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  1. i mean i feel like they would have to include it. Ive never seen advertisements/ trailers for anything cod where the characters had things that were actually unattainable in the game. Sure i think the animations and movements of trejo swinging them around is just a cutscene, but i dont see why they would have put so much of the film time in the trailers with these characters using their diverse weapons if they didn't plan on implementing them into the gameplay.
  2. like ascension sickle? or something a bit different?
  3. So, when I was watching this trailer for the 15th time, I began to wonder, as many of yall probably are wondering, "Will I be able to use trejo's bamf machetes? Robert Englund's pitchfork? MIchael Brooker's akimbo shotguns? or Sarah Michelle Gellar and whatever she seems to be using?" I am putting my money on the fact that we will be able to access these weapons, which will bring us a new development in zombies, different gameplay experiences with custom weapons that are determined by the character you are. I think that this will be subbed in for the bowie knife, or maybe it will act as a
  4. Alright my internet has been down all day, and when i logged on to this site I saw that everyone is talking about these "generators" and things with the ballistic knife. Can someone give tell me what this is all about, where it is, what it does, and how to do it, or give me links to explain it. Is it something that affects the gameplay, or is it just stuff for the story? I am really clueless...
  5. Ok so apparently they attack the machines. I have fought them and beaten them without them taking my perks, so i know what happens there. What i was wondering was when the monkeys attack the machines, do they break the machines or take your perk, or both. If they break the machines can you fix them, maybe over time, or are they gone forever.
  6. From what I heard is that it is released at 12 in cali, so you would be at 2
  7. I feel like there has to be one, bc like others said before me, it would be way too hard in later rounds and just because they didnt show it in the video didnt mean its not in the game. they didnt show the juggs machine, so does that mean that it is not in the game either? I think not. Here is my best physical evidence i could think of to prove my idea, even though it is small and could mean nothing. if you look at the shot fired in the bottom left corner, it is purple/ pink, just like the shots fired from the pap'd guns. that is the best hard evidence i could think of...
  8. adubs989

    New weapon

    yeah pandaman is right. Im pretty sure treyarch got the idea of putting it in the game from the green beret vs spetznaz episode of deadliest warrior two years ago when the spetznaz showcased it, it was so freakin awesome haha. But what if they made the sickle a boomerang sort of thing? that would be fun
  9. Hey I don't know if the video we saw confirmed whether or not that there will still be those crawler gas zombies, but for my sake on my idea, im assuming they will still be on ascension. Anyways, in the video we all saw that the zombies had gas masks, and so I just realised that if they had gas masks, the game could become a lot harder. I mean this because in the previous maps when you killed a gas zombie, when they exploded, if any regular zombies were close to the explosion they would always die, regardless of the level you were at. This was very helpful the higher levels you got to, beca
  10. matuzz has a point, they do talk about the ascension group in the video before a campaign level, though i cant remember which it is. Also another link is that nova gas testing they did on some of the russian soldiers in the campaign flashback. on Gknova6 there is a clip with a zoomed in head falling down, with the face being coroded just like in the campaign level when the guy next to reznov was gassed. Also in this video clip they showed the zombies wearing gas masks which could be relevent to the soviets who would have tested the nova gas once they found it. The main theme at the end of t
  11. adubs989

    New weapon

    so will that just be like the bowie knife? it looks awesome though, and goes great with the map since it is a soviet launch station, and the sickle is on the soviet flag with the hammer
  12. Hey I don't know if this has already been brought up, so sorry if it has, but I think that these monkeys are going to be almost like space monkeys. If you look at the virtruvian monkey picture on that nova site, it looks like it has an astronauts helmet around it, or something like that. Also if you think about it, it is at a space station and the first living things to be sent into space were first dogs (but they already have hellhounds) and then monkeys. Wouldn't it make sense to build off of that? I think it would be insane for the monkeys to take away perks unless they were like the scient
  13. I think an interesting perk that would put a twist on the game would be like a last resort sort of machine. For example, I was thinking of there maybe being something of a max ammo machine that would cost around $3,000-$5,000. THis alone would be too easy, because at later rounds in the high 20s and onward, money usually becomes less of an issue/ shortage. What this machine would require is a sacrifice of 1 of your 2 guns. Imagine it like the PaP machine, where I would be able to walk up to the machine, pay the money, and it would keep the gun I was holding at the time and give a total max a
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