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  1. there is a website now http://zombierecords.net/solo/solo-call ... standings/
  2. I made a video showing the strategy I was talking about. http://youtu.be/khhtoNq_EYc This is what I was trying to tell you and sorry for the bad quality but all I had was my phone to record with.
  3. Ok so knifing was different on pc in blops 1(thanks for tellin me because i was getting annoyed that i couldnt knife without picking up a drop). In blops 2 though, I have noticed that it is possible to knife and not pick up drops just in case anyone was wondering.
  4. Well I was thinking that this could be a safer strategy than training them in the small yards. So instead of grouping them at the first yard and running the risk of possibly getting trapped by zombies you could just start each group of zombies by walking to the other side of the map and have them all spawn behind you. Then group them up a little better on the way back by jumping over them through the window. My idea was that they would always be behind you and that this would make grouping them easier (safer) than when they are coming from every direction. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this would be a safe strategy opposed to a fast strategy.
  5. I haven't tested this but for the higher rounds maybe you could start in one yard and let them spawn and then walk to the opposite house and quickly jump out the window and then bring them back to the side you started on and mow them down and then repeat. I'm just not 100% on how the spawning works.
  6. My rounds came back today. They must have fixed it
  7. Does anyone know why the rounds were reset on the leaderboards for a ton of random players including RelaxingEnd's round 70 solo. Any ideas of what might have happened? I thought that maybe they patched a glitch and anyone who got their record before the patch had to be reset because they (treyarch) didn't know if the round was legitimately earned or if the players glitched to get it. What are your guys' thoughts?
  8. Has anyone noticed that there is a definite way to avoid a lunge by starting at a distance and backing up as you knife? (most seen with galvaknuckles. Mostly because I use it more than the regular knife) It's almost like you can knife without even touching them. Also has anyone noticed how on pc it is possible to knife without picking up the power-up drop but on console it seems impossible. Is that a game mechanic for the pc or is it a technique that's easier on pc?
  9. I had a skull with 2 hash marks and then I got to 50 solo tranzit and got a knife behind it with 3 hash marks but the next day I was messing around on solo while talking with friends and I played a few games where I died before round 10 and I was deranked to a skull with 3 hash marks. Maybe you guys could find some meaning in that. Maybe if the rank is based more off of overall skill or just recent games
  10. Got to 50 on solo tranzit and my first down was looking down the hatch on top of the bus and l was looking at the zombie when it jumped up and knocked me up in the air, getting me down, and hearing the teddy bear laugh. Final down was suiciding at 50 into the lava pit at the power room. Also I don't know if it was a glitch or a game mechanic but while I stayed in the tunnel for the majority of the game, the electro zombie never spawned in there and I only saw him in the early rounds before i started my tunnel strategy.
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