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  1. I wouldnt know as my xbox decided to show me the "ring of death" Im now lost, really fucking bored and angry, trying to sort it tho as ive gota get me some zombies
  2. I call bullshit too as a friend of mine also said that you needed to do the nodes at certain levels, yeah they work when you do them on any level you choose too, but he said you had to do the nodes on certain levels, and that you have to get to round 42 for when you do the last part before you get the death machines, he wouldnt say much else as he said he would ge into trouble...... but i call and smell bullshit... 1. Getting to level 42 is very hard with 4 players, and therefor be to hard for gamers. ( well some anyway ) 2. On round 42, the death machines would be useless by then, proberly only kill about 3 zombies with the time you have 3. Bullshit all over, still some left on the side of hes lip
  3. map pack was released and on the map "stadium" there are signs with 1972 on them, why would they have the multi player date of 1972 and not ascension? so would ascension be set in 1972?
  4. maybe the howling noise you are hearing is faint because ur not quite near the spot u need to be, maybe go near jugg room and see if it is louder, as someone said, it is the contol room for it.
  5. Id like one to be done in london england somewhere, possibly the dome or buckingham palace!
  6. anyone a ghostbusters fan? i aint but what happens if the streams collide in the film? why not open another black hole once u get the death machines, stand in front of eachother forming a CROSS.All 4 players shooting at the device, the device being the center of all 4 players bullits. when did the zombie story start? was it 1942? This aint my theory, just someone told me little things he knows and that he cant say much more as he would get in trouble. He also told me there is a portal that takes you to a room with 4 boxes in it. He wouldnt and couldnt tell me anything else. I laughed at him but thought id share it with you guys
  7. it does say that, no idea what it means tho
  8. Just read in another forum....some guys are trying to use the death machine on the generator just outside where you get the DM. ( the one with hoses hanging out of it facing the tools sign ) There gona try and use the death machines to move it closer by shooting behind it. Somebody else suggested using the upgraded thunder gun to try and shift it. There are hoses left all over the map but cant pick any up or use the gersh device on it. That tools sign aint there for nothing and theres a spotlight pointing at it.....wheather its got something to do with next step i dont know but its basically telling us it needs to be fixed. And why is that spinning thing there for apart than kill the odd zombie? got to be more to it than that.
  9. im sure there is 4 stadium like spotlights ( highlights ) looking down on us.....why not each shoot one with the death machine once we get them? I have shot at them before ive done all power nodes and nothing happens, none go out,but with the DM once you have done power nodes might work....i dont know, things doing my head in!!!
  10. These Bloody DM 's.......i cant get my head around it, plus i need a 4th player as i only play with 3 at the moment. ( so many noobs on zombies ) My stats aint bad, i dont glitch or mod, just wana find some good players and crack on with this crazy map. WAW Shi no numa - 159 solo. 43 with 3 others der riese - 45 with 2 players BLACK OPS Kino - 40 with 2 players Five- 30 with 3 players Ascension - 38 with 2 players Im in London uk so anyone thats up for a game for 8 ish nightly, hit me up on xbox....GT... NuttyTurn0ut
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