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  1. "Treyarch will now present it within the multipayer engine, making it easier to take advantage of certain elements in that mode." http://i.joystiq.com/2012/05/02/black-o ... nd-choice/
  2. The locations I've got so far are; Yemen, Algeria, Angola, Chad, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, and Panama. This looks like a more unique game then the other ones. Hopefully it lives up to it's expectations, but it's gonna be tough to have Mid-Eastern zombies.
  3. I have a strong feeling flashbacks are in this, mainly because in the beginning of the trailer are dates like 7.23.86 and 10.23.87. There are also coordinates that I believe lead to somewhere in Africa but I may be seeing them wrong. [EDIT] This is where the smaller middle coordinates lead to. http://maps.google.com/maps?ix=aca&q=9. ... CAwQ_AUoAg The game takes place in Panama? Interesting...
  4. I've never noticed that board before, but It's very odd that the last date is three days before JFK's assassination. Unless I'm mistaken, the cut scene in Five was discussing the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The only problem is that it ended in August, not November, so Castro had to be there for some other reason. Another thing is the dates could be hinting at the fact that JFK died from a zombie infection of some sorts and that is him in the picture. I honestly don't even know if this makes sense, so excuse me if I'm just speaking nonsense :?
  5. hey hey we're talking about the guns when they are at their best. I feel like if you want to use waffe nerfed, then nerf wave gun Then at both of their bests Wunderwaffe is better by a little less than a hundred kills BUT it has a cool animation PLUS the wunderwaffe's animation
  6. w/o being replenished by Max Ammo/28x24+124x1=208 w/o being replenished by Max Ammo 360 The wunderwaffe can only kill 10 in black ops and the wave gun is NOT in WaW and the Max Wave Gun can kill a whole horde not only 3. WAVE GUN WINS! 8-)
  7. I heard Takeo say in moon "This place has Richtofen written all over NOT LITERALLY THAT WAS THE LAST PLACE" So stop saying it was after ascension. The maps go in order of release shown by the comic book.
  8. I'm going to be streaming as soon as it comes out http://www.twitch.tv/distilledoreo I'm going to play solo and try and find strategies and get all of the achievements!
  9. I thought it was an hour earlier like 12 to 1 am PST 3 to 4 AM EST etc. thats when i woke up and downloaded them
  10. He had some different information but lets not make this a youtube war ;)
  11. i think its about the portal things you can jump through, maybe the doors lock for a while? That could be it but, it says get trapped in the recieving area and that portal you can go in and go out seen in trailers are the zombies jumping into it so its not recieving because you can recieve from both areas but hey I might be wrong.
  12. I think to complete the achievement One Giant Leap You have to stay at area 51 while your friends teleport away and then down yourself so you respawn on moon. If you look at TheSyndicateProject's new video about the inside xbox footage he shows a picture of the area 51 mainframe/teleporter caged up so you can't teleport. Just my thoughts! What do you you think you have to do to complete One Giant Leap? :?: EDIT: Here's a picture of the cage around the mainframe!
  13. You can also tell you spawn there because you don't have a helmet. It also rewards you because you keep your points you get there because they have the same points before and after!
  14. Yea I saw it too I was like BAM Flamethrower confirmed no doubt :lol:
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