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  1. In that picture though it looks as if the zombies eyes are not blue, so unless it set before moon I'm calling it fake.
  2. Thats just the sound of the bus notice how it starts when the bus honks and then stops when the bus honks again :)
  3. I think that the ladder will be used to get on top of the bus perhaps, it seems the most logical idea tbh. :)
  4. I dont know if anyone has noticed but when the doors open on the bus you can make out what looks like to be a teddy bear on boxes just behind the bench, could be where the mystery box can spawn,sorry i dont know how to attach screen shots. :)
  5. Firstly deadmau5 and knife party aren't dubstep. And personally Zombies wouldn't feel right, the rock/metal music just helps give it that feel.
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