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  1. Has the community actually decided on a proper way of categorizing "Wonder Weapons" or are we just going on opinions? The Winter's Howl doesn't seem to fit any of these definitions as it was likely created by Americans and it is unknown whether it runs on 115 or not. In my opinion a Wonder Weapon is a weapon out of the ordinary ,a weapon that is unique to a specific map(s), and a weapon that is technologically advanced for its time. Also the Scavenger comes to mind on whether it is a Wonder Weapon and I'm not sure whether Maxis created the Shrink Ray.
  2. Nuketown zombies is confirmed to be like black ops maps?
  3. Seems kinda strange how the zombies hand is over the driver... Hmm... Probably nothing though...
  4. Really? How could you tell? (No sarcasm) I tried hard looking for him! All I got was his hat...
  5. Maybe it's a different character all together or we are able to change our appearance.
  6. Really!? There's so much to look for in the video and you guys are worried about the female character's appearance?! So you rather her be naked or in a nuns gown... Seriously guys grow the fuck up there's so much more to this video AND LIFE than just "boobies" Back on topic... I think that this is after the events of moon and that the survivors will continue onward and use the bus to move from place to place. Meanwhile this is taking place while the original crew is having other adventures. (Which I'm sure we'll get to play) So it would alternate map by map between the survivors and the original characters.
  7. That's actually a pretty good guess. I also think Sam could still have influence on some zombies considering she has controlled them longer than Richtofen or it could also be (like others have stated) Richtofen trapping the characters i don't see how it would be a problem unless the zombie was a boss - type but it wouldn't make much sense.
  8. I don't think presuming that the zombies are quicker is "gullible" it's just obvious. Skip forward to 0:34 Now compare it to our standard Black Ops zombie...
  9. I wouldn't mind faster zombies or even them grabbing us as long as they also make us more versatile. More perks? 2 special guns? (Not like in COTD one was support while the other was a heavy hitter both should be heavy hitters) Make us faster. Maybe interactive with the environment like the zombies did with the bus? (climbing or dodging)
  10. I like how they're faster. Training is effective, but that's why it's boring. Time for Treyarch to mix it up. Well hopefully we get upgrades!
  11. My hypothesis since most zombies are either in straightjackets or scrubs is that they are at a asylum or they might have like a quarantine set up somewhere in the city but it went terribly wrong. Oh and also my guess is we will be riding the bus somewhere else and then stop which sounds cool because we would have to fend from zombies while being transported.
  12. Kinda dont like how the zombies seem faster and versatile hopily they wont be able to grab you but I must admit them interacting more with the environment is awesome!
  13. Hmm How would they switch bodies? They only really displayed this once , but they needed the focusing stone, golden rod, and 500 souls. They can't exactly do that whenever they want to. And I don't think Samantha would get help from the other 3 so she's pretty much on her own. I think this soul switching thing was a one time thing and that it was a loop hole Richtofen found to get in control of the zombies. It really seems highly unlikely that that is Samantha... I just think that woman is a new character and maybe zombies is in like a apocalyptic world were they have taken over. That really seems more likely especially since the player wouldn't need that much backstory from zombies so it's noob friendly.
  14. I like the VR11 but I don't use it because it's not the most useful weapon to have on Call of the Dead, especially when you're playing with someone who doesn't go down a lot. The VR11 on Call of the Dead, in my opinion, is kinda like the Matryoshka dolls on Ascension. I'd rather have something else - like Gersch Devices instead of the dolls and a Ray Gun/Scavenger/RPK instead of the VR11. The only reason I know you could make explosions with the VR11 is because there's a trophy for it on the PS3. It's just personal preference. I like the VR-11 but I know that it isn't the best weapon on Call of the Dead. I just think its really fun to use. I also like it because it's different from all the other zombie weapons. Instead of actually hurting the zombies it alters them instead just like the 31-79Jgb215.

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