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  1. Never played Exo-Zombies. Any chance someone could just quickly tell me the whole story so I can get the gist of it? Or at least direct me to someone who does?

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    2. The Meh

      The Meh

      1. War ensues.

      2. Manticore is produced, and is launched against enemy forces. One site of this is the place we know as "Riot" on the game.

      3. The manticore mutates humans and creates zombies. The four soldiers there survive the drop, but are witnesses to the initial outbreak. Atlas comes to save the four, but only one was able to escape. Gideon is on the chopper with that person, and looks outside to see the zombies and such, only to get pulled out of the chopper, and presumed dead.

      4. Afterwards, Atlas creates tests on infected peoples or non-infected peoples (within Sub-Level 6, a floor that most don't know exists), and manages to produce the same results. The zombies break out of Sub-Level 6 (Oz witnesses it) and havoc pretty much ensues. Lilith sees camera images of it, Decker helps evacuate until he realizes what they're up against, and Kahn calls in for all security to help, whilst... part of the building just explodes.

      5. Kahn, Lilith, Decker, and Oz fight the zombies after basically being stranded at the Atlas station. Twice.

      6. The four nearly die, only to be saved by Atlas and taken to a station at... Burger Town.


    3. The Meh

      The Meh

      Or... maybe it's the missile launched in the process.

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