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  1. No problem glad to know there's someone else keeping proper info, no 1 up intended. : )
  2. As far as i know, players can only have 3 persistent upgrades at a time, it may be 2 but im unsure. Inroduced In Tranzit: - Quick Revive Revive players significantly quicker - Recieve by: Getting 15 Revives in 1 game. - Metal Boards Zombies take 3 seconds to take off a window board - Recieve by: Repairing 20 - 30 window board after round 10 in 1 game. - Deadshot Zombies heads explode no matter how killed, suggested extra head damage - Recieve by: Scoring 2 headshots with 1 bullet. Inroduced in Die Rise: - Insta-kill All zombies touching th
  3. On Black ops 1 the final map had 5 zombie maps total, hopefully we'll get the same next dlc but instead of revamped maps we get 5 entirely new maps. What i hope to see is something along the lines of: - Eather map - O4 characters - detailing what happened to them after moon - Argatha map - O4 characters - story wise is different wether Richtofen or Maxis won. - Earth map - N4 characters - concluding their story *different senario if Richtofen or Maxis won* - Tranzit type map - detailing the origins of each of the N4 characters and for the final map... seeing as with each
  4. I like to agree with TheVyhl's theory, more evidence is connected to the characters themselves seeing as we're led to believe that after Die Rise they travelled on foot from eastern China through the Middle east to southern Africa all the while fighting hordes of zombies, & from Buried's intro it looks like the characters arn't that worse for ware so i'd imagine it took them a lot less time travelling than it should have. Another thing is the shape of the earth doesn't have a strict cannon seeing as we've seen 3 different maps of the earth.
  5. So fall all the easter egg achievements refer to doing what Richtofen/Maxis want and this one is no different. Tower of Babble - obey the Voices. High Maintenance - be the architect of their instruction. Mined Games - be their pawn. As for how direct this achievement is when compared with the others leads me to believe Richtofen & Maxis' true intentions may become clear thus playing into the mind games pun, seeing as so far Maxis is getting the survivors to do his bidding by promising to "reverse the damage" and Richtofen is getting the survivors to do what he wants by blackm
  6. Just to start i'd like to say this is all just my take on the MotD story and my theory on how it fits in with the parameters that have been set by the greater zombie story line. Basis of my theory / context So to begin, many moons ago it was revealed to us through the zombie story that the Aether is some sort of alternate dimension and that the MPD or "Vril machine" on the Moon is in a constant connection with, allowing a constantly active portal between both worlds to exist. it was also revealed to us during the MOON easter egg AND Ascension easter egg that souls are physical thing
  7. I thought Aether was what you see when you teleport, the blueish tunnel with light at the end?
  8. if you shoot another player with it the zombies ignore them, if you upgrade it and shoot another player the same effect happens, only difference is it lasts longer and the player gets instakill abilitys to go with it
  9. So... it's nothing? shame, i was half expecting it so be something unique if it was looked at up close in no clip :(
  10. Maybe the phasing zombie is some kind of penalty for 1 or more players leaving. Think about it, in the gameplay there was only 3 people playing and i never saw 2 phasing zombies at the same time :|
  11. Sorry im not able to get a picture As for a location, when you on the front half of the boat with juggs and your at the mystery box at the very front of the boat and your looking towards the bridge of the boat, if you look right you can see the lighthouse and where the sub would be, but if you look left all you can see is the sea... but if you look you can see the light in the distance
  12. Na it isn't one of the lights from the easter egg, the morse code light and the green light all appear basically within the map, this light is in a fixed position outside the map, least thats what it looks like
  13. you can add me if you want my highest round on co-op is 31 (if you do add me please tell me your from here lol) PSN: dargonfly
  14. Right... so probably a few weeks ago now, i was playing Call of the dead and i was on the boat, the half that has juggs in it and the pack-a-punch, so anyway i looked out the left side of the boat out to sea and i saw a tiny light in the distance, it was quite foggy at the time so i couldn't see it very well so i left it and carryed on trying to find the crawler, lol Ok... now every game on call of the dead i have played since then, i have spotted this light out at sea, so a few days ago i was playing CoTD and i had a upgraded dragunov i was using to kill george with, so i used it to fin
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