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  1. Now lets get really funky Wat if we play as young richtofen and in the future richtofen dies and the rest of the gang go back in time before they originally come to Shangri-La and bury him there?!?????? :o
  2. HOLY DUMB FUCK THAT MAY BE IT [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] IM NOT EVEN BEING SARCASTIC AT ALL WTF THAT WOULD BE CRAZY LIKE KING KONG JUMPING OUT OF IT AND STUFF OR SOMETHING WOW DUDE I LOVE U :o
  3. I know I may sound like a super noob by saying this but on ps3 I was playing ascension and threw a gersch device and I accidently walked into it and got telelported near speed cola and I threw it at the scrapyard o_O
  4. So me and my friends were playing kino and we used the teleporter during a dog round and when teleporter back we turned on the power to kill the dogs. The dogs ran after us as usual but they stopped right before getting to the electric barrier backed up and Me and ALL of my friends heard what sounded like a zombie say fuck that xD. Then the Barrier came off and we killed them but it was pretty funny though
  5. Sounds like some one just watched inception
  6. Ok? So its a lightbulb you have to make a theory or something because no offense I don't know why you posted this
  7. so i went over to my friends house today to play ascension (i have a ps3) and i was thinking what if five and ascension are taking place at the same time! because when you activate the phones you can hear Castro, JFK, McNamara (i dont know how to spell his name, so please correct me if I'm wrong), and Nixon. Plus I dont know if anyone has experienced this yet but while i was playing as Dempsey I went to the pack a punch by myself and Dempsey said something a long the lines of: Richtofen I dont like him I think ive seen him before (one of the maps i cant remember) come to think of it I can't remember anything from back then. Then I looked on the computer files (at the main menu were you get up) and it says Richtofen performed experiments on everyone and then brainwashed them! So maybe they're getting their memories back! So if I could have someone goto the pack-a-punch and do this with Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo but without Richtofen and see what they say that would be great!Also thanks everyone for the positive feedback!
  8. So i was thinking wat if the gersch device (black hole machine) is like a teleporter to the dimension Sam is in! These are is my thoughts on the whole story of the easter egg: A man named Gersh (because after you shoot the orb he says it would have been nice to meet you Gersh like the man who made its name was Gersch) was making a black whole teleporter and he was succesful but was sucked into another dimension the one Sam is in! He tried escaping using a gersch device but there was no power. Then Richtofen and the gang came to ascension and threw a gersch device at the generator and Gersch realized they could help him by rerouting power to the generator (which by rerouting power to the generator in the real world affects the generator in the other dimension). So when you finally the Gersch at the glowing orb of light and you shot into it your and attacking samantha thus saving Gersch! But i believe that gersch returns to his body and that the ball of light was his soul. He will probably be in the next map hopefully -Reisbey
  9. first you a generalizing everyone who quickscope which shows me that you have clouded judgment and are biased. I am not here to make you change your mind but rather to "enlighten" you. One, never ever ever say that people think that something is cool. Why? Because people have a natural tendency to show there differences from the group you specify about. So automatically by posting this people are going to respond contradicting you. But as you have done I have to drawn attention to my self. So people will post replies contradicting what I am saying. But no one will post those replies because they will will try to contradict me. This can go on and on and on but enough about Human Psychology. On to Quick scoping! At first quickscoping was cool because of people like zzirgrizz and other montage makers. It was at first "cool" because only few had the talents to do it and there were no tutorials on how to qs. People still think it is "cool" at long distances but close up it isn't "cool". This to is a bias but don't you agree? Like someone had said before quickscoping to me is not cool but fun. This Has nothing to do with the actual topic but does have to do with qs in Black Ops Does anyone know why people started asking if you could qs in Black Ops? Quickscoping to me means killing someone as fast as you can while using the scope if you know what I mean? Like in the game warhawk (for all you ps3 owners out there) you can qs but it's just different from Call of Duty.
  10. I think he means "Shoot a zombie with a Pack-a-Punched explosive crossbow bolt, killing six other zombies" or maybe not. :roll: I think its gonna be like mw2 how you can stick a semtex to a riot shield but instead of people they run into a group of zombies. Because there is no time limit like within 15 sec ect. idk [brains] ill just wait for some one to post a tutorial when the game comes out :D
  11. you know what i think the first one is campaign and the second is a screenshot of zombies which would explain 115 and explain S.O.G.
  12. i was thinking more of a pan over der riese but years later with plants everywhere the power turns on and everyone appears in the main frame teleporter and the nikolai says not this sh*t again
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