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  1. i persinaly want something better to do with zombies than just the old maps i want something phsical i can hold (thats wat she said) like a ray gun replica or a perk bottle a special controller or something like that on top of that i would like a metal case with something to do with zombies on it. also the classic WAW and BLOPS maps like they did with blops then u get a map pack with them at the end of the year feel free to add on.
  2. your banned for having a sibling on the site
  3. you think you stole the show well consider all those rhymes you had you stole nice job ripping off epic rap battles you A-hole ill beat you so bad you'll be exterminate able while were ripping off rhymes someone who loaths you bitch now stand up and rhyme i only replied to this so i could beat your ass a second time we all know your gay that no joke ill treat you like a Juggernaut and cram a Semtex down your throat your dicks the size of angle hair pasta after that ill call my T-bagger your momma watching your this thread is like murder she wrote
  4. the only face you step on is your own now get the hell offa my throne you think your bad well your right ill woop all your asses day and night you think that all of us sound the same well ya considering your rhymes are pretty lame leave this thread before the game begins cause you sound like your rapping while flash banged
  5. remember this blast you ass you try to rap like me you best be gettin you betta change the heading to loosing to me ill beat you so bad that it'll make you pee so go back to being the size of your moms knee o wait then where would you be youd be 2 inches tall standing next to me so come on guys dont be hatin ill school you all over PlayStation look at you my raps leave you in pain ill school you any where so bring you A-game so if you think you can rap it out like T-pain hurry up your missing Hitler's train back off Bro you've got nothing to gain you keep rapping here you'll get slain man your not worth my time,get out of my face if this was a rap skills race you would come in last place the PS1 is 10 years old it must be older than you,based on your rap i'll beat you all the way to peliu,come off the crap my raps will turn you blue,oh snap,i just said that my raps will blow your mind like the verbal edjookated,he'll take a lyrical shit on you and your rhymes suck it,this isn't cuddle time are you stressed guys you appear to be in pain you need a vacation,take a trip on hitlers train lightsaber you need a lifesaver use some of your elementary skills to fix your fucking escalator,u guys can't keep up so suck it up or shut up,your not even competition beating you is like 1st grade composition i don't need permission to put you back in last position whats wrong,can't take any more not suprising coming from piepwn's whore you like losing,well good to know,get used to it take a step off the biatch and watch me put on a show,don't throw a fit i'm tired of you and your weak rhyming shit don't spit at me,your the one who's losing its yours for the choosing,your rhymes don't make f***ing sense if you could rap i would give you a sixthpence did anyone acknowledge my last big rap a few post up,what are you scared to rap against me,disgraceful even your raping skills are not fully operational if you've come for action and insults you've come to the right place like i said,get the fuck out of my face
  6. remember this blast you ass you try to rap like me you best be gettin you betta change the heading to loosing to me ill beat you so bad that it'll make you pee so go back to being the size of your moms knee o wait then where would you be youd be 2 inches tall standing next to me so come on guys dont be hatin ill school you all over PlayStation
  7. who trying to keep it clean these battles have already gotten pretty mean so stop come with weak rhymes like that or ill hit you with your own baseball bat
  8. the chickens aren't clucking cause you keep sucking this isn't bout Christmas dont start to joke cause if it is I'll shove some eggnog down your throught you all suck don't start to bloat screw the chickens now lets talk about goats
  9. ok so after you deck the holly go back to playing with your holly polly lets see how you go bout rapping vs me i school you so bad it'll be history so come on bro don't be scared don't be weary cause i'm so awesome chuck Norris wont go near me
  10. psst kill all zombies you couldn't get through me just like Justin Bieber couldn't get through puberty
  11. your banned for banning someone for signing up
  12. your banned cause your not as awesome as me
  13. hey guys they confirmed it no prestige edition infinity ward tweeted just the hardened but a prestige may come out later so keeps hopes and money up cause im sure it will be closer 2 200 than 150.
