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  1. Or this could be an extra fun map completely unrelated to zombies storyline, kinda like dead ops!
  2. What is the Manhatten project? and also maybe it's the same thing, maybe Nuketown 2025 kept the same sign?
  3. I think it's only for those who preordered it. Sadly I hope I'm wrong. I pre-ordered it but it would be unfair to those who didn't but if it is only for those who pre-ordered, treyarch probably will release it in a dlc or something
  4. yea I was thinking about that too, I know that has something to do with the scar on his face, and it has to do with Woods. Maybe he left him to burn in a fire? And does anyone also have any thoughts on Hudson? Where Hudson is, Mason and Weaver must be around too right? When we last heard of them, they were going to be "taken care of" so maybe they fleed to some place safe, or maybe they are still working undercover? just some thought here :D
  5. Hey guys Sgt. Frank Woods put up a video on his other channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jamescburns123/ He put an analysis of the villain trailer. Some information he talked about was already known, but he gives a lot of hints to hidden things including the pendent and cordis die. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqrG6hYs3jk&feature=plcp look at it, do some research, I'm trying to find something but I'm not finding much. Hopefully someone who has the research done can help out filling in some gaps in the story.
  6. hmmm... I thought something looked different... haha :D
  7. AS FAR AS WE KNOW. First of all, Waffles, forgive me if i'm being stubborn I tend to do it a lot. But as far as we know. That doesn't instantly mean that there ever wasn't and if it was life sustaining, it doesn't mean that there is life. It means it's life sustaining. Im thoughts are that the Vril Ya arivved on mars and built the temple they also built a teleporter that can time travel and they traveled to earth and built a teleporter there to make transport easier. They use the humans to mine 115. As to how the explorers got there, They activate the temples time travel mechanism and travel to mars back in time. There wasn't life but it was life sustaining. Maybe i'm not making sense but these are just my thoughts on it.
  8. Remember time travel IS POSSIBLE! They could've time traveled to mars when it was said to be life sustaining. Especially when rictofen goes to the moon, maybe the abundance of 115 overloaded the teleporter and caused it to take him back in time. Even the Easter egg title proves that they time travel. IT'S IN THE NAME! Time Travel Will Tell! The group time travels back in time to Shangri-La or Mars. Just saying maybe it's Time Travel.
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