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  1. First Of all 50% says its not marlton at the fallout shelter but richtofen Marlton is confirmed as the man in the Nuketown Fallout Shelter. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/ ... 00&t=25526 Richtofen's voice is in Nuketown because it's at the same time as Moon, i just heard it in NGTZombies recent video and thats it , srry i didn't know it was wrong :?
  2. First Of all 50% says its not marlton at the fallout shelter but richtofen and about that quote yes he is very intersting and as i said , he could have been adopted by a involved Orginaztion probably HAARP or (Modern?) 935 anyways i KNOW all the charcters have huge back stories that we havent touched yet (with the exception of stuhlinger)and i have had far too many mind storms about nuketown zombies but would take a whole other thread that i may put in a future post.
  3. of course the both of them are the most interesting from a simple point of view but when you think about it the O4 where all in the backstory somehow and these 4 are too maybe in a hard-to-imagine way but i'm almost sure that they are involved , because its hard to imagine 3arc putting them without deep involvment , and of course not to forget our own Short-Tempered T.E.D.D :lol:
  4. nope ill check his videos as soon as i can , thnx again :)
  5. @MurderMachineX O.O Great Help ! I'll try to get these in but iam having troubles getting clear and legit quotes . i might require someone who is available 24/7 Because i have school , H.W and studying so srry if im late with the Quotes Editing
  6. actually the machines that (eject) the already stored Perk-A-Colas are the ones that are powered by electricity , as for the perks them selves we cant be sure , we only got hints from past quotes as in when dempsey refers to Quick Revive as tasting fishy (not sure which perk-a-cola but oh well >.>) and that made another idea pop into my head..... we are sure that group 935 made the perks and others developed them but who made (Tombstone) ? is it (HAARP) guys ? or just late delivery ? xD PS : ill try to involve the quotes , as i think people would consider them too weak to be included as a theory , but then again every beginning of any theory is... but Alpha's Theories LOL :lol:
  7. i gave it loads of thought and remembered that our original four heroes DON'T turn into zombies when first hit or bit by zombies , why ? simply because they were super soliders people who already interacted with Element 115 But when you think about it , we only know that Samuel probably interacted with it , Who Are The Rest? Now i did do much research , but based on General Idea & Quotes of the characters ,so : Abigail "Misty" Briarton obvious that she grew up in a farm , and ran away as a teenager and had piercings all over her body regreting that choice later and she may have forgotten her mom's face due to long period of time away or brainwash as some people suggest (she was close to her mom as a child) , had past experience with breaking up , we know her dad left her ( probably Samuel reminds her of that experience ?) , and she probably is fascinated by science and the (city life) in general (& Marlton for that matter) Russman He Hates Tunnels , reading Manuals (Books In General), Liars and actually It's His BIRTHDAY (Happy Birthday Russman! [Refer to quotes]) , I'am assuming that he worked in either one of two things . 1st, Army Mainly Because he has quotes of a general talking to his Soliders And Specially Stuhlinger (Refer To Quotes !) And There Are His (Children Melodies)-ish music that he sings and the fact that he said that he spreads light and joy in girls and boys makes me think about Entertainment and he actually has some quotes related to entertainment bussiness or Imitating Ads . Or maybe he was a retired general or a general - part time clown? xD. And as any other elder he has got both memory issues and bone issues . And he is very sad about his past and tries to keep it secret and plans ditching the other 3 to make a peaceful fortress , and he actually remembers the taste of his mothers food who died 50 years ago . and just a side info with no necessary use , (he wears different shoes as he says :"I'll Break You In Half And Use You To Shine My Shoe....Then Ma Boot"). Marlton Johnson as the wiki says "Your Average Nerd" or is he? when you think about it nerds usually know about mathmatics and chemistry (we know he knows about electrical physics) but marlton knows about weapons O.o . My guess is that he was a (average) nerd in a period of his life , but something happened , perhaps he wanted to change ? or maybe he was adopted by a group involved with 115 activity . and just an extra theory xD , maybe he used to live in the farmlands as misty but then deported to the city ? maybe that is why he thinks so big of himself. Samuel Stuhlinger as for samuel he has a couple of threads on him which their comments make a Brilliant theory http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=25271&p=244653 This Is My 1st actual post so plz when you comment go easy on me k? :? , Gonna Update Whenever i can mostly in weekends . Thnx For the Help MurderMachineX
  8. O.O this makes my idea of Samuel take another turn , this means he is involved directly to creating / the origins of the denizens / the Vrill-Ya
  9. no ur not ^^ and that was not just solid but also epic, great post keep em coming!
  10. Your a bit late, man. We have already been told that the Roman Philosopher and stuff is irrelevant to TACITUS...It has to be solved, FPSRussia said he would give a prize if someone solved it. Plus, we get a new image tommorow and by the looks of it we are going to stay up late tomorrow too AWSOME FIND SCATAPULT [brains] 4 u
  11. tried to get lyrics but its a local band couldnt get any sense of any word in the song but awsome song though
  12. Coincidence. Why would 3arc involve CoD with another franchise? dunno why involve maybe not involve but its no coincidence .... tacticus ? that is a HELL OF an unpopular name . oh and i found this ..... http://www.unleet.com/stuff/prv:datalogger:start looks to me like that newspaper loading analyse of some popular member in codz (srry couldnt remmember but EPIC post) it mentioned about costs and shipping stuff check it out
  13. just found this suspicious site called [[stuff]] but the suspicious thing its almost plain it has [Tacticus' Stuff] as a title so we better check it out and i found some documents may be important? *EDIT : opps :oops: srry matics http://www.unleet.com/stuff/
  14. couldnt help but to post it..... so far i found 2 charcters in 2 different VERY famous games such as Command&Conquer and others and now i find this gamer blog news? whats up with that? 3arc screwing or co-operation between games? The Gamers Blog : http://tacticusrex.blogspot.com/

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