can you get? Let's put in ads! They essentially made it as profitable as possible, and in doing so killed the true soul of the site itself. lets hope that MMX can find either a new method, or new medium for AZT
  12. Make sure to get your nominations in for User of the Month!

  13. I now have 115 brains/likes.  NEVER LIKE ANYTHING I DO AGAIN.

    1. Lenne


      Someone already broke it. : (

  14. Link not working for me @PINNAZ what is this?
  15. Currently downloading AW DLC 4, can't wait to be super impressed!  (right)

  16. Yes, I can finally see who "likes" posts now!!!

    1. GRILL


      @Lenne No like, underneath the post itself - it used to only tell me "2 people liked this post".  Craig fixed it so that now I can see "Lenne, and Pinnaz liked this post" :mrgreen:

    2. Lenne




      Good old HW doin work. 

      Glad that he is on here. 

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      @GRILL @Lenne it only affected Moderators - was a settings issue but all fixed now.

    4. Show next comments  3 more
  17. That moment when you see @Shooter logged in :D

  18. @PINNAZ where do you think it should go?
  19. I said it "seems", not that you "are" intentionally just causing trouble. im on my phone right now, so pardon any incorrect grammar or whatever. You first said to me that I shouldn't be on this site, I was using your same words. It's hypocritical for you to make it seem like that was the basis of my argument, when in fact I was just using your words against you. im not going to spend time on a diatribe, I'm at work - on a 10 minute break. All I have to say that I am for the people. I am for discussion. I am against leaks that are NDA or embargo based, as they are illegal and could hurt the site. This was a gray area, so we allowed it. and now its been officially released. We obviously have a larger conversation about leaks vs. marketing tactics, but atleast we can all enjoy the video knowing its official.
  20. Also mega, to put it bluntly, if you feel that discussing a zombies related cutscene is bullshit, then maybe you shouldn't be a member on a zombies site. Frankly it seems like you came out, as you always do, just to challenge authority and seemingly make yourself out to be a morale troubadour. EDIT: And I'm really not trying to be a dick, we've had good conversations. We've worked through some debates. Hell, we even had you on PDT. But we can both acknowledge this is not the first time you've vehemently gone after staff, our decisions, and our authority in general. In your last post, you told me that I shouldn't be a moderator on this forum because I don't agree with Activision's practices - hence I shouldn't be on a site that supports one of their games. I'd argue that I'm the EXACT person who should be staff. I'm not some yesman yuppy who buys because of brand allegiance, never questioning (note that I am not saying that is who you are). I like zombies because of the story, the gameplay, the characters, the conspiracies, and the amount of devotion that is put into a simple tower defense game. That doesn't mean I have to like Activision, or any corporate suit for that matter. I'm the voice of a real gamer. It was a public conference, it wasn't a press event. Activision and 3arc could have easily had a "no phones" rule. You say that leaks haven't changed, but the staff's convictions have. "Leaking" has become a new marketing tactic, and you are blind to not acknowledge that. Thank you for saying that I don't give a shit about money hungry corporations, because I don't. I care about the user, the gamer, the zombies fanatic. I speak for myself, and not for the whole staff.
  21. Thanks for your opinion mega, but your opinion is just that. As is mine.
  22. frankly the more activision deletes the videos, the more I'm inclined to discuss them. we will remove the PSA. p.s. F*** activision.
  23. Carbon doesn't work for 3arc. activision and 3arc don't care about our forum anymore. its been 3 long years. last time a 3arc title was released, achievments were leaked months before the usual time AND gameplay was leaked early due to copies of BO2 sold before release date. no pre rendered cut scenes that were shown to a crowd. a leak is something that was never meant to leave the company. It had an embargo or NDA. It's sensitive information. @Lenne i appreciate you bringing it up, we need to clarify what a leak is (again). This video was purposefully shown to the public (albeit a small percent), and 3arc intends to release it shortly to the public. I just find it funny that in this time of actual storyline content being shown, actual excitment - some folks want to stifle it. "No lets just be in the dark a little longer" embargo breaking leaks? NDA breaking leaks? Never allowed on codz. this? This is not either of those things. This is the storyline that many of us care about, and to allow it on codz is the opposite of "bullshit". Defending multi billion dollar industries is bullshit, pre order content is bullshit, dlc separation is bullshit, console exclusivity is bullshit - need I go further? mega, I know you were staff in different times - but this is our decision. It's for the goodness of the community - and believe it or not, it actually gives people the opportunity to talk on codz, rather then silencing them and forcing them to discuss on a different forum.

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