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  1. I was on round 34 and I was playing with some random people on Xbox Live. Everyone died early in the round and I was the only one left with off the wall guns. I survived without teleporting using traps, or throwing monkeys... 8-)
  2. Actually, the storyline is present in Kino der Toten, Five, and Ascension. In Kino der Toten, there are many references to the storyline. callofduty.wikia.com, look it up.
  3. True, Treyarch will probably announce a different name, but all we can do is wait and see who's theory is right.
  4. Hey guys, Connor here, I will be posting in this forum a lot probably.
  5. Thanks guys, at the time I didn't know that it was called "Call of the Dead", but I did some research on forums and found it wasn't called Survive, I just never got around to editing it. To that good sir, you are wrong.
  6. I've seen some patterns and have some theories of my own. Kino der Toten had an off-the-wall weapon called the bowie knife. The bowie knife is an american weapon produced by James Bowie in Arkansas, USA. The only american character we know would be Tank Dempsey. In Ascension, there was an off-the-wall weapon called the sickle. The sickle was a Russian tool used for manual labor and was implemented onto the Soviet flag. The only Russian character we know is Nikolai Belinski. See the pattern? The next weapon will possibly be the katana, a Japanese weapon used by Japanese soldiers and samurais. The only Japanese character we know is Takeo Masaki, who has a character biography that says he sliced tails off kittens with a katana when he was only five, (pretty brutal I know.) Then the next weapon may be the long sword (a.k.a the bastard sword.) The long sword originated in Germany and was used by soldiers. Who used to be a soldier and is now a German scientist we know? Do you see the pattern now? The wonder weapons are based on elements. The four elements are: earth, water, fire, and wind. The first map had a thunder gun, which concentrated a giant projectile of wind. Five contained a Winter's Howl, that fired ice and froze zombies. See the pattern? The next zombie map may contain an elemental weapon the shoots fire. Then maybe an elemental earth-based weapon. One more pattern. The first map takes place in Germany, then America, then Russia. Do I need to explain it? The next map will take place in Japan! I hope you liked this post, if you liked it, comment with some of your own theories. If you really liked it, I would enjoy some [brains] for my hard work.
  7. I agree, I've found all the radios on Der Riese on Black Ops, and I hope there are more. The only thing I really want to know is: does the fly trap have a new teddy bear to find? Everyone knows that the fly trap in Der Riese only activates one teddy and a monkey in the furnace, so: is there a new one?
  8. I've gone over everything with Java and C++ and no results that are different than the rest of this thread. This easter egg is over. It is just a stupid incomplete easter egg that doesn't do anything. This isn't the first time (i.e: the fly trap.) This is just getting out of hand, some stupid idiot at Treyarch is probably laughing uncontrollably right now at the results of his little stunt. This is just stupid, I mean honestly, its going to happen on Survive, then the next map, then the next map. (If you don't know what survive is, its the next zombie map, some idiot leaked it.) Treyarch is just like that, they put stupid stuff in the game to satisfy people, like the thundergun on Kowloon in campaign, that is just retarded. I looked at all the codes, tested all theories, and even came up with my own, but I realized that I'm not that stupid. Anyway, stop posting, just STOP talking about it, ITS OVER. :facepalm:
  9. You do realize that this post will be overloaded with little kids wanting to gameshare right? Besides, what idiot would get rid of the classic maps? :facepalm:
  10. Shi No Numa! You cannot forgot about Shi No Numa, that map would be insane with a facelift and a PaP machine. You guys deserve a brain. [brains]
  11. How would they bring it back? Richthofen blew it up!
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