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  1. im more pissed about m senator than president i knew Obama would win because most people don't like change there have been very few presidents that have not had 2 terms and the ones that didn't did some pretty bad stuff but on a president note they were both not the best but i know some democrats that were voting for Romney just to not have to listen to Joe Biden lol but Obama has sunk is in 16 trillion dollars of debt (i know its 17 bush got us a trillion) and on top of that he wants us to become a third world country witch he will succeed in with 4 more years he has taken more vacations than any other president now im done with that on to senators i'm from wonderful taxachusetts so between Scott brown (who i am very biased for) and granny warren who isn't even from this state and who works for whoever pays most like the asbestos and coal company but is still 1/100 cherikie (sorry i butchered that spelling) and for us i can't believe how stupid people are they say "oh i want someone who isn't partisan so im gonna elect Elizabeth warren who is in the pocket of big corporations and kick out Scott brown who is the 2nd most bi-partisan senator in the country" god these people are dumb i am done now all i have to say is "Liam Nesson 2016"
  2. i like this i dead cause a while back around mw2 i suggested something just like this on there twitter
  3. he's already said he knows stuff he can't say trololololololololololo :mrgreen:
  4. pat5800


    i love slender they're making new maps all the time and there not scary per say but when you heat the piano bang and he's right there you pee yourself
  5. SPOILERS Ok so there's a week left for the issue to come out and we all know something big is gonna happen what do you think will happen I personally think that Andrea will live because everyone think she will die so i think Kirkman will throw a curve ball and have something completely different happen also i think Glenn is safe and so is Maggie but maybe Sophia will die i think Carl is safe because he suffered recently we all know Michonne is safe and i think that most of the Alexandrians are dead that's all i got leave your thoughts below
  6. I heard about that! Anyway its nice to know us Walking Dead fans are in good company here on the forums I'm glad they killed Shane. He was starting to piss me off! :x Wondering how their gonna keep the show tense without Rick and Shane butting heads anymore but hey, in post-apoctalyptic world, possibilities aren't exactly scarce. Looking forward to where season 3 will take us! Shane was the tooth fairy compared to who you'll see soon :mrgreen:
  7. Ok so i was watching ancient aliens, aliens and the thierd reich so it said that die glock might have been a time machine and that it went missing but in 2011 a similar object was found o what i think is because the die glock thing is outside Der Riese maby Sophia and some other people got into it and time travled and then ended up in 2025 when black ops 2 takes places and that she is the Girl on the poster that could explain the strrange object in the sky too now heres wear it really tied in so there was a group called vril but it was only women and they grew there hair long to and i qoute "ti make a antenna to the Vril"(ancient aliens guy) anyone notice she has long hair and also when WWII ended every member went missing and they evan said that mabye they time traveled or wear takin buy aliens so i think time travel is more likly (that sounds ironic) if your intrested in watching this its on demand with Comcast
  8. Off Topic: This is the type of bullshit thinking we need to get rid of in schools. It serves no purpose other than to put your mind in a box. Did your teacher give you any reason as to why this is so? Or did he just tell you this ratio of woman to man is the way it is, and a rule you should subscribe to if you want to make a good group of characters for a story? IMO, what your teacher told you is institutionalized sexism, and your teacher's shamefully wrong. Whoever taught him this sexist bullshit is wrong. This type of thinking is wrong. Just because it's the way it's been done by several authors in the past, doesn't make it right. How can Women be seen as equal, if we don't even depict them as so in our art or even what we teach in school? Art depicts life. In nature, there is almost a 1:1 ratio of men to women. Men & Women are two sides to the same coin. So I don't believe there should be any particular emphasis made on one sex over when it comes to creating characters for a story. And just to be clear, I'm not attacking you, Tankeo. I'm attacking your teacher's prescribed brainwash. /rant - Mix this happens with everything even in ancient times someone makes one good thing next thing you know boom something just like it a great example is ancient greece and rome one person makes a naked satue next thing you know im staring at naked chicks in latin and french while all the chicks go why do they always paint naked chicks -.- theres my 2 cents but bake on topic i think that it could be a metaphor saying wats inside like next we could get a pic of rictophen in the same pose but it would be the outside not the inside
  9. off topic but funny so i was walking up to gamestop with my bro and i go look at that pointing to the poster in the window and i go its double sided so i jog to the other side to see and all i here from the guys behind the table is get a poster ready and then after i pre ordered it when tthey give the long speech about the four wave i go i know i know and hes like this guy doesnt even need the speech hes well informed and then we all lmfao'ed
  10. is it me or does the girl look like regina from the walking dead books
  11. forum username - pat5800 skype username- patrick connolly
  12. Ok so i am taking Latin in school and every week we get a new list of words to learn so this week im look over the sheet and i find that the 3rd princible part of tano is tacitus now tano means to be silent, or quiet so i have no idea what it could mean maby refering to a stealth mission or something leave your ideas below
  13. major spoiler If you read all the books your fine
  14. pat5800


    anyone else in the Junior Classical Legie (close eenought) i just went on the state convention if so JCL is a group of people who speak/study latin or greek and like to get together and compet in athletic and or academic activiteys
  15. i play it and let me say it may be quiet but i gets chicks and i you have a real bass amp it shatters windows

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