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  1. We are on the right track. Me @telixion @strwrsbob came up with basically the same thing last night. But i wouldn't wanna call it mars. Yes its a different planet but we cant pin point anything. So it should just be called a "ancient extra terrestrial planet". I'm a little mad i didn't stay up and write this before you but we are all here for the same purpose. Glad to see we came with the same conclusion that we are not on earth.
  2. This is a list of the treyarchs zombie team on twitter. I will update when I find more. If you know any PM me so i can also update. Make sure to follow them! @KingSkylark - https://twitter.com/#!/KingSkylark @_rez_ - https://twitter.com/#!/_rez_ @flyinhaggis - https://twitter.com/#!/flyinhaggis @KSherwoodOPS - https://twitter.com/#!/KSherwoodOPS More treyarch employees @danskdansk - https://twitter.com/#!/danskdansk @DavidVonderhaar - https://twitter.com/#!/DavidVonderhaar @3arcDraven - https://twitter.com/#!/3arcDraven @carbonfibah - https://twitter.com/#!/carbonfiba
  3. How can you say its not Call of Duty anymore? Im sure Call of Duty has changed eras around a lot. No one thing is Call of Duty. We have WWII, Cold War, Modern Warfare. And now future warfare. I think its a fresh idea that needed to be explored and treyarch always delivers across the board. So im not worried. :)
  4. I understand what your saying. But i guess i forgot to add that the map would unlock to all after so much time has gone by. Just like the only way to unlock nazi zombies in WaW for a while was beating the SP
  5. Ive read so many good threads out there about the future of zombies and awesome ideas that you all have. Its made me think of what I want in Black Ops 2. 1. Bring back some WaW style easter eggs. Don’t get me wrong I love the side missions Black Ops brought us. But I was sorta disappointed when there wasn’t notes, chalkboards, pictures, etc all over the maps in Black Ops. 2. Back to the basics. One thing that Black Ops didn’t really deleiver on was the dark eerie feeling you had in WaW. 3. At least one extremely hard map. Im talking about Nacht Der Untoten style. I would like
  6. Where does it say there will be a XP2012? I went XP2011 and am in good communication with treyarch/ATVI employees and there hasnt even been a hint to another CoD XP
  7. Well now my good sir you are getting off subject and so am i. If you would like to know PM me :P
  8. Hey guys! its xCrazyGuy92x. i know i know. I sore never to return. But with my burning love for zombies and my active invovlment with the community I cant not come back. And for the many of you that dont know me or forgot who i was. I was a CoDZ Moderator a very long time ago until things went sour. I also am friends with a bunch of Treyarch employees and all of the CoD VIPs. Not very good at talking about myself so ill end it here. Just wanted to introduce myself back into the CoDZ community :D
  9. where did you hear this? Like I said,hang around CoDz long enough,you learn to question everything Zombie devs Im friends with many.
  10. Kino was a very blank map when it came to easter eggs. Im sure those boxes were going to be part of some kind of easter egg BUT the single player team was falling behind and the zombie team had to help so thats why there was very few easter eggs in Kino.
  11. Love the idea! I can already picture Maxis Mansion +1
  12. Awesome post! Ill have to do a write up of my own but you pretty much summed it up. +1
  13. If Treyarch does plan on making one more map pack before hanging up the DLC for Black Ops, I think it will be at least 4-5 zombie maps. Instead of MP. Why just zombie maps? Well for starters MW3 is approaching and once it comes out that will be the new addicting MP. The one thing that MW3 won't have is zombies. Zombies has kept me going back to WaW when MW2 was released but the maps got old. If they released one final map pack with all zombie maps it would keep black ops alive for a very very long time.. Secondly why would they end it like that? You get the focusing stone and we have to wait a
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