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  1. Has the community actually decided on a proper way of categorizing "Wonder Weapons" or are we just going on opinions? The Winter's Howl doesn't seem to fit any of these definitions as it was likely created by Americans and it is unknown whether it runs on 115 or not. In my opinion a Wonder Weapon is a weapon out of the ordinary ,a weapon that is unique to a specific map(s), and a weapon that is technologically advanced for its time. Also the Scavenger comes to mind on whether it is a Wonder Weapon and I'm not sure whether Maxis created the Shrink Ray.
  2. I like how they're faster. Training is effective, but that's why it's boring. Time for Treyarch to mix it up. Well hopefully we get upgrades!
  3. My hypothesis since most zombies are either in straightjackets or scrubs is that they are at a asylum or they might have like a quarantine set up somewhere in the city but it went terribly wrong. Oh and also my guess is we will be riding the bus somewhere else and then stop which sounds cool because we would have to fend from zombies while being transported.
  4. Kinda dont like how the zombies seem faster and versatile hopily they wont be able to grab you but I must admit them interacting more with the environment is awesome!
  5. Ok thanks I see alot of post saying it was "confirmed" anyway thanks.
  6. Soz mate didnt realize u replied, thought u just quoted everything I said lol True, but ascension is set after kino because it was.set.during the space race, kino was set before by possibly up to 4 years imo I thought the second 3 lookind different but couldnt get a frame.by frame video, if its the case I defo think its march 17th 20 erm, im gonna go with present day timeline, 2011, for the simple.reason I dont think treyarch will go into the future just yet, not for a map not feafuring playing as the team anyway, but could be wrong Sorry I forgot to put it in color lol But I think Ascension takes place in 1981 due to the EXPOSED magazine. Also, they look WAY older from Kino to Ascension. I think, when you teleport you look the age of what time period your in maybe? Hey, just curious did Treyarch really confirm that Ascension and FIVE were set in the same place? If so wouldnt that mean they both took place in the 1960's during JFK's presidency? Again just curious.
  7. I really like how this map looks like it just goes in paths and is not just a wide landscape. The traps, carts, and slides look awesome. And I also like how they introduced new zombie looks and female zombies, its alll nice but I hope they dont change the look and feel of COD zombies too much. Hopefully it doesnt turn into a L4D game........

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