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    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    According to the space wiki the object that killed dempsey was infact the DG-2
  2. JFTA01

    Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Ok guys, ive timetraveled too, im actually from the year 2018 mw3 was great, mw7 is almost out and the world didnt end in 2012. Also I live on the moon. You cant go back in time and change the past. Im not changing anything by posting because I was already going to do this. According to space google, richtofen is still alive as a floating head in a jar, nikolai died of heart failure in 2003 at age 71 after drinking a distillery dry, takeo died in 1970 after taking part in government testing of lsd and thought he was fighting godzilla. (but it wasnt godzilla he was actually hit by a city bus.) And dempsey died in 1982 of rectal trauma. (it says something about an unidentified l rifle like object being found in his anus.) No idea how that got there.

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