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  1. Very nice guide. If you're not that good at COTD, this is a must read!
  2. Just let me know what it would take. 8-)
  3. If I pay for the entire next year, can I ban everything MLP related?
  4. Please explain this as I do not understand. You run from something mindless and it mindlessly follows you in a circle and you kill it. How should the zombies react to running in circles? It is the nature of the enemy to do this and only makes sense as one of the best ways to fight them. IMO. Please explain the counter point. I understand someone being upset that a player uses a glitch and alters the dynamic of the game based on no need for teamwork on their part -- but trains? I don't get it. Aren't zombies supposed to be stupid and mindlessly chase their food? I agree. Rounding up the herd is NOT a glitch. [brains]
  5. 10. FULL ZOMBIE CO-OP CAMPAIGN HELL YEAH!!!! 11. Develope your character based on your skills (mix of rank and prestige mode) 14. Solo leaderboards I really like these ideas. Especcially since we'll probably be seeing them in the future.
  6. I go the Thompson way. I camp in the thompson room until around 20 then I run. I keep the thompson the entire game, usually pap'd at round 15 or so. I usually have the most kills and points since everyone else is usually standing on the catwalk. So teleporting and buying 4500 worth of ammo is no big deal. Especially since you can easily make that much and more with an upgraded thompson and your secondary weapon. The thompson is a beast and is one of the best guns for this map. After 30 you have to have the ray or the waffle as the secondary. After 40 you need your best running shoes. After 50, get a crawler take a piss drink a big glass of something ice cold, wipe all the sweat off your hands and controller take a deep breath, knife that eff'ing crawler and well, GAME ON ZOM-BITCHES!
  7. aTTriTTion


    gamertag is aTTriTTion I just found this site today, I like playing WaW and Black ops zombies. Looking to find some good players who don't leave when they bleed out. I can't remember all my scores so I'll have to post them later. I will say I'm better than most randoms I play with. I like straight up playing, no glitches! If anyone is interested in playing just add "aTTriTTion" and put in the subject or message that you are from this site.
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