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  1. I try to do this every time I play Moon, however I've never managed to PaP my Pistol before round 1 yet!
  2. Yeah this happened to us in a game yesterday and we just ran around for 5 minutes laughing our asses off it was hilarious
  3. Super Jump. Jump over hoards of zombies to freedom!
  4. I would be willing to give it a go at least.. I used to do this WAY back on my videos. Here's one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4bObUbQRkA Skip like halfway through to see the overlay. Ignore the commentary it was like my 5th video haha. Uhm. But yeah, with a little more information I think I'd be able to give it a go :)
  5. Hey you lot. MrRoflWaffles sent me here and I thought I'd register. After seeing this thread : link. I think I'm here to stay Nice to meet ya lads.
  6. I've got a feeling you are gonna be able to go to some voodoo guy and he's do some voodoo shizzle on your junk and make it all PaPd. :lol:
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