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  1. Trivializing the importance of video games is based on what you consider important. This game is important enough for people to actively participate on this very message board. WR's are important to the guys who pursue them. If people think they aren't significant, or fabricating/manipulating one is negligible, they don't realize the time and effort involved.
  2. To Kill_All_Monkeys since I am not familiar enough with this place to bother with quoting things, and he seems to want to understand the situation better. MWA you know me better than to start flame wars, so if this is inappropriate, please let me know. I'm trying to be objective here so here goes: " is it too much outside the realm of possibility to just accept that maybe he actually did achieve the WR?" The shadiness of such an act negates the WR claim. He knows better. He did it anyway. "The way I see it, whether or not he did legitimately get all those kills, I would've seen that WR and used it as a motivation to do better. If he is wrong, then go ahead and do better than he did and beat his score." WR's are not WR's if they are not done by legitimate means. Why should his game be considered the standard to be beaten if it wasn't done or documented properly? Or even worse, if its outcome was manipulated. "So what he didn't have video of the whole match? " The amount of footage he edited was not significant enough to justify not recording it. Mere minutes of video is not a lot of disk space. There is no logical reason for him to not have the entire game. Especially someone like him who has WR in mind before even hitting the record button. "Once more, it is just a game. Please someone explain to me how him doing this has truly negatively impacted your life. Has he taken away someone close to you? Did he cause you to lose your job? Has this given you some sort of fatal disease? Has he impaired the way you play the game any?" Totally valid point. There are many more important things to judge one's character upon. Zombies is not one of them, but you should consider he was intentionally deluding a lot of people. EDIT**** Regarding impairing peoples' abilities to play the game. He set the bar pretty high. His claim was pretty extraordinary. And IF it isn't legitimate, yes. He is impairing the ability of others to achieve such a high standard. That isn't fair to the guys who are trying to beat him. Jimbo explained that perfectly.
  3. ...................................................................................... That is all. Carry on.
  4. That's the thing. You CAN rely on a max ammo. Watch my vid dude. There's a way to know exactly when you'll get one. That way you can budget your ammo better, and not have to rely on the box all the time. I'm almost at round 50 today, and still using the same ray gun and scavenger I've had all game. I haven't had to respin the box yet. I will eventually, but it's working out.
  5. I Should be putting together another COTD tips and tricks vid pretty soon. The max ammo trick I showed in my first one (the one this guy is describing) is pretty rad. I'm starting to refine it a bit more. I am going try-hard for round 60. I've gotten close, but end up making some dumb mistakes. Flopping is just not practical. Really learning the max ammo trick with both the ww and the scavenger is the key. It keeps you from having to PAP or re-spin the box. Continuously, or even mid round. This map is really a pain in the ass.
  6. lol master. what's up bud. That would work up to a point when the amount of flops becomes completely ridiculous. Outside the lighthouse is also not a place I want to have a shit ton of crawlers.
  7. So how do you continuously kill stuff for the rest of rounds that George is away? A full wunderwaffe will only last an entire round up through round 43. It's not possible to use the max ammo trick while George is gone. What did you do after round 43 when the wunderwaffe runs out of ammo?
  8. This is a solo game so is not dependent upon treyarch servers. As for glitchiness, I guess I will find out when I try! I'm taking a few days off.
  9. Thanks. It happened to me on ascension also. Yotey told me to keep my high round attempts to XBOX 2 months ago. I should have listened! As for what happened... here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl8z8x2yU4A
  10. Round 84. Still going. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1I8qXOf30w
  11. Thanks man. I don't hold grudges. I have hit round 80! There is one thing I would change in your strategy. I actually call the elevator BEFORE I hit the trap. Doing it the other way around is pretty dangerous, especially if the two windows closest to the elevator become breach points. You'll more than likely have a zombified passenger with you on the ride down if those 2 are open.
  12. cjgarof

    does Five suck

    I've been obsessing over that map for a month straight, trying to figure out every possible way to die and how to avoid it. The things I've learned on my record run might make you hate it less. I'll make my strategy available to everyone once I'm done. Right now I just hit round 78. Still shooting for 100.
  13. So, I've officially just surpassed MrDalekJD @ Round 74. Round 75 was the Pentagon Thief, and have begun Round 76. I have not had a chance to edit the tie breaking round into yt friendly size, nor add any commentary, but have had a chance to upload some footage of my progress to my youtube channel. user/cjgarof I have seen evidence of Round 78 that has since disappeared... but I AINT DONE!!!! This is a Road to Round 100... Not Road to Round 76. For any nay-sayers, disbelevers, and any claims of modding, hacking, or glitching.... I WILL MAKE THE ENTIRE GAME FOOTAGE ARCHIVES AVAILABLE STARTING FROM ROUND 1 to EVERYONE either when I'm dead, or I've achieved my goal of Round 100. For now, here's the transition from 70-72 including how I handle the Pentagon Thief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaaLeSrg ... ideo_title

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