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  1. Ok, the "film reel" is actually a recording that can be played on the reel to reel style computer in the labratories. (in one of the rooms the hacker can spawn in) after playing the recording you can listen to a second bit of a remixed song by activating a radio on a small computer in tunnel 11 it is next to the airlock door that leads to the power room.
  2. Its just come to my attention that on "zoo" there are posters of an elephant holding a bottle of vodka with its trunk. One such poster is to the immediate right of the spetsnaz spawn. (Goes with the get vodka part of the easter egg when you hear the elephant noises) Zoo also has plants like the one in the call of the dead loading screen.
  3. Hm. Were most likely expected to think those hinds shot it down. And thats a big possibility, what if the next maps easter egg involves shooting down a huey or causing it to crash? Interact with it the same way we did the submarine on Cotd
  4. According to the space wiki the object that killed dempsey was infact the DG-2
  5. If you look up the 3 teasers for iron sky on youtube, the possibility for epicness is certainly out there.
  6. I dont bother with any form of punctuation other than periods or commas of typical forum formatting like quoting other posts because I post from my phone. And I did realize my big grammar mistake in this post but the "edit" button always gives me an error.
  7. I agree with the aliens part, but with as much as getting to the moon was a part of the cold war I think a moon map was almost necessary, who knows maybe the russians were sending supplies to the moon from ascension
  8. Well they already include alot of sci fi, dg2, ray gun, thundergun, winters howl, teleporters, zombies, supernatural german children, hellhounds, black hole generators, almost all of zombies is sci fi to begin with, the moon wouldnt be too much of a stretch.
  9. According to the wiki, there is an area 51 map on the disc and only playable by pc players along with the war museum and temple of doom map and a few multiplayer maps. Dont know if its true or not. the moon is possible since the space race was a HUGE part of the cold war. The us army had an idea in the sixties called "project horizon" the id ea was to have a fully operational manned military facility on the moon within 2 years. They could also play the sci fi option and go along with iron sky, the nazis made it to the moon just a few months before germanys surrender in 1945 and have been building there ever since and have been preparing a zombie armada for the invasion of earth.
  10. Ok guys, ive timetraveled too, im actually from the year 2018 mw3 was great, mw7 is almost out and the world didnt end in 2012. Also I live on the moon. You cant go back in time and change the past. Im not changing anything by posting because I was already going to do this. According to space google, richtofen is still alive as a floating head in a jar, nikolai died of heart failure in 2003 at age 71 after drinking a distillery dry, takeo died in 1970 after taking part in government testing of lsd and thought he was fighting godzilla. (but it wasnt godzilla he was actually hit by a city bus.) And dempsey died in 1982 of rectal trauma. (it says something about an unidentified l rifle like object being found in his anus.) No idea how that got there.
  11. Im getting this feeling that treyarch might be throwing us through a loop and the fern might be potted or decorative in front of some place? No evidence to support this, but it sounds to me like something they might do just so we cant anticipate everything about the next map
  12. Well, he said too far, so he knew they were going into the future. So id assume by the fact he hasnt done something like go back to 1942, killed hitler and became the fuher that the teleporter cant take them back in time. Which makes me think, he overshot where ever he was trying to go, but still got the rod he needed. Now hes probably taking it to the jungle to, and im just going out on a limb here- activate some ancient technology or a secret nazi installation. My reason for thinking ancient technology is that the arian race is decended from a race of god men that were almost completely wiped out when the continent of atlantis sank. The survivors made it to tibet and asia and over time are the source of the white race in europe. Thats the reason behind the nazis idea of arian superiority. God men from atlantis, not kidding.
  13. We think that the glitch accidentally gave away the name of the next map pack, the achievement description is send the crew to paradise, the single player loading screen for call of the dead is a comic book with 2 rips on either page, the rip to the left showing part of the ascension loading screen, the rip to the right showing a fern, suggesting it takes place in the jungle.
  14. During the level "crashsite" after sinking the patrol boat, you cut back to mason talking then back into the boat. Moving a small distance the pilot of a huey says "i see you wolf 10 welcome to paradise" as you are next to some sort of stone structure that looks to be the enterance to some larger complex. There is also a group of an unidentifiable animals to the right under the big waterfall.
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