  14. This is everything other than radios found on dreamland Computation files My friend, I have managed to pull down and decipher a handful of the Servant files from the Der Riese Datenbediensteter (translated: Data Servant) project.  Dr. Maxis was a man ahead of his time.  He was also a man obsessed and bordering on insane.   I will forward to you what I have translated thus far.  It is frightening material to say the least, but perhaps that is merely my mind making a subconscious association with today's date. How go the recordings? Subject: John Banana I was browsing the Verruckt archive and found an interesting scrap of paper.  It was found in a small room with nothing inside but blood stains and an empty browning.  Wasn't there a " John" in the expedition to the asylum? Here is what the paper read: "My name is John.  They call me banana. I once worked a Tex Mex cabana But now I am here  As walking dead near With nothing on me but a bandana." It would seem this "John" fellow felt compelled to write a limerick in his final moments.  Fascinating. Oppy Hctxzwzxmudlm (must decode) trinity  Der Riese" servant" sample Greetings  I am Ludvig maxis  Today is January 20 1942 My daughter has a dog It's name is fluffy This is file 1 For storage In the data Servant  I trust in it's success  Servant entry a91374 Ludvig maxis  Personal file. The experiments continue And the reichstag call it  A success. But theses creatures cannot be controlled. There minds are lost They are automatons . this is what the reichstag Wanted. Between the teleporters  And our Armeeuntoten They believe the world will be theirs. But the untoten cannot Be contained. It spreads far worse than  Ever imagined. It will be the death  Of us all. Summary: The following is a transcript of a recording that originated from group 935 outpost dubbed "the swamp" the voices heard in this recording belong to the handler of the operative "cu(w)zutct who went missing at an unknown time prior to the sending of this message the oprative is presumed dead and the location of shi no numa has yet to be resolved  R-408n 37 14 06 115 48 40. I hope that you are receiving this transmission (redacted) if you are not then all is already lost you must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum that we had to move the experiments here.  location. the numbers will guide you the giant must remain  (static)  At all costs repeat der Riese must be contained at all costs the DG-2 experiments continue you're our only advantage now find doctor ... (static) And doctor maxis they know what's going on the use of element 115 is dangerous at best I'm not sure if we can continue here we've lost most of our best  (static) ... Team I hope you get this I hope it hasn't happened there too but I'm almost out of hope  Automated: 60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 What follows is a sample from the der Riese project Datenbediensteter (translated data servant) sample was acquired from CIA asset based out of vorroshdeniya in the soviet union and is translated from it's original German below  Servant entry a00115 Element 115 overview  Sources include meteors found in  Shi no numa  Tunguska  Groom lake Der Riese  moon (confirmed via astronomical team)  Applications include  Transport technology  Power source for DG-2 General weapon upgrades via CWZIMQJZDUMIMMPJZEHVZQJZEXZ side effects include  Reanimation of dead cells  Via inherent electrical properties Servant entry b67129 Experiments ongoing Observed a new effect  As a result of Experaments  Dr. Edward Richtofen as witness Outliers as follow  Tank Dempsy  Nikolai Belinski  Takeo Masaki  Subjects display unique  Side effects Compared to previous  Subjects  Baseline payche remains  Intact  But all specific memories Have been lost  Dr. Richtofen will continue  Observation  Please use agency cyphers for operative identity Handlers notes  We have successfully inserted CWZGUTCT into group 935 as a research assistant based out of Munich current location is unknown but his last transmission suggested he had been transferred from the der Riese facility to a top secret location known only a Verrukt most recent comunique indicate that 935 Experiments are barley under control  Attempts to secure all viable group 935 research of element 115 technology have been unsuccessful  We fear that CWZGUTCT identity has been compromised sending in a marine recon unit to extract CWZGUTCT from the asylum before it is to late operation leader will be one NVJQUZQTTYMPJMRTTQYM  The asylum must be contained at all costs  RDXZSTJMGQGZZQWZFUPTWZGPNGXZRUEGZPJMGCTWZGCNGPNT Ray gun summary Prototype developed by  Doctor. Ludvig Maxis  Origin der Riese facility  Based on design seized from  Rising sun facility at snn  Powered by element 115 Ray gun works on microwave technology  And discarges a burst of green  Plasma energy between 220 and 230v  Second generation currently under  Development by M. Porter  To reduce excessive peripheral  Damage Wunderwaffe DG-2 summary Prototype developed by  Dr. Edward Rictophen  Origin der Riese facility  Powered by 115 The DG-2 carries 200k empres Of obtained electrical energy  Effects  consists of  Electrical current output  that creates a chain reaction From initial target up to  10 subsequent targets within a 5 yard radius  Minimal lose of power with use 8 second reload time  Next generation DG-3 jz  Currently under development  Ludvig maxis  Personal file  Edward has grown impatient  He insists on execrating  Our projects  Regardless of the fact that The 115 is limited  He grows angry. Short  It was a mistake to invite him He cannot be trusted  He watches me  He watches Samantha  He watches Sophia  And his latest creation the monkey  It screams when set aflame  Then again  Perhaps it is the 115  Affecting my mind I can no longer discern  Cut righthand and a cola by left bring me the meat sacks  dead all around us could us a revive   went down to the lake stumbled for secret will not sleep again  None dead  I am become death he shatterer of worlds bhagavad Gita quoted Alamogordo in 1945  

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