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  1. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Damac1214/Call_of_Duty:_Black_Ops_II_Multiplayer_Reveal_coming_on_August_7th You forgot to give credit to the wiki for the screenshot.
  2. Hi, forum lurker here...anyways I'm surprised no one answered this yet since this is a very simple question, Hopefully someone posts before I do , English isn't my primary language so I apologize if I make a few typos. (I'll edit any I find after I post this.) . If you want to prevent the excavator from decompressing any of the tunnels or the biodome, I believe only the player with the hacker can stop it. The player with the hacker must run all the way back to the QR machine and look and see if one of the machines are beeping green lights. When you find the right one glowing, hack it . You earn 1000 points as a result of hacking it and stopping the excavator. There are three ecxatavators, one for each oxygen level. Excavator Epsilon (You will know when it's announced, because she will specifically call it Excavator Epsilon.) is the one can take out the biodome's oxygen, so make that your top priority. The other two name of the excavators, excavator Pi attacks tunnel 6, and excavator Omnicron attacks Tunnel 11. If it's tunnel 6 it's going to attack the MPL/M16 rooms, if it's tunnel 11 it will attack the PM63/STAMINNUP/SEMTEX rooms. Bear in mind if you want to attempt the easter egg you have to LET tunnel 6 get excavated, but you to be in the QR room before it gets excavated. This is so you can deactivate the excavator and be able to run around the tunnel again (although it'll have no oxygen obviously .) Oh, and it's best if you make some crawlers to hack the excavators. Also if you do unfortunately lose an oxygen level you can always get another astronaut helmet from the doors, it'll be either on the right or left. I hope this helped, but don't expect anymore posts from me anytime soon . I will probably get ninja'd by another member because this took me long to type .*steps back in the shadows to continue lurking...*
  3. 2012hoax.org DOn't mean to be the party pooper :lol:
  4. The temple in Shangri la is shown in Moons loading screen, i think it got there because in shangri la loading screen you see a temple floating right? well look under it and you see the trees form that black sun conspiracy logo. i think they made a eclipse thingy that turned into a black hole and transported it into space. it sounds stupid rright? haha sorry is only my second theory and i dont really care about [brains] :roll:
  5. Or the R could mean The zombies resurrect and get stronger than ever with the new zombie types and such. that also explains the Z in Rezurrection.
  6. Nitromonkey

    Moon song?

    If this is truly the ending of zombies then I'm freaking pissed off Elena isn't singing the easter egg song. :?
  7. You know in Abracadavre, there is a line that goes "what goes up must not go down!" Well, they are going to the Moon (Up) Maybe these guys will make the Ultimate Sacrifice and go out in style like total bosses? :S just a thought
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