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  1. 1.) What is your current rank - Skull with no blue eyes. 2.) Highest round? How many people? - 32, 4 people, tranzit 3.) Have you done the Easter egg? - Yes, but only the maxis side. 4.) Have you played all the maps? (Excluding Nuketown) - Yes 5.) Have you played all the game types on each map? - Yes 6.) Has your rank ever gone down? - Yes 7.) Explain when you got your rank, what it was before, and what you did in the game before you got this rank? - I had the skull with blue eyes by just generally playing games on each map, I then lost my blue eyes for no apparrent reason and didnt even get them back after getting too round 32 with 2500 kills and nearly 1800 headshots.. *8.) Have you seen the orange glow that sometimes appears around the box and in town? Yes, however only on the mystery box, and this was when I had blue eyes and also when I didnt.
  2. I was just about to post this! Me and my friend just saw this but we dont know what it does, i took the gun it gave me and upgraded it but cant see any noticeable differences. Just want to confirm that this can happen.
  3. Me and my friend have both done this and I can confirm that there is some sort of sizzling light that appears on you when the other person gets the 'upgrade'.
  4. Just posted this in another thread, for me it wouldnt work with me havng done the shangri la one and the CoTD SOLO one, answer is you need the multiplayer achievements in order for it to work..
  5. I had this problem, and i took the stupid option and risked it, doing the solo one. Answer is, you have to do it on co-op so i did both of them on the same day even though you get both achievements for co-op xD Its the easiest easter egg in my opinion so i wouldnt worry about it, if your lucky with the box you can do it on your first try, good luck!
  6. EXACTLY. This is what I say to my friends when I explain why its the best xD
  7. I always go for the wunderwaffe too xD i always did on WaW and i still do I only wish that the Zap Guns would chain the kills just a little bit, even by like 1 or 2 more zombies, but still they are pretty awsome :D
  8. Not a surprise that the wunderwaffe won I absolutely LOVE it, its my favorite gun on any call of duty game, shame we cant use it on moon :cry:
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