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  1. to be honest super, your only admitting what most of us thought but i bet if feels good to get it off your chest. take care m8 and remember its only a game. there is more to life than no mans land. i see all your videos are down on youtube and thats a real shame....boysta2011
  2. hello, thanks for posting the challenge, i do know 7 people that are trying the challenge and hopefully a few more. steve, mega, pishfat, chopper to name a few :)
  3. hello llstevell my team mate is ranked no 1 nml 366 kills and would be nice if this updated when ya free chopper or super will confirm this thanks
  4. hello, the nml table is still way out of date :(
  5. that info is exellent, i never knew half of it and still dont lol :D
  6. hi just an update for you co-op der riese no doors open 18rnds boysta/steve 1 more than relaxing end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br_YOK_wWCk
  7. hello , nml leaderboard needs updating im sure super will confirm this, steve done 366 :D
  8. hi, just seen this and it looks a really good idea. i will tell my team about it :D
  9. 300 kills for me at the mo, super or chopper can confirm this i wont be happy untill im 331! :D
  10. any kind of challenge on zombies....count me in all stats are always good
  11. i have mentioned to llstevell about this place and he says he will have a look. you could add 2, 3 ,4 mans land to your leader board ie rounds you have reached etc, just a thought :)
  12. how do i reply to you and the person below you who have messaged? is this the way via reply or do i click something on there name etc. im not normally this thick lmao. http://www.youtube.com/user/boysta2011?feature=mhee above is the video ( 4 mans land ) can i view other players videos etc on here and where do i look
  13. hello welcome, dont worry im lost on here too haha. but i can nail the zombies tho only xbox for me
  14. hello, im still lost on this forum, all i can do is post a new topic. im trying to respond to messages and i think ive just sussed it replying back to chopper is there a guide to help me etc on a brighter note we have just smashed relax n co record (24) my team 27 does anybody post videos on here etc, thanks NPQ1VtRm6no
  15. dammmmmm, chopper thats intense!!!!!! can you not just go mental with the ray gun hahaha exellent info :)
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